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If Medicare is cut, we should ax legislators

Let your state legislators know that they'll be committing fiscal suicide of their Washington D.C. job if they vote to cut Medicare. Pennsylvania is second only to Florida for its senior population, which translates to power of the ballot. If they vote to cut our Medicare, return the favor when they're up for re-election. The next time they ask for your vote, give them a pink-slip!

In time of emergency they were there to care

To the crew of Kingston Ambulance Service who transported my wife to the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, and for the care from Dr. Mark Cohen and staff at the emergency room, we thank you. May you enjoy happy days through this season and always. Thanks so much.

Consult recipient first before giving pet as gift

Are you in a frenzy to finish your holiday-shopping? Run out of ideas? Maybe you've thought about surprising somebody with an adorable gift? Maybe something small (goldfish, bird, hamster), medium (cat, dog, rabbit), or even large (pig, pony, Emperor Penguin). You're thinking this will be the best gift ever received.

Think again. Whatever the size or species, an animal should never be given without prior permission. Have you ever heard of buyer's remorse? You can return that tie that Uncle Joe is allergic to. It's not a living, breathing thing.

Most recipients manage to smile, say thank you, even pretend to just love it, so as not to offend the giver. Have you ever hidden something your mother-in-law gave you? Thank goodness she only visits once a year. It's the only time you must display that hideous dust-catcher.

But a living gift cannot be stored away. It requires food, care, vet appointments, and all the time you can give it. Pretty soon, the novelty wears off, and the animal is neglected. Nemo is belly-up, Tiger choked on a hair-ball, and Babe has become bacon.

Usually, though, there is a worse fate for the unwanted animal. It is dumped in the woods to fend for itself, or tossed out of a car, onto the shoulder of a busy road. If it is lucky, it will meet a quick end.

And sometimes, it is taken to an animal shelter. Every shelter is bursting at its seams. Even no-kill shelters reach capacities.

Every time we've adopted a dog, we've gone as a family to select one that will be enjoyed, and cared for, by all of us. Six years ago, we brought home a puppy. My birthday was nearing, so my brother asked if he could pay the adoption fee, as a gift to me. Best gift ever! Lucky us, lucky dog.

So, if you want to give a pet, first ask if it would be welcomed. Then go with the family, let them pick out the animal.

And, as the ASPCA slogan goes: Opt to Adopt. If a pedigreed dog is a must-have for you, please seek out a local, reputable breeder. He should be willing to let you come to his place, so you can see the mother dog, how she is treated, and what the environment is like. We're not talking palace, but just a comfortable place where there is love and kindness.

Be done with baloney that fronts as government

Does President Obama know that the election is over and he won? He is still very much on the campaign trail. It's over, .you won, get to work. You could start by letting the Republicans know just what cuts you are proposing in the name of compromise. They in turn can make it absolutely clear as to where they stand on tax cuts or the lack thereof. Then we could avoid the drama of the fiscal cliff.

Same old baloney -- tantalize and scare people until the midnight hour and then out of the blue an agreement is made. Somebody out there must have an idea of how we can alter this quagmire of a government we are stuck in. This is a bunch of childish nonsense.

They think we are idiots.

Congress should be forced to adhere to a set budget

Why is it that the people of this country have to budget their money every payday, while the only thing that Congress does is spend, spend, spend?

Why is it that Congress does not have a budget and cannot spend more than its budget?

Congress spends millions upon millions of our earned dollars every day with no limit.

When are members of Congress going to get salary cuts? Most of every week, they are not in Congress and seem to do little for us.

This Congress is the largest spendthrift in the world. With no regard to the little people that have to pay for their spending.

The working people are the ones who suffer because of their spending.

Nothing warm and fuzzy about ‘fake' fur production

Today, many people wouldn't be caught dead wearing a full-length real fur because of the cruelty involved. But real fur is sneaking into the United States where millions of animals, including dogs and cats are killed by the cheapest and most gruesome killing methods available, so Americans can wear and enjoy fur collars, cuffs, gloves, mittens, ear muffs, pet toys, etc. Many are unwittingly wearing this fur believing it to be fake.

Manufactures from other countries know Americans have a love affair with dogs and cats; therefore, they mislabel them, as faux fur, or rabbit or fox fur. The Humane Society of the United States is investigating numerous cases where real fur is being sold as fake fur.

How can we be sure if we are purchasing a fake fur, and not a real fur? The Society has printed information to help shoppers. Go to HSUS.org. Search: Field Guide To Telling Animal Fur From Fake Fur. For more information on what you can do to help these animals go to hsus.org or peta.org. and type in the search bar fur.

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