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Obama said to disrespect faithful's religious liberty

I am a member of the Christian church that was founded in the year 33 by Jesus Christ. In the year 33 there were no hospitals. Today, two out of five people in this country receive their medical care at a Christian-run hospital.

Every day the Christian church feeds, clothes, shelters and educates more people than any organization in the world. But our president has enacted a law that severely curtails our Christian activities by imposing mandates that would require these doctors and hospitals to perform acts in violation of the church's teachings.

People of faith are facing a multitude of threats to religious liberty. The entire Christian community must come to realize the grave threats to the church and our beliefs. Isn't it amazing that the pope and other religious leaders outside of our country can see what is happening to our freedom of religion while many of us cannot? No infant in the womb yearning for life is safe in America. Last year 1,400,000 infants were murdered. But in America, it is not murder; it is called choice. It is your right.

President Obama swore to defend the Constitution, but he seemingly overlooked freedom of religion when he read it.

I am asking you to go to the polls and replace our current president with a president who will respect our freedom of religion.

Fiore S. Mattei

Old Forge

Vote for the right person, not just along party lines

I recently read about a woman who is 100 years old and who said she's voted Democratic all her life. Now, there is a person who is really in a rut. I find it commendable if a person can be so committed to something for so long, as long as your man stays relevant. But political parties have a way of making 180-degree turns without your approval.

So, for her to be that dedicated to one party for so long, she would have had to be blind or naïve enough to believe what she was fed.

I am from the old school and reaching 80 years old. I do not hesitate to put plenty of blame on my generation of whom many are now gone; but those of you who can still stand and vote, I would suggest you do not follow tradition, but vote for what's right.

There are enough of us old folks to rid us of this upstart President Obama because there were enough of you who made the difference and put him in there. Is your hearing aid turned on? You and I might not be around to put up with who wins, but your kids will.

Vincent Calaman


Nation's big problems stem from partisanship

If Gov. Mitt Romney doesn't get elected president, it will be a huge loss to the country to see him walk away with all of his tremendous business knowledge and capability.

If it weren't for the war of egos in D.C., it surely would be a major shot in the arm for America to have Gov. Romney on board in some capacity. That won't happen, but it should.

As for the election, as Yogi Berra famously said, It's not over 'til it's over.

Whoever wins, it would be a big boost to our country to bury the partisan politics and learn to compromise in order to get this great country of ours moving forward again. Many top economists claim the economy – to include housing, employment, etc. – will improve within the next three years no matter who our president might be.

Partisan politics is the number-one problem in our country today. All other problems branch out from there.

Also, the Electoral College should be abolished. The popular vote should be the only fair and decisive factor in the outcome of the election.

John Mihalchik Sr.


Rural Health thanks foundation for donation

The board of directors of Rural Health Corporation of Northeastern Pennsylvania expresses its sincere gratitude to the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation for its generous grant of $50,000.

The funds will be used for the restoration of the Shickshinny Health Center, which was damaged by the flood of September 2011. This grant will assist Rural Health in our mission to provide primary health care services to the Shickshinny community and to continue serving the uninsured and underserved population.

Edward P. Michael


Rural Health Corporation

of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Ill, disabled and dying have right to basic care

Passive euthanasia (removing hydration, nourishment, medicine, surgery in an ill person or person with a disability) and the sweetheart Terri Schiavo are not mentioned much anymore.

We need to revisit the ethics of euthanasia. Parts of the eurozone are in a recession, China has economic slowdown and the United States has a persistently high unemployment rate. Expensive and excessive medical care should be cut. But, euthanasia is never morally right. Simple care for the sick, dying and disabled is a human right.

Schiavo experienced cardiac arrest and a coma. Her feeding tube was removed after a seven-year legal battle. She succumbed to dehydration and euthanasia. We all suffered a lack of right conduct with Terri's death.

Here is the medical care not to cut. Morally authoritative religions have the belief that care of ill persons, or persons with special needs, should be given medical help so the person could live a usual life. This includes feeding tubes, IVs, medicine for medical and psychological comfort and other palliative treatment – but not beyond the ordinary or usual.

Why should we care so much for the needy? It is, simply, living Jesus' example: charity!

Mae Morrow


Student's Zumbathon success at Hanover Area

My senior project, Zumbathon for ALS, in honor of my great-grandmother Anne Kosloski, was held Oct. 6 at my high school, Hanover Area.

I thank everyone who came out, showed their support and participated in the event. It was a lot of fun and went well.

A special thanks to all the businesses that displayed my poster and donated gifts for the gift baskets and door prizes. There are just too many names to mention.

Also, a special thanks to the teachers and my supervisors, zumba instructors, my principal, Jenni Franz from the ALS Association, and all my family and friends who donated their time to help me make this a success.

Justus Wanyo

Hanover Township

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