Thier View: Time to make way for transgender troops

The United States military is a huge organization with critical responsibilities. When it undertakes big changes, they need to be thoroughly assessed in advance and carefully formulated to minimize unwanted effects. President Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender individuals, which he announced without waiting for a Pentagon review in an abrupt series of tweets last […]

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Their view: Commit to health insurance for children

Americans agree that all children in our country deserve health care, which is why Republicans and Democrats have worked together for two decades to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP provides low-cost health care to nearly nine million middle class kids whose parents would otherwise not be able to afford to bring their […]

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Their View: Like election-rigging, Olympic-rigging blows up in Russia’s face

Russia’s effort to rig the 2014 Winter Olympics — a scheme for which the International Olympic Committee last week banned it from the 2018 Winter Games — bears a striking resemblance to its effort to rig the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Both were orchestrated by Russian intelligence agencies. Both were aimed at reasserting Russia’s importance […]

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Their View: Here’s why California is burning

Large, high-intensity wildfires are an inevitable and natural part of life in California. The destruction of our communities is not. But many of the political leaders we elect and planning agencies we depend upon to create safe communities have failed us. They have allowed developers to build in harm’s way, and left firefighters holding the […]

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Their view: What will it take to put sensible limits on guns?

WASHINGTON — If you ever had any doubt about the insensitivity of the U. S. Congress to the tragedy around it, it has been dispelled by the push to expand gun rights in the aftermath of two of the worst mass murders in the nation’s history. One of these slaughters of the innocent of course […]

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Their view: A women’s movement — or moment?

“The Silence Breakers” are Time magazine’s Person of the Year. The voices of women are ascendant. Clearly, we’re in the midst of a new and genuine cultural movement. Unless we’re actually not. Sexual harassers are falling from grace in some parts of America, but meanwhile the deep-red state of Alabama is enduring a special election […]

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Their view: The value of undergraduate research opportunities cannot be overstated

To many of us, the term “research” signifies equal parts complex chemical or mathematical equations and space-age technology with the search for the unknown. It stretches the knowledge of scientists and scholars, alike, enabling them to understand nature, complex diseases, ancient history and some things you can only imagine. In many instances, that person would […]

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Their view: Trump is a no-show in the fight against opioids

The opioid epidemic should command focused attention even from our policy-averse president. It’s America’s worst drug crisis, especially severe in the working-class and rural communities that supported President Donald Trump. Its solution involves spending money, which supposedly doesn’t faze Trump, and tougher actions against drug companies, which he’s vowed to take. More than 175 Americans […]

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Our View: Wilkes-Barre’s police, firefighters proved brave again this week

Diamonds galore to Wilkes-Barre police, firefighters, and all the other area rescuers who helped them during what turned out to be an extremely busy week. It started with the river rescue of a pregnant teen who jumped off the Market Street Bridge last Saturday. On Tuesday, firefighters and medical personnel helped evacuate about 150 people […]

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Their view: The right not to design a cake

Say you are a gay couple and are wonderfully excited because the two of you bought a bakery and are making good money at something you enjoy. One day, however, this guy comes in and wants a cake for a rally against gay marriages. He asks for a design celebrating this event, and you say […]

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