By Rick Bentley The Fresno Bee

February 13, 2014


There’s a wide range of DVDs hitting stores Feb. 11, just in time for Valentine’s Day gifts.

“ENDER’S GAME,” GRADE C-MINUS: Adults have figured out that youngsters have a better aptitude for the kind of high-tech battles that are going to be waged. The trick is to find the one gamer who has both the skill and the strategy to lead a pre-emptive strike on the buggers. They are said to have weapons of mass destruction, and it’s better if Earth strikes first.

“MIKE TYSON: UNDISPUTED TRUTH,” GRADE B-PLUS: When Mike Tyson was pounding opponents into bloody messes in the boxing ring, it was those on the other end of his gloves feeling the pain. In this one-man show directed by Spike Lee, it’s Tyson who reveals all of the pain in his life. And his truthful recounting is compelling.

“G.B.F.” GRADE: B-MINUS: A Gay Best Friend is the latest high school fad, and no school queen bee is completely worthy of being worshipped until she has one. The only problem is that in this high school no one has come out. That changes when Tanner (Michael Willett) is outed. He becomes the focus of three high-school girls who are convinced having Tanner as a friend will make them a lock to win the Prom Queen title.

Also new on DVD Feb. 11:

“BEST MAN HOLIDAY”: College friends get together during the Christmas holidays.

“GRACE UNPLUGGED”: Teen’s faith and family ties are put to the test when her dreams start to come true.

“A NIGHT IN THE WOODS”: Peaceful camping adventure turns into a terror trip.

“ALL IS LOST”: Man (Robert Redford) faces the deadly sea alone.

“AND THEN THERE WAS YOU”: Wife learns her husband has been hiding a secret life.