June 21, 2014

Thank you so much for your continued coverage of the Wyoming Area Scholarship Celebration program. Your articles along with all the colored pictures for this year’s celebration which appeared on Sunday, June 15, and will wrap up on Sunday, June 22 were outstanding. Complete, concise and in color, I am most grateful for the coverage.

Since the inception of this program in 2010 you, at the Dispatch, have printed all the pictures I have submitted from each of the events. The success of this program is due to many people working hard and together and your coverage adds that extra step to its success. You, editor Ed Ackerman, always told me: “I believe in programs like this that benefit our youth and are a tribute to the community!” The scholarships continue to roll in.

We, at Wyoming Area, are very proud of this project. Thank you again for your continued coverage, support and belief in this project.

Rosella Fedor-Purcell

Chair, Scholarship

Celebration, 2010-2014

P.S. I would be remiss if I did not include Judy Minsavage in this note. She has been extremely helpful and supportive too. What a great employee she is! Thank you, Judy!