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Give commerce a rest: Let holidays be holidays

I think it's a shame that the stores are now opening on Thanksgiving to beat the Black Friday rush.

Talk about ruining the holidays, not only Thanksgiving, but Christmas as well.

Come on, do you really need that extra dollar, or need to try to be the better store because you opened early?

Christmas is just another money day. No love, respect, etc. Please stop with ruining Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who cared for our Aunt Mary

We would like to extend our gratitude to the staff at Anderson Personal Care and the staff of the two skilled nursing units where our Aunt Mary was a resident until her death on Oct. 26.

Also, special thanks to the administration, business office, social services, PT, dietary and ancillary department. Their caring, kind and compassionate care of the residents left a lasting impression on our family.

Cut foreign aid before cuts that hurt Americans

It has always been my understanding that any person who is elected for any position -- local, state, or federal -- has run on the promise to represent all the people, regardless of party affiliation. Upon taking office, this all changes, as they no longer represent the people, they represent the party, Democrat or Republican. They are told what to do by their party leaders, and don't fulfill the promises made to the people who elected them.

Unfortunately, they forget who pays them, the taxpayers who elected them, but there is a larger payback in most cases by lobbyist, finder's fees, etc.

The biggest offender is our president, who promised us change. We all heard what he said, but we now realize we did not know what he meant. He, among, others, forgot the people of America and has cut all the states' budgets, especially non-Democratic states, leaving us to blame our governors for the financial problems, while increasing the foreign aid budget.

Veterans, seniors, the homeless and students are among those who have suffered the most.

Look at the foreign aid budgets; no one in Washington has asked about cutting this aid, yet look at our young men and woman who are having physical and mental problems from serving in the Middle East.

Our White House has forgotten them, why? The American taxpayers need to have their financial problems cared for before the White House gives our tax money to other countries. During the 1920s and '30s we had the DPW and CC Camps working to rebuild America.

Why not give America the foreign aid money? We need it.

Tough times indicate need for regionalization

Based upon what the taxpayers of Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton are now facing as it relates to major property tax increases, I am convinced that regionalization of all Luzerne County-based public services must occur.

I think that those of us who are politically astute surely respect the facts that what we are now contending with locally are surely unsustainable local government public service budgets.

And it's no secret that certain local elected officials use the public service voters to guarantee their elected seats or re-election.

I have always felt that our police departments, for instance, shouldn't ever be close allies with elected officials. History dictates the fact.

It is my contention that the only way to stop such hometown relationships is to distance the public service workers from the elected officials.

Regionalization can help to stop such alignments if created properly and managed at all times absent of politics.

I encourage our Luzerne County public service workers to consider this breath of fresh air and remove themselves from the thumbs of our locally elected by regionalizing.

It is my hope that our new Luzerne County Manager Robert Lawton and the members of the Luzerne County Council act in 2013 to form a committee and begin investigating the need for regionalization.

The taxpayers of our cities and townships cannot continue to shoulder tax increases or contend with local political management of these vital community services. Many of our neighborhoods should testify to that fact.

Think about the positive aspects of county regionalization of all public services as a means of better management from one office and to adequate public services in their current locations without politics.

Join the online effort to get Dixon pardoned

The family, friends, supporters and other interested persons should ask President Barack Obama to pardon Plymouth Councilman Bill Dixon. Councilman Dixon needs a presidential pardon to remain on council.

There is a very interesting article on the Internet and it is displayed on the Yahoo website. The article is entitled Ask President Obama to Pardon Councilman Bill Dixon. The article explains the facts of the case and explains how to petition Obama for the pardon.

Please do your part as a good citizen and ask the president to pardon Dixon. Obama has promised us the most open administration in American history and I am sure he would like to hear from you.

To find the article on the Internet, simply go to your favorite search engine and type in the title of the article.

City homeowner unhappy with increase in taxes

Were taxes raised in Wilkes-Barre?

In 2011 I put a roof on my house. My taxes went up about 30 percent. I called to see why and was told this is how it's equated.

I will never do any work on my house that needs a permit. The county does not raise taxes on a necessity. I hope when taxes are raised they do not equate them this way.

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