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By Mark Dudek
For The Times Leader

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It's finally here…..Sun Stakes Saturday has arrived! Just an outstanding program of racing from top to bottom, with several major stake races on the slate. Be sure to get out and enjoy the great racing and also take advantage of the free beach towel give away as well.
First-$25,000 Preferred Handicap Trot
5`Uncle Peter`D.Miller`2-1-2`Won in 1:51.1 here two back`2-1
6`Arch Madness`B.Sears`8-2-4`War horse keeps going`5-2
3`Upfront Billy`J.Campbell`2-1-1`Just cleared $400k life`7-2
4`Lightning Storm`G.Napolitano`9-7-1`Pena trainee`5-1
2`Holy Halibut`M.Kakaley`2-1-2`Fast off the wings`10-1
1`Keystone Thomas`J.Pavia`3-3-1`Rounds out solid field`6-1
Second-$14,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $20,000
1`St Pete Star`T.Tetrick`1-3-4`Fires right back`5-2
5`Dear Mac`S.Allard`2-2-2`A hot commodity`6-1
4`Casino King`R.Pierce`3-4-3`Recent Oakes re-claim`3-1
2`Rock N Roll Star`G.Napolitano`2-1-1`Steady 10yr old`4-1
2`Light Up The Sky`M.Kakaley`2-3-5`Still looking for win #1 of '13`9-2
8`Rocinante`B.Sears`4-2-5`Long road to haul`12-1
7`Hillrest Bigdaddy`D.Miller`3-2-4`A non factor`10-1
6`Doubletrouble`Y.Gingras`9-2-2`Comes off a scratch-sick`15-1
Third-$50,000 Beal Memorial Consolation
8`Dewycolorintheline`T.Tetrick`4-2-1`Tetrick the difference`9-2
1`High Bridge`Y.Gingras`4-2-3`Been coming up on short end`5-2
4`Banco Solo`G.Brennan`4-3-1`Rounds out the trifecta`4-1
6`Smoother Ride`B.Sears`5-2-1`Ride getting bumpy`3-1
2`Boffin`C.Norris`6-5-4`Disappointed last several`10-1
3`All Laid Out`A.McCarthy`6-3-9`Tim T opted off`6-1
5`Text Winner`J.Campbell`7-4-4`Deleted`15-1
7`Broadway Prince`R.Pierce`7-9-1`Not stakes caliber at this time`12-1
Fourth-$18,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $25-30,000
3`Waylon Hanover`J.Pavia`1-1-1`Going for the four-peat`5-2
7`C'mon Buzz Off`J.Drury`x-1-4`Look for a better effort`3-1
2`Northern Mcardle`T.Tetrick`8-2-7`Returns from Yonkers`9-2
4`Blended Whiskey`S.Allard`7-6-1`2nd start since the claim`4-1
8`Black Hat`M.Kakaley`1-2-2`First time for a tag`6-1
5`H Hall`R.Pierce`4-4-6`Little since the purchase`4-1
6`China King`A.Napolitano`4-4-2`Draws a tough assignment`15-1
1`Automatic Teller`T.Jackson`5-2-2`Cashed out`10-1
Fifth-$50,000 Franklin Consolation
4`Heston Blue Chip`T.Tetrick`5-1-1`Scores with a better steer`6-1
1`Sweet Lou`Y.Gingras`6-5-2`Shame he's not in final`8-5
3`Bolt The Duer`M.MacDonald`4-2-1`What a consi`5-1
5`Fred And Ginger`R.Pierce`4-6-1`Rebuffed in elimination`7-2
2`Rockincam`B.Sears`4-3-1`Anyone can win this race`5-2
Sixth-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
3`Beach Boy Tiger`G.Napolitano`4-5-1`Coast to coast`3-1
2`Hacienda`R.Pierce`3-8-4`Salerno barn warm of late`6-1
9`Nabber Again`G.Brennan`1-1-2`Brennan catch drives`5-1
6`Somethinginthewind`B.Sears`4-4-1`Sears the new pilot`15-1
