Technical Sergeant Meade receives William Valcarcel Award

December 10, 2012

Technical Sergeant Edward J. Meade, USAF Ret., recently received the William Valcarcel Award during a ceremony held at the Marine Corps Center, Wyoming. The RSVP established the award in 2011 in memory of Valcarcel, who perished in the World Trade Center terrorist attack in 2001. Valcarcel volunteered as the fire marshal at his place of employment in the World Trade Center. The award is presented by Valcarcel's daughter, Lisa Serrano. Meade was nominated for the award based on his volunteer service. He serves as a counselor at the Retirees Activities Office (RAO), Department of the Air Force, Marine Corps Center, Wyoming. He also volunteers at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. At the award presentation, from left: Charles Lamoreaux, USCG; Raymond Smith, director, RAO; Captain Steven Morris, commander, Marine Corps Training Center; Alice Russomano, coordinator, RSVP; Meade; Jackie Boyle, director, RSVP, retired; First Sergeant Brian Putney, USMC; Mario Zucca, USAF Ret.; and Donato Nicolais, deputy director, USN Ret.