TERRIFIC kids named at DES for May/June

May 30, 2013

TERRIFIC Kids for the months of May and June have been selected at the Dallas Elementary SChool.

TERRIFIC is an acronym that stands for T-Thoughtful, E-Enthusiastic, R-Responsible, R-Respectful, I-Inclusive, F-Friendly, I-inquisitive, and C-capable.

Betsy Jerome, guidance counselor for Dallas Elementary School, started this program as a school-wide approach to encourage positive behavior, positive character traits and leadership within the school.

The winners are chosen monthly by the staff from each homeroom and are given the opportunity to participate in a community or school-based project.

Approximately 50 students in grades preschool through fifth grade win each month. The PTO supports the program by awarding the students with a pin. The goal for the program each month is for the older students to peer guide the younger TERRIFIC kids each month on their leadership goal.

Some of the activities students participated in are The Back Mountain Food Pantry/Caring Day, Earth Day and Christmas wrapping for the needy.