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The countdown continues……just three live racing cards remain on the 2012 season at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. Tonight's card, like most Saturday night's, is indeed a very good one once again, with both an Open Trot & Open Pace featured on the docket. So why not get out and enjoy the last Saturday night of live racing action?



POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$18,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $19,000 last 5
1 Cinderella GuyE.Carlson3-3-2Rested and ready3-1
4 WhogoesfirstG.Napolitano1-1-1He goes second5-2
5 AmillionpenniesM.Romano1-2-8A gamer9-2
7 Bettors GlassH.Parker1-4-2Dusted lesser stock7-2
6 American RageA.Napolitano4-2-4Very good opening race6-1
2 Damon Blue ChipM.Kakaley6-3-1Didn't impress in Downs debut12-1
3 Pang ShuiM.Simons5-4-8Overmatched8-1

Second-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $14,500 last 5
6 Scorcher HallT.Jackson5-1-8Burns up the competition9-2
2 ZoomingT.Buter2-4-8Still coming up short3-1
4 Sea RavenH.Parker5-7-1Classy mare4-1
1 Ellen's IsleA.Miller7-2-6Andy in for the night7-2
3 Commander KG.Napolitano2-6-2Loves the engine8-1
9 Westside LindyE.Carlson3-2-5Not from out here10-1
5 All About JusticeM.Simons7-2-7Knocked around6-1
7 Winning FireworksB.Simpson4-3-5Wait for July15-1
8 Magnum KosmosJ.Taggart6-8-1Remains off20-1

Third-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
7 CCs Lover NA.McCarthy1-2-3Andy back from Chicago3-1
6 Four Starzzz KingG.Napolitanos3-9-2A cash burner5-2
3 Jolt DemandedB.Simpson5-5-3Best of the rest4-1
8 Hanks KidM.Romano2-4-5Again stuck with eight slot12-1
1 Artsbred CamotionM.Kakaley4-9-4Been getting nice draws6-1
2 Rise Above ItT.Buter8-9-7Tyler doing well at YR too5-1
5 Winbak PrinceA.Napolitano3-6-3ANap trains and drives10-1
4 Northmedo CruiserE.Ledford7-3-7A toss15-1
9 Lombo Powershot AE.Carlson8-7-8Certain longshot20-1

Fourth-$21,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $25,000 last 5
5 Summer IndianM.Kakaley1-6-2Impressed in Burke debut9-2
7 Just Like LloydG.Napolitano4-3-1Still a fan favorite4-1
4 Photo KingM.Simons3-7-2Down from Open ranks7-2
3 Pembroke Heat WaveE.Carlson8-5-8Has had career season3-1
1 Definitely MamieA.McCarthy5-2-2Note the driver change5-1
2 On The TabE.Ledford5-7-6Ledford been hot at Meadows8-1
6 ZitomiraJ.Ingrassia6-2-4Tires12-1
8 Impreial CountH.Parker4-1-3Bounced off that win10-1

Fifth-$10,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $10-12,500
8 It'sgottabemywayE.Carlson1-1-5Make it three in a row3-1
3 Come TogetherM.Kakaley1-1-1Another on a tear5-2
6 Dragon AHSA.McCarthy8-1-1Knows this track well4-1
4 Dial A DragonA.Miller2-4-5Too little, too late6-1
7 Real AttitudeB.Simpson3-4-7Had no answers off dream trip15-1
2 Pride And GloryM.Romano5-1-6Not a ten claimer9-2
5 MobileM.Simons4-2-3In with tough bunch10-1
1 Fox Valley LargoG.Napolitano2-3-3Can't keep up12-1

Sixth-$18,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $20,000 last 5
3 Tac's DelightG.Napolitano1-1-3On fire5-2
7 Monsignor FlanM.Kakaley1-1-6Climbing the ladder3-1
5 Ice MachineE.Carlson3-5-1Looking for a hot pace4-1
6 Waldorf HallA.MIller1-2-6Kakaley opted off5-1
8 M C FelixA.Napolitano2-3-2Done super for Ehrhart12-1
4 In Your RoomM.Simons3-3-2Can't sustain speed6-1
2 Swan ImageM.Romano1-4-1Winner of over $600k life15-1
1 H And M's HitE.Ledford8-6-6Blasted10-1
9 Proud MomentB.Simpson7-5-1It would take a miracle20-1

