Brownies ‘bridge’ to Junior

June 15, 2013

Brownie Troop 32647 of Dallas held a “bridging” ceremony at the Dallas Elementary School. Members “bridged” to Juniors, the next level of Girl Scouting. The troop consists of 17 Scouts, with most of the Scouts in attendance since their first year at the Daisy level. From left, first row, are Jessica Allen, Maggie Ropietski, Madison Carlsson, Morgan Sakulich, Emily Williams, Lauren Butwin, Ryan Costello, Morgan Williams. Second row, Cara Pocono, Alyssa Pritchard, Elena Berti, Nadia Evanosky, Jordan Banks, Chloe Zondlo, Hannah Blazure, Shani Williams, troop leader; and Emma Brown. Third row, Marigrace Huntington.