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Mundy earned backing of ‘everyday citizen'

I am writing in support of state Rep. Phyllis Mundy. I have followed Phyllis' record for 20 years.

I have been happy with her positions that put the issues I care about at the forefront. As a nurse, I care about healthy children getting the best head start and education we can provide. I care about clean air and water so our kids can grow up drinking clean water and breathing clean air. I care about small businesses that provide sustainable jobs and support to our families.

Phyllis has been for the everyday citizen for as long as I can remember. On Nov. 6, she deserves our vote.

Joanne Namey


Voter: Democratic team will defend middle class

As the general election draws closer, voters are finalizing their decisions. Please remember who will be fighting for the middle class: President Obama and the Democratic team.

You will recall, former President George W. Bush put our country in financial hardship. This began the downfall of the middle class and the American dream.

President Obama inherited the problems that Bush created for our country. We need people in office who will continue to fight for the middle class. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will protect Social Security and Medicare for future generations. They will help to create and keep jobs in the United States, as well as protect our veterans' benefits.

Please exercise your right to vote on Nov. 6, and re-elect President Obama and the Democratic ticket. They will move our country forward!

Eileen M. Sorokas


Kaufer more attuned to employment troubles

Something state representative candidate Aaron Kaufer said at the conclusion of his debate with Rep. Phyllis Mundy struck a chord with me. He remarked how frustrating it was that no questions had been asked regarding the high unemployment rate in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Kaufer basically stood up for me and other college graduates by saying our struggles with finding decent employment matter. Kaufer mentioned how Pennsylvania has an abysmal jobs climate. If our state laws could be reformed to bring in more businesses, people like me would find better jobs, and public-sector employees conceivably would have more revenue at their disposal.

We need a reformer such as Aaron Kaufer to fix the employment problem, because the past 22 years of legislating isn't working out well.

Joseph George


Things aren't better now; Fire Obama and Casey

As the election winds down it is easy to see why President Obama and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey are losing ground in our state's polls. The message they offer is more of the same. They need more time. They had a huge problem left to them.

The president and senator were hired by the people of this nation to solve problems! When you apply for a job, you are expected to be quickly up to the tasks required or you will be fired. No one can claim they are better off now than they were four years ago. We have suffered with the state's highest unemployment rate for 24 months in a row in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Food prices have climbed. Our fuel oil, coal and gasoline prices have rocketed out of sight. Many still are without health insurance. Massive government investments have resulted in little progress for the middle class. Many area employers have shut down operations. Things have gotten worse for the youth, too, dealing with massive debt from education loans without employment.

Time to review the job performances of the president and Sen. Casey. Time to fire them both.

Dave Baloga


Candidate Kaufer urged to act with independence

In these days leading up to the Nov. 6 election, candidates are poised to make their last-minute promises and appeals to voters.

In the 120th Legislative District, Republican candidate Aaron Kaufer is attempting to unseat 11-term state Rep. Phyllis Mundy. I spoke to Mr. Kaufer on several occasions. He is well-educated, cordial, likable and very knowledgeable about the issues. He is facing a monumental task, and I admire his courage and enthusiasm.

However, I do have some reservations about the character and integrity of some of his campaign managers and handlers. I do not wish to condemn all Kingston Republicans, but in my experience of attending Kingston council meetings and running for elected office in Kingston, the current all-Republican administration represents a closed, elite society. There's no independent thinking among council members. Instead of acting as citizen representatives, their sole purpose seemingly is to serve as yes people for the mayor.

I'm concerned for Mr. Kaufer; if he gets elected, will he be able to function independently from some of his political backers in Kingston?

I strongly urge Mr. Kaufer to assure the voters that he will equally represent all the fine people of the 120th Legislative District. I challenge him to get before the area's news media, including the call-in talk radio stations, to convince us that he will distance himself from the typical style of politics in Kingston.

Curt Piazza


Simple: Elect candidates who will make life better

In a few days we will be heading to the polls to elect a president and other government officials to make decisions for us. Many of us will not give this much thought; we will just vote our party affiliation and hope for the best.

Instead, I ask each of you to give your choices careful consideration.

Here are a few things to consider:

Regarding education, we hear much about class size and teacher pay. But what is the true story? In secondary education, according to a 2009 article in The New York Times, the average class size around the world is 23.9 students per class; the United States averages 24.3 students per class. Korea, Japan, Israel, Germany and Poland have larger class sizes than the United States. Some of the world's highest-achieving, student bodies have the largest class sizes. Teacher pay is at 96 percent of GDP, but it was only compared for teachers with 15 years service with minimal advanced education. I am sure there are not many of these.

Second, I would ask you to look at your own life. Check your pay stub. How much better is it? Check your bank accounts. What condition are they in compared to four years ago?

Finally, this is not an ad for any candidate. All I ask is when you go to vote, look at your situation, then compare the candidates for each office and ask yourself which ones will improve your life and the country. Then cast your ballot for that candidate – regardless of party affiliation.

Frank Sherman


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