Badfish mend broken hearts of Sublime fans

By Karyn Montigney, Weekender Intern

February 13, 2013

If you don‚??t have a mate this Valentine‚??s Day, don‚??t let the holiday blues get you down. Forget about all things love and let one of the most accomplished tribute bands in the country around turn your frown into an unforgettable night.

Stemming from the roots of reggae, ska, and punk, Badfish has undoubtedly been heavily influenced by the popular ‚??90s band Sublime. For over a decade now, the group has toured all over the country, recreating the songs, and vibes, of the well-known Long Beach Californians.

Delivering popular radio hits like ‚??Santeria,‚?Ě ‚??Wrong Way,‚?Ě and ‚??What I Got,‚?Ě Sublime was a catchy, easygoing ska punk trio that dominated the California music scene for close to ten years. The band abruptly ended in 1996 due to the untimely death of lead singer Bradley Nowell, and many of their most recognizable tunes were released posthumously.

‚??Bradley and the other members of Sublime created some great music over the years,‚?Ě remarked Badfish drummer Scott Begin. ‚??Unfortunately, with Bradley‚??s passing, the band was unable to continue playing the original music of Sublime.‚?Ě

After over a decade of touring and playing shows all over the country, Badfish still thrives on playing what they call ‚??great music.‚?Ě If it weren‚??t for them, there may not have been anyone to keep the torch of Sublime‚??s spirit alive over the years.

‚??It‚??s an honor to play what we consider to be really great music,‚?Ě Begin emphasized. ‚??For us to be able to travel around and play this music is most certainly a privilege.‚?Ě

What sets them apart from other tribute bands is the undeniable passion that gleams off the stage of any show. It‚??s as if they were playing with the thought of Bradley standing right out in the audience.

Fans agree that going to a live Badfish performance feels very close to the show that the original group would have played.

‚??I continue to go out and support Badfish because the energy and setting of one of their shows is much more similar to the original Sublime feel, rather than many other cover bands that just don‚??t have what it takes to play Sublime‚??s music,‚?Ě local fan Anthony Carletti noted.

Joined by local psychedelic rockers Mystery Fyre and funk outfit Who We Are, Badfish will take the stage at the Sherman Theater (524 Main St., Stroudsburg) on Thursday, Feb. 14 as a part of their winter tour.

‚??We play in the area a lot,‚?Ě Scott said. ‚??It‚??s always a lot of fun there. We always look forward to getting out that way.‚?Ě

Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime: Feb. 14, 8 p.m., Sherman Theater (524 Main St., Stroudsburg). $15 advance, $18 day of show.