5`Best Ears`J.Morrill`7-1-1`Bounced off big win`5-2
1`Aresenal`M.Kakaley`6-3-6`Down a notch in price`4-1
4`In Mint Condition`K.Wallis`9-9-1`Fallen on hard times`12-1
7`Back To The West`Y.Gingras`7-4-7`Going south`20-1
8`Mississippi Hippy`T.Tetrick`7-6-5`Struggling for sure`10-1
Seventh-$50,000 Hempt Memorial Consolation
2`Dedi's Dragon`M.Kakaley`4-1-2`Kakaley's choice is mine`3-1
3`Good Day Mate`R.Pierce`4-1-7`Had plenty of pace last wk`6-1
5`Lonewolf Currier`B.Sears`5-1-2`Victim of that speed bias?`5-2
4`Beach Memories`Y.Gingras`6-4-1`Brown great with young ones`5-1
1`Some Kinda Beach`A.Miller`5-2-1`Andy the new reinsman`4-1
9`Ultimate Beachboy`A.McCarthy`5-1-1`Overmatched`15-1
8`Source Of Pride`J.Morrill`6-6-5`Another in too tough`12-1
7`To Beach His Own`T.Tetrick`7-4-4`Buried`20-1
6`Duel In The Sun`T.Buter`7-3-1`Behind the clouds`10-1
Eighth-$25,000 Preferred Pace
3`Abelard Hanover`F.Milby`1-1-1`Razor sharp pacer`7-2
2`Bet On The Law`J.Pavia`1-3-2`Never better`3-1
7`Aracache Hanover`D.McNair`1-7-8`Certainly no slouch`5-2
6`Mystic Desire`A.Miller`2-1-1`Game 2nd in comeback`9-2
5`Escape The News`M.Kakaley`2-7-1`Back from the Bronx`8-1
1`Shoobee's Place`G.Brennan`6-1-6`Cut down to size`6-1
4`Blantantly Good`T.Tetrick`7-1-6`Gone bad`12-1
Ninth- *** $300,000 Lynch Memorial ***
8`I Luv The Nitelife`T.Tetrick`1-1-1`No stopping her`5-2
5`Shebestingin`D.Miller`2-1-1`Draws inside main rival`3-1
3`Ms Calia J Fra`S.Allard`1-1-1`Can't knock her`4-1
4`Charisma Hanover`M.Kakaley`3-1-1`Went rough trip in elim`9-2
1`Nikki Beach`R.Pierce`2-7-6`Advantageous rail post`12-1
7`Jerseylicious`C.Callahan`3-3-2`Long season catching up`10-1
6`Somwherovrarainbow`M.Teague`4-1-1`Swallowed up last wk`6-1
2`Authorize`Y.Gingras`4-5-6`Looking for a check`15-1
9`Mattie Terror Girl`J.Jamieson`5-1-7`Lucky to make final`20-1
Tenth- *** $500,000 Hempt Memorial ***
2`Word Power`C.Callahan`3-1-1`The Captain gets upset`4-1
8`Sunfire Blue Chip`Y.Gingras`1-1-4`Turning some heads`5-1
7`Vegas Vacation`B.Sears`2-7-1`Gutsy second to the favorite`7-2
9`Captaintreacherous`T.Tetrick`1-1-1`Been invincible`5-2
6`Johny Rock`A.Miller`2-5-2`Racer terrific in elim`15-1
5`Emeritus Maximus`D.McNair`1-1-4`Took advantage of dream trip`6-1
1`Martini Hanover`J.Morrill`3-8-3`Morrill gets nice drive`8-1
4`Rockin Amadeus`R.Pierce`3-5-1`Yet to find that steam`12-1
3`Evenin Of Pleasure`J.Jamieson`2-5-4`Last of them all`20-1
Eleventh- *** $500,000 Franklin Free-For-All ***
9`Dynamic Youth`A.McCarthy`1-1-4`Upset the apple cart`6-1
6`Pet Rock`D.Miller`3-1-5`A multi-stakes winner`5-1
4`Foiled Again`Y.Gingras`1-2-3`This would put him over $5 mil`5-2
8`Betterhancheddar`G.Brennan`3-4-2`Gritty performer`3-1
1`Razzle Dazzle`B.Sears`1-1-5`Overlooked in his elim win`4-1
5`Our Lucky Chip`T.Buter`2-3-1`Firing fast late`15-1
3`Clear Vision`M.Kakaley`2-5-2`Almost got there at 20-1`12-1
2`Up The Credit`J.Jamieson`3-7-7`Sent by team Jamieson`20-1
7`Modern Legend`J.Campbell`2-3-3`It should be a thriller`10-1
