Paperweights to be display at library

December 28, 2013

Jim Perna, of Dallas, will display paperweights from his collection during January at the Back Mountain Memorial Library. Jim has been collecting paperweights for 25 years after a friend got him interested in them. The collection consists of a wide variety of glass themes, all of which are handcrafted.

“My interest is in the history, the creativity and beauty of glass paperweights,” said Jim.

Most of his pieces were purchased but some were acquired by trading or as gifts. Jim’s favorite area is the advertisement theme pieces. They all date prior to 1950 and were given out by companies, often to secretaries in businesses where electric fans were used prior to air conditioning and the secretaries would use the paperweights to keep their desk papers from being blown around the office.

Along with the paperweights, Jim will also display other themed paperweights, including the world famous millefiore paperweights from Italy.

Jim would like people to know he is a member of a major paperweight group called the Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors Association. They meet four times a year and they are “patrons of the top craftsmen in the world today.” He invites anyone with an interest in paperweight collecting or this group to contact him through the Back Mountain Memorial Library.