New backpack let's you look like golf ball tee

February 5, 2013

I want one. News reports that Google Trekker now has 9,500 photos of the Grand Canyon include pics of the over-sized golf ball camera gizmo they use. Having hiked the canyon up and down twice now, I've got to wonder what kind of looks these people get. Heck, I would have lugged one up and down just for the experience, though there is a caveat: The set up is supposed to weigh about 40 pounds. With 15 lenses that's no surprise. That's also 10 more lenses than liter water bottles I've carried each trip. Kind of takes photography equipment in the opposite direction it's been going. You know. 10 megapixels in a smart phone and most people think they are Ansel Adams reborn. Now the camera is bigger than your head, and you're the monopod ...