Favor for a friend sparks long romance

September 18th, 2015 8:11 pm

First Posted: 5/17/2013

The story of Kathy and Raphael, or Raphy, Platt’s romance is more about the journey they have traveled together than gifts of flowers and chocolates that are often synonymous with love.

“…It’s almost telling a story of two individuals that made it through everything,” said Kathy. “…We got married when we were still in college, so romanticism doesn’t have to be your flowers and your chocolates. I think romanticism in a way is also your struggles…and that to me is sometimes romantic because you did it. You did it together.”

Kathy and Raphael, South Abington Township, both 41, were married May 31, 1994, but their story began at Abington Heights High School as Kathy was playing cupid and attempted to arrange a date for her friend with Raphy.

“We met because I was trying to set Raphy up with a friend of mine. We really got to know one another because of it,” said Kathy.

Prior to dating, “He was the boy who sat in the front of the classroom and I was the girl who sat in the back of the classroom. When my friend said, ‘I’m interested, (in dating Raphy) I said, ‘Let me talk to him. Let me see if he’s interested.’ It went from that point to us being together this long,” said Kathy, noting their bond has spanned 25 years.

“You called me and we talked for hours,” said Raphy as the couple reminisced about the days leading up to their first date. “Part of the initial discussion was you were trying to introduce me to a friend.”

Many multi-hour conversations followed and opened the door to a strong connection and friendship, that culminated with a first date: lunch at the Glider Diner, Scranton, on a half day of school in January 1987, several months later.

And when reflecting back to their first kiss, Kathy said, “It brings us back to being giddy. I remember us being at my aunt’s house and just hanging out and all of a sudden kissing. It was so pure and I don’t know where it came from.”

They graduated from Abington Heights High School in 1990 and were engaged in 1992, and while their families wanted a large wedding, they chose a small ceremony.

“We had a humble wedding with humble beginnings,” said Raphy.

“We wanted to start our lives as just us.”

Their honeymoon was about “just being together,” and did not include a trip until 10 years later, when they took a honeymoon trip to Las Vegas that included front row tickets at a Celine Dion concert.

In June 2006, son, Calvin was born, and he is their primary focus now.

“I am blessed,” said Kathy of her life. Raphy added, “Blessed is a good way to say it. We have a very healthy marriage,” said Raphy. “We don’t say perfect because there’s nothing really perfect in life.”

Kathy is an extrovert. Raphy is more introverted, but they balance one another’s personalities with two different ways of thinking, and most of the time they meet somewhere in the middle.

“I love the life we have together. It’s very comfortable coming to a home where you know you can be yourself and relax,” said Raphy.

In an effort to keep communication a priority, they take time to talk to one another without distractions from electronics. Long drives to New York City, Philadelphia and their favorite Korean market, a theater performance, tennis and walking are some of the activites they enjoy together.

“It comes down to communication. If you’re communicating regularly, or you build a strong channel then you know you can trust the person you rely on,” said Raphy with a nod of agreement from Kathy.

Kathy is a school tax collector, Zumba instructor, teacher’s aide and PTO president.

Raphy works in finance for Prudential.

They are married 19 years and celebrate their love day-to-day.