Pennsylvania is reactivating a solar program

Andrew Maykuth The Philadelphia Inquirer

January 29, 2013

PHILADELPHIA -Pennsylvania is reactivating its Sunshine Solar Program, which spurred a flurry of solar installations across the state until funds were exhausted in August 2011.

The Department of Environmental Protection announced Tuesday that the Commonwealth Financing Authority is providing $7.25 million for the program, which gives rebates of up to $7,500 for residential photovoltaic installations and $52,500 for small businesses. The rebates are arranged by qualified installers.

The funds should provide rebates for about 400 projects on a waiting list that were completed in 2011 when funds ran out, and for about 400 new installations this year. DEP spokeswoman Lynda Rebarchak said that solar installers, who were told about the new funding Friday, are already scrambling to line up applicants.

A list of approved installers is available on DEP's website, www.dep.state.pa.us, keyword: Sunshine.