Their View: Technology is changing the truck driver landscape

There seems to be a disconnect between the shortage of long-haul truck drivers and the number of people who are currently unemployed. Even in a period of rapid job growth, a steady job that requires only a high school education, while providing a relatively good salary and benefits, should attract workers. Long-distance truck drivers earn […]

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Our View: Using county windfall to pay pension is the smart move

It’s not an easy thing to swallow. Luzerne County is expecting an impressive $11.6 million windfall through one-time receipts. A property tax increase is under consideration. Yet the advice residents are hearing: Don’t use any of the $11.6 million to avoid the tax hike. Yet the advice is sound, and should be followed. This is […]

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Our View: You can say it’s too early for Christmas talk, but …

Let’s be honest, it ain’t exactly Rockefeller Center. Even after they add and fire up the lights, the Christmas tree set up in Wilkes-Barre’s Public Square will be a dim cousin to the spectacular conifer that graces one of Manhattan’s most iconic venues. And while the center city fir is routinely one of the largest […]

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Our View: Despite hype, recent election not a Trump rejection

Charles Schumer, the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, was loving the recent election results. “Our Republican friends better look out,” Schumer said. “This was a rejection not only of President Trump but of the policies that he and the Republican Party seem to be adopting.” Not so fast, Chuck. First, we don’t believe what […]

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Their view: Biden 2020? Not as crazy as it sounds

In reporting on politics all my adult life, I’ve enjoyed indulging in candidate scenarios, especially thinking unconventionally about what might happen if somebody runs for president. If people I respect dismiss one of my story lines as a dumb idea, it’s usually better to move on. This time, I’m going to ignore them. My latest […]

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Their view: Taxing nonprofit endowments taxes our nation’s future

The tax bill recently introduced by Congress – House Resolution 1 or HR1 – aims to reduce tax rates and to close tax loopholes. As a nation, we often speak of expanding opportunity for the middle class. Current tax law has a number of provisions aimed at doing just that by supporting access to higher […]

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Their view: NCAA money machine keeps humming along

WASHINGTON — With America’s elite college football teams closing in on the playoffs to determine a national champion and a new race to basketball’s March Madness about to begin, the burning question might be (actually is) who is in charge of the keeping the huge fortune the two events produce out of the hands of […]

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Their view: Child abuse, neglect add up to trouble

It was bound to happen … and it did. After 33 years, the Texas Instruments Business Analyst II calculator that I bought as a senior in college in 1984 no longer works. Several of the digits do not illuminate on the display and, last month, it was time to say goodbye to an old friend. […]

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Their view: Let’s require our presidents to be literate

Do you agree that those in positions of authority, shaping our nation’s history, destiny and character, should be able to prove they can read and write above a sixth-grade level? Should elected officials be able to form and understand complex sentences? In a perfect world, should they be able to pass the test given to […]

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Our View: Who are the real election winners?

Tuesday’s election is over — apparently a lot of Democrats won and some Republicans as well. But you might find yourself asking: “Did the people win?” And more importantly: “Do the people ever win in these elections?” Now let me qualify all this by saying there are good elected officials out there who are trying […]

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