November 9, 2012

Up Front Ben makes his first start off the claim this evening for his new trainer Joe Karrat. The eight-year old son of Andover Hall has been on a roll of late, winning four of his last five starts. A winner of $308,906 lifetime, Up Front Ben has shown a liking for the Pocono Downs oval as well, including a personal best taken over the five-eighth's mile in 1:54.1. Tonight he picks up the meet's leading driver George Napolitano Jr. and I see nothing stopping this veteran trotter from making the lead early and never looking back, capturing yet another victory in that tenth race feature.





POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$13,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $18,000
3 BetterthanlynxT.Buter1-6-4Never better3-1
1 ManofleisuresuitH.Parker3-2-1The pacesetter5-2
4 Reflection On MeB.Simpson1-5-8Beat similar last wk4-1
5 BungleinthejungleA.McCarthy2-3-6Just 2 for 57 lifetime9-2
6 Maybe I'm A ReiA.Napolitano6-3-2Comes up a tad short6-1
2 ArticulateT.Jackson5-6-5Sits the pylons10-1
8 Savvy SavannahM.Kakaley6-4-6Back from Harrah's12-1
7 Cowboy ArtistM.Simons7-7-8Overmatched15-1

Second-$11,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 2 pm races life
3 Naughty GirlG.Napolitano5-2-3Makes amends for last5-2
1 My Love BiB.Simpson3-3-5Gutsy trotter4-1
7 Angel Eyes HanoverM.Johansson2-2-2Didn't get it done at 3-53-1
8 ToryM.Kakaley6-3-3Goes for team Kakaley9-2
6 Toms Miracle GalT.Jackson4-7-7Fast early, not late6-1
4 Pacific MargauxJ.Plutino5-1-7Too far behind early10-1
2 Ringside NguyenL.Vandervort7-3-6In this class for a while12-1
5 DeweyneedmorewineM.Simons9-3-5Walloped in latest effort15-1

Third-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $5,000 last 5
2 Ab's AttackG.Napolitano3-2-2Invader scores3-1
3 KiasmaE.Carlson7-2-6Second best7-2
5 StandupnkissmeT.Jackson9-6-8Very suspect field4-1
4 Really RockinJ.Kakaley6-4-7Grabs a check9-2
1 Four Starz TommyJ.Taggart7-3-7Didn't fire in Grey Ghost6-1
6 Smoke Em UpM.Simons7-7-8Best of remainders8-1
7 Artifact KT.Buter5-7-7Out of pace20-1
8 General MackA.McCarthy5-8-9An also ran10-1
9 TheetownlittleguyM.Kakaley5-7-7Small indeed15-1

Fourth-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $9,300 last 4
1 Stonebridge MasterG.Napolitano5-8-4Hope for that 12-1 price12-1
3 Midas Blue ChipT.Buter2-4-4The one to beat5-2
4 Dragon LawsT.Jackson1-4-7Nap opted off4-1
6 Rader DetectorE.Carlson1-3-3Fan favorite3-1
7 Picture MeA.McCarthy3-1-2Back from Philly9-2
8 Fresco BlueJ.Pavia1-8-3No repeat in sight10-1
2 Medoland Big CamM.Kakaley4-4-2Lasix has not helped6-1
5 Bubbie BoyB.Simpson4-8-4Struggling pacer15-1

Fifth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $5,000 last 5
3 LettherockbeginH.Parker4-4-6Rolls5-2
6 Golden TimeG.Napolitano3-7-3New one from Adams9-2
4 Buckeye In ChargeE.Carlson8-4-4Mark Ford trainee4-1
1 My Boogie ShoesJ.Pavia6-5-13yr old tires older foes3-1
7 Rileys LuckM.Kakaley3-8-9Done little at Pocono10-1
2 Night Train ShaneA.McCarthy1-8-5Can't stay with these6-1
5 Raging GrinM.Simons6-9-2Missed some time15-1
8 CruznwithdabigdogM.Romano8-6-3Not faired well for Romano12-1

Sixth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
7 M S Heather MG.Napolitano1-2-6Has it all together5-2
6 Che HallT.Jackson6-2-2Toss last, still solid5-1
9 Crystal SizzlerA.McCarthy2-1-1Post the main concern3-1
2 Fort BenningJ.Pavia3-5-1Does get a better draw4-1
3 Like A HushM.Kakaley4-5-4Reynolds training at .09612-1
4 Rushmore HanoverM.Simons2-5-3Aldrich is better in NY10-1
5 Jeff's Night OutT.Buter9-7-8Ko'd6-1
1 Four Starz ConwayA.Napolitano8-7-4Better at the Little M15-1
8 Shelly RossE.Carlson6-5-6Trailer20-1

