Wyoming Hose Co. seeks final approval for new Third Street facility

September 16th, 2015 6:47 pm - updated: 6:47 pm.

First Posted: 12/31/2014

WYOMING — The Wyoming Hose Company No. 2 will soon have a new place to call home.

The company is seeking final plan approval from the Luzerne County Planning Commission for the development of land at 70 E. Third St., Wyoming for a new single story fire hall, similar to the one currently on the premises in the borough.

The hall will sit on 0.66 acres of land and will provide 27 parking spaces. The planning commission meeting is set for Thursday, Jan. 8.

Anthony Yurek, president of the hose company, said the new building will be very similar to the one it currently has. The old building will be knocked down.

“It will be a whole new fire department, social club and catering,” Yurek said. “It will be exactly what we have now, just bigger.”

The hose company will be required to submit a financial security guarantee in the amount of $214,672.23. Yurek hopes the construction of the new building will begin in March.

Yurek said the planning commission meeting is just a review of what the company has gone through to get ready to build. The next step is to get several different bids for the job and begin construction.

The hose company is currently the home to a one-truck garage firehouse. It also has a social club and a catering business. The company also rents out the banquet hall. It includes a dining room, dance floor and a full bar.

In November, the hose company sought approval from the Wyoming Borough Council for a Local Share Account (LSA) grant for the new building. In 2013, the company applied for a $750,000 LSA grant for the same project. Just a few months ago, the company was notified the grant from 2013 was not approved.

This year, the company is seeking a $250,000 LSA grant. Word on whether the company gets that grant will be released at a later date.