Trail grad models for Seventeen Magazine

September 18th, 2015 4:34 pm

First Posted: 8/2/2013

Seventeen Magazine has taken on a local twist as a small town student made her way into the pages of the national publication.

Eighteen-year-old Victoria Ellsworth, of Benton, graduated from Lackawanna Trail in June. Along with her high school degree, Ellsworth accomplished another noteworthy event within her senior year.

During her junior year, Ellsworth started a portfolio as a hair model, modeling for various brands such as L’Anza Hair Color and SEXY HAIR. When Seventeen put out an open call for models, Ellsworth decided to submit her portfolio.

“I honestly never expected a call back,” she said.

Only days after receiving acceptance into her dream school, Cornell University, where she will attend class this fall, Ellsworth received news from Seventeen that she had been chosen to be featured in the August issue.

“I was completely ecstatic,” Ellsworth said.

By April 18, Ellsworth found herself in Manhattan at Seventeen’s headquarters preparing for her shoot. Along with the opportunity to model, Ellsworth was able to meet many new people and take in the views of the busy city streets and skyline at her makeup station.

“I had the opportunity to meet world-renowned photographers and stylists and got to work with big time models from agencies like Wilhelmina NY, IMG, and New York Models,” said Ellsworth.

Michael Duenas, renowned stylist for popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce, was also among some the people that Ellsworth was able to meet and work with.

After talking with other models her age, Ellsworth found that her lifestyle differed in some aspects than some of the other models.

“They were all shocked to learn that I attended school full-time, especially one as small and rural as Trail, hold a part-time job in addition to modeling, and even balanced extracurricular activities and college classes,” she said.

After the experience, Ellsworth also gained some perspective about the modeling world, and balancing her own life in general.

“You have to learn to not let the pressure get to you; between the pressure from popular culture and the pressure from your surrounding environment, at times, it can be hard to deal with.”

Ellsworth’s love for fashion did not start with her modeling career, but rather in elementary school when she began making jewelry. She still makes jewelry with her best friend and currently features and sells them at local shops in the Clarks Summit area. Ellsworth stretched her interest in fashion even further by making some of her own clothing, including a dress for her winter semi-formal.

“I’m a creative person, and I love expressing myself through what I make,” she said.

Although Ellsworth has been embracing her creative side in addition to her modeling opportunities, she admits that the gig will remain part-time as she keeps her main focus on her schooling, including courses in human biology, health, and society.

“Hopefully, I will get the chance to model for Seventeen again before the summer is over,” Ellsworth said. “Once the fall hits, my top priority will be my studies.”