Seventh-$16,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $20-25,000
1 Sonic RaiderG.Napolitano2-1-6Hit his stride7-2
6 CapoteE.Ledford3-3-3One better than third8-1
5 Elusive RewardM.Kakaley8-2-7Toss last, better than that3-1
4 Dry GulchA.Napolitano6-1-1Back from the Meadows4-1
2 Go West Lucky CamE.Carlson5-3-8Not east9-2
3 San Antony-OT.Jackson8-5-1Punt5-1
8 Astounding HanoverH.Parker4-7-2Often quits early10-1
7 LambrettaB.Simpson5-5-7Flattened12-1
Eighth-$25,000 Open Trot
3 ToberG.Napolitano2-1-1The reliable one4-1
7 SevrugaA.Miller8-1-3Main reason Andy is here5-2
6 Hava KadabraM.Kakaley1-1-4Is he ready for next step?6-1
1 Coco LindyE.Ledford1-7-1An unknown commodity12-1
5 TuiA.Napolitano1-2-1I'd be shocked if she did it again5-1
4 Beatgoeson HanoverH.Parker10-1-2Closing in on a million lifetime3-1
9 Pilgrims ChuckieT.Buter1-4-4I like trotter, but not post15-1
8 And Heez PerfectM.Simons2-5-1Another stuck outside20-1
2 Rose Run HooliganA.McCarthy5-4-1Fills out packed field10-1

Ninth-$16,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $20-25,000
4 LockloadnexplodeE.Ledford5-6-3Darkhorse of the night9-2
3 In Mint ConditionE.Carlson4-5-1Offers a nice late pop3-1
6 Sniper SeelsterG.Napolitano6-7-42nd start for the Rucker barn6-1
7 Gizmo HanoverA.Miller3-3-1George opted elsewhere4-1
1 Cruising YankeeM.Kakaley1-3-2Back in for a tag7-2
2 Adams HanoverM.Dowdall6-3-2Dowdall doing little at PD15-1
9 American GiM.Romano8-8-1Yonkers import8-1
5 WisherT.Jackson7-6-2Keep dreaming10-1
8 On The RadarH.Parker6-2-2Falls off fast20-1

Tenth-$25,000 Open Pace
6 Keystone VelocityM.Simons1-6-1Following up off huge win6-1
3 Rockin The HouseM.Kakaley1-4-1Current Open champ5-2
7 Mustang ArtT.Buter2-2-1Reunites with Buter9-2
4 Woodstock HanoverA.McCarthy3-1-6Teams well with Andy Mac3-1
5 Diamond Stick PinG.Napolitano4-6-1Not proven to be Open pacer8-1
2 Eagle AllT.Jackson4-5-6Invades from the Bronx7-2
1 Rafferty HanoverB.Simpson8-1-2Field filler12-1

Eleventh-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000
8 Brave CallG.Napolitano2-2-3Pellegrino has him ready6-1
4 Scottie CM.Kakaley1-4-3Jogged on Tues night3-1
1 Itchy Pickle'sA.Napolitano4-4-2Has to get off the pylons4-1
5 PrestissimoT.Jackson6-2-2First start off the claim9-2
9 IndescribableB.Simpson3-5-7Simpson takes over reins10-1
2 Cane RidgeA.McCarthy5-3-1Hugs the wood7-2
6 Wit And WisdomE.Ledford6-6-7Down from 20 claimers8-1
3 Must Be The BunnyM.Romano4-7-4Must not bet15-1
7 Armbro BillowE.Carlson6-6-811yr old still trying20-1

Twelfth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $16,000 last 5
4 I'm The Pied PiperM.Kakaley1-6-4Absolute jogger2-1
7 Bittersweet ChampT.Jackson2-5-5Strictly a race for second3-1
2 Rader DetectorE.Carlson1-1-3Finally got it back7-2
5 Excel NineM.Romano4-1-2Recent Romano purchase12-1
6 Four Starz KyleA.Napolitano2-1-6Salerno-ANap strong duo5-1
3 Picture MeA.McCarthy3-3-1Couldn't beat easier stock10-1
1 Ourea NourrirE.Ledford8-7-1One more race to go6-1

Thirteenth-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $14,500 last 5
1 HabaneroT.Buter2-1-4Down the road in finale3-1
7 Macs Bad BoyM.Simons1-2-5Just beat choice last out7-2
9 All Munky BusinessE.Carlson2-4-5Drolet hot trainer 4-1
8 Newport VoloG.Napolitano3-4-4Completes the super8-1
6 Our Last PhotoM.Kakaley6-1-5Much better on or near lead20-1
5 Spectator KH.Parker9-5-9Wave bye bye9-2
2 Casanova LindyA.Napolitano6-7-3Doesn't fire10-1
3 Take HeartB.Simpson6-6-6Made a break at Yonkers6-1
4 My Leap Of FaithT.Jackson4-7-4See you on Tues15-1

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