SUSAN DENNEY Dallas Post Correspondent

November 9, 2013

Supervisor Alan Fox read a lengthy police report to assembled residents and said that, in the future, police reports will appear on the township’s website. Then, he publicly thanked resident Ed Chesnovitch for his continuing insistence on public police reports.

Supervisors also stated that other reports, including zoning reports, will appear on the website as well.

The supervisors observed a moment of silence for late township employee Andrew M. Sholtis. A memorial fund has been created to honor the former township zoning officer who died on Oct. 20. Those wishing to contribute may drop off donations at the township office.

Supervisors have appointed Joseph R. Stageracting zoning officer, planning administrator and code enforcement officer. The supervisors also accepted, with regret, Mike Putnam’s resignation as assistant code enforcement officer.

Fox reported on efforts being made to acquire workers’ compensation insurance for the township. The township’s policy had been canceled by its current insurer. Fox said the insurance was put out for bid but no offers had been received from independent companies, indicating the township will have to rely on more expensive insurance sources guaranteed by the state.

Chairman John “Jay” Wilkes, Jr. said that Jackson was not the only township having problems with workers’ compensation, reporting that 824 second-class townships in Pennsylvania have had their coverage dropped as of last week. Out of 1526 such townships, that represents more than half.

Township solicitor Jeffrey Malak explained that a new law has extended additional workers’ compensation benefits to firefighters and that insurers are dropping policies because of increased claims.

Fox said, that according to contract, the township’s police officers are due for replacement ballistic vests. But he also said that $8,000 in state grant money has been received to provide the eight vests.