DA’s mother, sister to be cited

February 26, 2013

PLAINS TWP. — A Plains Township police officer said he expects citations to be filed today against District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis’ mother and sister in connection with a disturbance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Friday. Cletta Salavantis, mother of Stefanie Salavantis, will be cited with harassment and disorderly conduct for allegedly striking the manager at the Bar Louie restaurant and threatening to “rip out his trachea” after she and another daughter, Jennifer Dompkosky, got into an argument with him over a party reservation, according to a police incident report. Dompkosky, who will be cited with disorderly conduct, and Salavantis had gone to the casino with another family member, Cappie Evers, to discuss a birthday party planned for Saturday, police said. Evers is not facing any charges. The incident report, prepared by Sgt. David Abraham and Officer Jason Ziolkowski, describes a chaotic scene as the officers attempted to calm down Salavantis, who was “crying hysterically,” to determine what had transpired. At one point Salavantis told the officers her daughter was the district attorney, and that she was on her way and “heads would roll” once she arrived.

Stefanie Salavantis did not return a phone message Tuesday seeking comment.

According to the report, police were called to the casino around 6:30 p.m. Friday for a report of patrons assaulting each other at Bar Louie, one of several restaurants inside the casino. When they arrived they were met by Shaun Coe, the restaurant’s manger, who said he was called from the back to speak to several patrons.

Coe said the patrons, later identified as Dompkosky and Salavantis, immediately became unruly and began yelling and cursing at him for no reason. Coe said he tried to calm the women, but they continued to yell, disrupting other patrons.

Coe told police he asked the women to leave. One of the women — he doesn’t know which — spit on him. Cletta Salavantis then struck him in the face, bending his eyeglasses. The two women continued to fight with one another as casino officials waited for police to arrive.

Salavantis and Dompkosky told a different story, however.

Ziolkowski said he spoke to Salavantis, who continued to cry and moan throughout the conversation. She and Dompkosky each alleged Coe had slapped Salavantis in the face — an allegation that was disputed by several witnesses to the incident, each of whom said it was Coe who was struck.

While on scene, Ziolkowski encountered a man who identified himself as Salavantis’ son. Ziolkowski said the man apologized for any inconvenience, telling him that Salavantis and Dompkosky “are on antidepressants, and this is what happens when they mix alcohol with them.”

Abraham said citations have been issued and are expected to be filed today with District Judge Diana Malast.