Seventh-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
2 Special DarkM.Kakaley1-1-1Continues to cruise5-2
5 RM Mornin SunshineT.Buter2-4-3Again chases the chalk7-2
7 Harper LeeM.Simons3-5-1Mike's choice over #15-1
1 How Sweet Thou ArtE.Carlson7-2-8Carlson catch drives4-1
9 U Foria B BG.Napolitano9-6-8Walloped by lesser8-1
4 Prairie GanacheJ.Taggart5-8-5Looking for pieces6-1
8 No Mo ParkingA.Napolitano7-7-5Still off form12-1
3 Sharron RJ.Pavia6-6-6Save the deuce15-1
6 Sammy's Magic DayT.Jackson6-7-5Maiden for life20-1

Eighth-$9,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $5,000 last 5
9 Dream LakeM.Romano4-2-7Bomber with potential15-1
2 Engamer Nordc StarE.Carlson3-3-7Certainly deserves a look3-1
1 Mystical ConL.Miller4-3-6Lewayne in for mount8-1
4 Bob N TonyJ.Kakaley7-4-4Capable of sneaking in9-2
7 Fun N PleasureT.Buter8-5-8A class dropper4-1
3 Over RuledA.Napolitano2-7-8Had nice bounce back7-2
5 Self ProfessedH.Parker7-2-4Not one I would invest in6-1
6 CuttyM.Simons3-4-6Off since Sept20-1
8 Marion MonacoM.Kakaley4-5-9Raced poorly as favorite10-1

Ninth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life
4 T's ElectricT.Buter6-1-5Ryder rights him6-1
7 Yo Cheyenne RockyG.Napolitano1-2-4Won last wk in 1:51.39-2
5 Kiowa Creek RocketE.Carlson1-3-3Been all over the country3-1
9 Veto HanoverM.Kakaley3-1-2Versatile pacer7-2
6 My Sugar DaddyJ.Pavia5-1-5Pavia driving at .2364-1
2 Shock It To ‘EmA.Napolitano5-1-2Much tougher competition8-1
8 Dontu Get LonelyA.McCarthy3-5-6Lives up to his name10-1
3 Allstar BluesB.Simpson6-5-6Demoted15-1
1 He's UnbelievableT.Jackson6-7-4Don't believe20-1

Tenth-$16,000 Clm.Hndcp Trot;clm.price $20-25,000
2 Up Front BenG.Napolitano1-3-1Keeps on winning3-1
3 DC's Piggy BankM.Simons1-6-1Won right off the claim5-2
7 Fuel CellT.Buter5-9-1Look for better effort6-1
1 Jedrik HanoverE.Carlson2-4-1Coming around7-2
6 April SunshineA.Napolitano2-4-5Hard one to gauge9-2
5 MartinoT.Jackson5-7-5Didn't fire at Yonkers8-1
4 Broadway VictoryC.Norris4-7-8Norris again in the bike12-1

Eleventh-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $10,000 last 5
5 FranciegirlA.McCarthy5-3-9Darkhorse of the night10-1
3 Gale StormM.Kakaley4-2-7From the Burke stable7-2
4 Miss Sand CreekG.Napolitano7-8-2Takes money with Nap4-1
2 Rub ThingJ.Pavia6-6-1Has had outside posts3-1
6 Fast And FiestyE.Carlson4-1-1Had no excuse at 3-5 odds5-1
1 Keystone ChiantiT.Schadel1-4-2Note the driver change8-1
7 Kayla's DreamM.Simons2-3-1No Pan Intended mare9-2
8 Forty ThreeJ.Taggart3-6-2Ousted12-1

Twelfth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
3 IdadazzleG.Napolitano2-1-2Back on top2-1
7 The CountJ.Pavia4-8-1Completes the exacta8-1
8 Grace N CharlieA.Napolitano2-3-3Favored four of last five3-1
5 HowmuchubenchE.Carlson1-4-9Dominated Billings race4-1
1 DJ John BoyB.Simpson4-8-7Breaks every other start5-1
6 Captain BradyC.Norris3-5-4Norris owns-trains-drives10-1
4 Rompaway BrandonM.Simons7-5-5Romped12-1
2 Mon Beau Somolli NT.Jackson9-3-5Retreats15-1

Thirteenth-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 2 pm races life
2 My Sweet MandyE.Carlson5-7-4Needed last, ready now9-2
1 Misssomebeach BlueJ.Pavia4-3-7Again the favorite5-2
3 Texas CaviarB.Simpson1-2-1Lightly raced gal3-1
4 Tara's BestJ.Taggart3-5-4Million Dollar Cam filly6-1
6 VillagioA.McCarthy2-4-4Head dead aim last Fri7-2
7 Bettor Think TwiceM.Kakaley4-1-2Don't over think it8-1
5 Skin The CatT.Jackson8-6-6One more race to go12-1

Fourteenth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $5,000 last 5
5 Cry For CashB.Simpson4-3-2Completes late double7-2
2 DoubleshotascotchE.Carlson4-4-8Losing his drive5-2
6 Scottie CT.Buter3-5-7Classy 6yr old3-1
1 Joey HackettA.McCarthy4-4-8Better with claimers6-1
7 Battle CallJ.Pavia8-5-7Canadian owned horse9-2
3 Roaring ReiM.Simons7-7-6No punch8-1
4 Town TreasureB.Adams7-6-7See you tomorrow12-1