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United States of today has taken turn for worse

The America Obama wants to build is not the one for which my father fought and received the Purple Heart.

When my boys were young they played with toy guns. Guns were not an evil word that would get a 6-year-old expelled from school. My boys dressed up as soldiers because they looked up to soldiers as individuals filled with courage and honor, true American heroes. Now our government does not want our children to play like this, or mention guns.

Our president wants our country to be more like Europe. Well, I have been in about 12 or 13 different countries, we do not want to be like Europe or the Middle East.

Our country can become like China with the granny police. but instead of forcing the one child law, they will be checking to see if you have consumed more than 32 ounces of soda. Because here in America you can have as many children that you can not afford at the taxpayers’ expense. We have a government that has misused the people’s money and it has not been held accountable. Can we really know what is best for Israel, too?

We have to remember the problem in the Middle East with Israel did not start when Israel became a nation. The problem started in Genesis with Abraham and his seed.

America has always been a friend to Israel and I pray and hope she remains this way because America will reap the consequences.

Time will tell and I wish that more people would read a Bible to know truth. Christ did come and he will return in his own time and maybe sooner that some think.

Maure Devers Dorrance Township

Golden Living Center praises its social workers

Since 1965, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has named March as the month to recognize the profession of social work.

At Golden Living, social work is the foundation for building involvement with residents, patients, their family members and staff. By acting as advocates for these individuals, social workers ensure that needs of every patient or resident or met.

I would like to take this opportunity during National Social Work Month to recognize social workers who selflessly dedicate their lives to continually support and provide helping hands to improve the lives of others. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly appreciative of our Golden Living Center, East Mountain’s social work team and their commitment to the health care needs of our patients, their families and our staff.

Golden Living Center, East Mountain social workers are the glue that holds our living center family together. As health care champions for quality care and patient satisfaction, these individuals work with the therapy team, dietitians, and nurses to maintain an ideal environment for all patients and residents. They help understand and assess issues relating to a patient’s emotional, psychological or physical needs.

Social workers who dedicate their profession to working with individuals in skilled nursing facilities not only choose a truly unique career path, but also choose to make a difference I many individuals’ lives every day. Whether it is helping a patient receive a meal they enjoy to helping them toward returning home, social workers partner with patients through their golden living center care and stay.

In particular, I would like to thank our social workers, Ann Holland and Juliann Condrad, for the special, yet essential, role they both play in advocating for our patients, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Join me in recognizing and thanking these unsung heroes for all that the do.

Linday R. Bravyak, RN, NHA

Executive Director

Golden Living Center

East Mountain

Tax collection penalty ires Lehman Twp. writer

What exactly is the per capita tax? I don’t even know; however, for some 18 years my husband and I have paid it. Make sure when you mail your $10 check it is received, cashed, and keep a copy of your cancelled check.

Unbeknownst to me, apparently for 2010, Lehman Township did not receive our payment. Recently, we came home from work to find a restraint taped to our front door for non-payment. Even though we are at the same address we both were charged delivery costs, and mileage for this taped message from J.P. Harris Associates. This was the first notice we received of any kind that Lehman Township didn’t receive my checks for 2010. This $10 tax turned into $86 each! I called J.P. Harris and told them I did not have $173 to just send them a check and ask for a $25 a month payment plan, J.P. Harris agreed, that would be fine.

I sent my first payment of $25. Three weeks later I received a late notice from J.P. Harris, which they charged us approximately $14 for sending the correspondence.

J.P. Harris told me I got the notice, charging me $14 because it didn’t receive my second payment in two weeks. It wanted $25 every two weeks. Beware citizens!

Jeanette Kozloski-Gilroy

Lehman Township

Dear Dennis Rodman: Stick to game of basketball

If I were to write a letter to Dennis Rodman, it would go something like this:

Dear Mr. Rodman,

You are one of the best basketball players of all time. You should stick to basketball and what you know. Recently you visited North Korea. You professed your extreme admiration for Kim Jong Un. Did you know he is a dictator? Please look the word up in the dictionary. It will be found under “D.”

This man’s people are oppressed, starving and have very dismal lives. Did you know his goal is to successfully reach Hawaii and/or California with a nuclear weapon? Do you own property in either place?

Just for further clarification, if you are looking for the singer of the popular song “Gangnam Style,” you are very unlikely to find him in North Korea. He is from South Korea.

These two countries are at war with one another. In other words, finding this man in North Korea is like dunking a basketball with a hockey stick. It does not work. So, Mr. Rodman, if you are looking for a friend, you do not have to look very far. There are boys/girls clubs who would love to spend time with you.

I still think you are the greatest basketball player, but please, stay away from the bad guys, especially the ones who would look silly in gym shorts on the court.

Fran Spencer Nanticoke

Gaming grant process unfair, councilman says

Another year, another round of casino gaming grants and Swoyersville is denied again. As a councilman this is very upsetting. The whole process seems unfair. Why do some municipalities receive huge amounts every year? Why are some projects deemed more worthy that others? Why do private enterprises receive these grants? Why are these grants competitive? There needs to be an overhaul of the whole process to make it more equitable. I also feel our state lawmakers need to “go to bat for us”.

I’m urging all Swoyersville residents to call our state representative and senators to voice our displeasure.

Joe Olejnick Swoyersville Borough Council

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