April 6, 2013

1993 – 20 YEARS AGO

Four Lake-Lehman High School athletes braved fierce cold and biting winds to ski home from their first competition in the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Eastern Sectionals last month with an impressive array of ten medals. Competitors included Rich Long, Mark Gray, Mike Milbrodt and Ray Werner.

Dallas High School students are in the final preparation for their production of William Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night this weekend in the high school auditorium. Directed by Donald Hopkins and Audrey Ide, the cast includes Matt Mahony, Andy Schwartz, Theresa Fagan and Traci Gusher. Stage crew members include Trina Huynh, Laura Seidel, Bill Camp, Julie Meyers and Lynn Murphy.

Recently Dallas Middle School students in the social studies classes of William Roberts completed their study on ancient Near Eastern Cultures by producing projects that reflected the lifestyle of a particular people. Participating students included Josh Butler, William Bonning, Jennifer Moran, Jennifer Vodzak, Sarah Hadzor, Owen Zarambo, Jason Bendy, Ken Hoover, Susie Wilch, Richard Lorah, Holly Neiman and Sara Kuzma.

1983 – 30 YEARS AGO

Mary Simon, Dallas, Wyoming Valley’s “Nurse of Hope” is presently in Carlisle competing on a statewide level for the American Cancer Society Title. Mary is among 54 candidates for the state “Nurse of Hope.” Candidates will be judges on a two minute speech and personal interview.

Dallas Kiwanians recently distributed food packages for the economically disadvantaged to several area churches. Paul Selingo chaired the project, assisted by Robert Dolbear and Maurice Lindquist.

1973– 40 YEARS AGO

Dodie Hackling, Terry Griffith and Laura Shelby were the winners in the Hula Hoop contest at Westmoreland Elementary School.

Members of the Dallas Junior Woman’s Club met recently at the home of Mrs. Jerry Paxton to finalize plans for their seventh annual Easter Egg Hunt which will be held April 14 at the Dallas Senior High School gymnasium. Mrs. Rowland Ritts, chairman, will be assisted by Mrs. Francis Smaka and the following committee members: Mrs. Kerry Freeman, Mrs. Jerry Paxton, candy; Mrs. Evan Bonawitz, Mrs. Henry Wasilewski, fliers; Mrs. Paul Battisti, refreshments; Mrs. Harold Haefele, publicity.

1963 – 50 YEARS AGO

Four Dallas High School Juniors were recently guest speakers for Dallas Kiwanis Club. The students, under the direction of their teacher, Edgar Hughes, spoke on “The Asiatic Nation,” a part of their course which concentrates on world culture. Each student outlined a separate country: Gail Rumbaugh, India; Michael Jones, Japan; Beverly Eck, Africa; and Roger Hackling, South Vietnam.

Beaver Patrol, Girl Scout troop 201, to fulfill one of the requirements of the Second class, conducted a hike Saturday. They started from the home of Mrs. Lewis Reese, Franklin Street, to Huntsville Dam and back to Reese Hill where a fire was built, nosebag lunches eaten, and marshmallows toasted. Members of the patrol completing this requirement are: Nancy Crispell, Valerie Tag, Shirley Reese, Diane Reese, Carol Hicks, Lyda Morgan, Marian Barnard and Rita Yarnal.

Marvin Scott was elected president, Brian Baird, vice president, Pat Holridge, secretary and John Cummings, treasurer at a meeting of the Cloverleaf 4-H Club Thursday evening.

1953 – 60 YEARS AGO

The Back Mountain region will shortly have a new farm service store. Reynold “Chubby” Watkins has purchased the old Rinus property along Memorial Highway near Woodland Inn, Shavertown, and is erecting a concrete block store and warehouse there.

Back Mountain was well represented at Tuesday’s Eisteddfod in Edwardsville, with Westmoreland Junior High School Chorus, Mary Jane Tryon of Dallas-Franklin Township High School, and Mrs. George W. Schooley, Shavertown, winning prizes in competition. Westmoreland chorus placed second. Tryon placed second in a soprano solo. Schooley won two firsts.

1943 – 70 YEARS AGO

Mrs. W.R. Rodman Derr was named chairman of Home Nursing in the 8th District and Mrs. Sherman R. Schooley, co-chairman, by Joseph MacVeigh this week. Mrs. Derr replaces Mrs. Lee Scott who recently moved to Forty Fort.

A number of local women received their pins this week for completing 50 hours of sewing for the Red Cross. The group meets at the home of Mrs. William Powell of Shrine View every Tuesday. It includes Mrs. Harry Ohlman, Mrs. J.H. MacVeigh, Mrs. Lloyd Kear, Mrs. Charles Dewees, Mrs. Stephen Tkach, Mrs. Stanley Rinehimer, Mrs. Nelson Booth, Mrs. Charles Gates, Mrs. George Gregson, Mrs. Joseph Hughes and Mrs. Albert Bryden.

The Dallas Post has been in existence for 122 years. Information for “Only Yesterday” is taken from back issues of the newspaper and reprinted here exactly as it first appeared.