Twelfth- *** $500,000 Earl Beal Memorial ***
1`Royalty For Life`B.Sears`2-1-9`Some recovery to make final`5-2
9`Smilin Eli`T.Tetrick`1-1-1`Done nothing wrong yet`4-1
3`Picture This`C.Norris`3-3-5`Longshot worth a look`15-1
2`Dontyouforgetit`Y.Gingras`1-1-1`Found his groove`3-1
5`Possessed Fashion`J.Campbell`2-4-1`Versatile trotter`6-1
8`Celebrity Maserati`T.Jackson`3-1-2`Overachiever`10-1
4`Corky`D.Miller`1-1-2`Did win his elim`5-1
6`Fico`R.Pierce`2-7-4`Pierce good when $$ on line`12-1
7`Crystal Phenom`A.McCarthy`3-5-7`Field filler`20-1
Thirteenth-$21,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $24,000 last 5
4`Steelhead Hanover`J.Pavia`5-2-2`Needed last, it's his time`4-1
7`Hillbilly Hanover`M.Kakaley`1-9-9`Dominated easier`7-2
2`White Mountain Top`T.Buter`2-7-3`Goes for team Buter`9-2
1`Mickey Hanover`S.Allard`8-7-5`Drops from Preferred level`3-1
3`Go West Lucky Cam`T.Tetrick`6-2-3`Tetrick the new driver`6-1
6`Artache Hanover`A.McCarthy`4-4-2`Live longshot`10-1
8`Raji's Blue Line`R.Pierce`6-1-2`Did nothing off the claim`20-1
5`Arockin Hanover`G.Napolitano`1-1-3`Allard opted off`15-1
9`Foreign Officer`B.Sears`3-5-3`Wrong jurisdiction`8-1
Fourteenth-$21,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $24,000 last 5
1`Townslight Hanover`A.McCarthy`3-4-1`Loves this track`3-1
3`Musselfrmbrussels`S.Allard`3-1-4`Gritty and gutsy`5-2
8`Meirs Hanover`M.Kakaley`2-6-3`Just missed to Versado`10-1
2`Mustang Art`R.Pierce`2-6-1`Pierce piloted him well at DD`12-1
4`St Lads Zoom Zoom`D.Bier`6-2-4`Harrington invader`4-1
6`Arthur`G.Napolitano`1-5-7`Had nice win at Saratoga`6-1
9`Martial Bliss`G.Brennan`1-3-2`Post knocks`15-1
5`Fools Gold`T.Buter`1-1-2`Enjoyed mile at YR`5-1
7`E Z Noah`T.Tetrick`2-1-4`In need of a start`20-1
Fifteenth-$19,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $16,000 last 5
1`Shock It To 'Em`R.Pierce`1-1-1`On a tear`3-1
4`Take It Back Terry`M.Kakaley`2-4-5`Just missed as the chalk`5-2
3`Quik Jolt`M.Simons`6-1-4`Bounced off that win`1-01
6`Mcsocks`D.Miller`8-2-5`Miller the new reinsman`5-1
5`Reckless Ric`A.McCarthy`7-4-2`Tiring speed`6-1
2`Keemosabe`T.Buter`8-6-7`Yet to take to PD oval`4-1
9`Eddie Sweat`C.Callahan`1-2-2`3yr old tries older`15-1
7`Whogoesfirst`J.Pavia`1-2-2`Off since April`12-1
8`Maytime Terror`G.Napolitano`6-6-3`One more race to go`20-1
Sixteenth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $11,000 last 5
2`B N Bad`R.Pierce`3-4-6`It's Ronnie in finale`3-1
3`Shady Breeze`M.Simons`9-7-1`Watch the tote board`9-2
5`Mosee Terror`G.Napolitano`2-8-5`In live hands`5-1
4`Laurent Hanover`T.Buter`4-9-9`Rounds out the super`7-2
7`On The Radar`C.Callahan`7-1-1`Note the driver switch`10-1
6`Bettors Curse`D.Miller`3-4-2`Well back against lesser`20-1
9`Major Belle`M.Romano`3-5-8`Big M shipper`4-1
1`Alex Bullville`J.Pavia`6-6-5`A toss`6-1
8`P L Fighter`M.Kakaley`8-7-6`See you tomorrow`15-1

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