Five Folks

June 9th, 2015 10:36 pm - updated: 10:36 pm.

First Posted: 8/14/2014

In honor of the Pittston Tomato Festival, we asked folks in downtown Wilkes-Barre:

“What is your favorite way to enjoy a tomato?”


“I love them plain, with salt.”

Oswaldo Otero, 38, Wilkes-Barre


“Plain and sliced up on pizza.”

Teishima Otero, 13, Wilkes-Barre


“I don’t like them plain, but I like spaghetti sauce.”

Ty-Ana Otero, 12, Wilkes-Barre


“I like them cut up and put in an omelet.”

Heidia Otero, 14, Wilkes-Barre


“I like to eat them on pizza.”

Jada Otero, 9, Wilkes-Barre