Their view: To cut or not to cut. That is the question

President Harry Truman was fond of saying, “Give me a one-handed economist. All of my economists say, ‘on the one hand and on the other…’” The fact that economists don’t know the specific economic outcomes that a change in policy will cause should hardly be a surprise. The complexities of our international economic system, coupled […]

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Effective student support key to online learners’ success

Online learning continues to be hot. Nationwide, colleges and universities are reporting tremendous growth in adult students taking classes online instead of working toward their degrees via the more traditional brick-and-mortar format, according to a recent study published by Aslanian Market Research. In nine short years, the profile of the adult learner has changed dramatically, […]

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Our View: Nice to see WB taking part in Pop Up trend

Diamonds to both the organizers responsible for the Pop Up Shop experiment in Wilkes-Barre and the vendors who have been participating. Extra diamonds in particular to Thursday night’s event, “Shop Pop Up for a Cause,” which not only helped draw people to the downtown shopping district but benefited Brighter Journeys, a non-profit focused on helping […]

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Their View: Markle’s royal wedding no game-changer for black women

Before it went delightfully off the rails several seasons ago, one of my favorite TV shows was “Grey’s Anatomy.” In Season 2, in 2005, the writers treated us to one of the best lines ever uttered by Ellen Pompeo, playing a lovesick Dr. Meredith Grey. While begging Derek Shepherd’s “McDreamy” to decide between her and […]

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North Korea’s latest missile launch a reality check

With the push of a button and test-launch of another intercontinental ballistic missile Tuesday night, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un raised the stakes in his mad dash to assemble a nuclear weapons arsenal. Washington, D.C., now appears in target range, or soon will be. New York, too. And of course, Chicago. The North Korean […]

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Their View: Washington Post was right to expose fake source

The Washington Post exposed a fraud this week, which is not particularly remarkable. But there was something unusual about it. Leading institutions of the American press sometimes behave as if they soar so high above the antics of partisan buffoons that it’s hardly worth acknowledging their existence, let alone their tactics. Critics might attribute that […]

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Don’t shed any tears for ousted Matt Lauer

Before we lose another moment feeling bad or sad or mad about Matt Lauer, or Charlie Rose, or Bill O’Reilly, or whatever guy next loses a high-paying job over allegations of conduct unbecoming a decent human being, could we talk about the women? Not just the women who’ve come forward to accuse these men, but […]

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Their View: Tax reform is staggeringly unpopular

Something odd is happening on Capitol Hill. It’s not odd that Republicans are pushing for a tax bill that’s tilted toward business and the wealthy. It’s a return to the argument that benefits at the top trickle down to workers in the form of more jobs and better pay. (Whether this would actually happen is […]

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Their view: The gathering clouds over Trump

WASHINGTON — As President Trump approaches the end of his first year in office, a world of potential woe awaits him. Political chaos continues in Washington, exacerbated by a round of accusations against various political figures for harassing or sexually assaulting women, a moral crisis in which Trump himself stands accused — and remains unapologetic. […]

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Their view: Floods are inevitable. Soaking taxpayers isn’t

There is a house in Spring, Texas, just outside of Houston, that has achieved a certain distinction for being flooded again and again. Over the years, reports The New York Times, it has been repaired no fewer than 19 times, costing the federal flood insurance program $912,732. Its actual value? Just $42,000. But that’s not […]

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