Their view: Republicans are repeating a reckless cycle

Since Ronald Reagan’s rise to the White House in 1980, tax cuts have been the one issue that has unified all wings of the Republican Party. According to conservative legend, Reagan’s massive first-term tax cuts led to his 49-state landslide victory in 1984. GOP tradition also holds that George H.W. Bush’s convention declaration “Read my […]

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Our View: Lots of coal for woman who pushed child

• Coal, and as much of it as you can fit in a dump truck, to child-shoving defendant Marlenea Uravage, of Nanticoke. She was recently sentenced to four to 20 months in prison for violently shoving an innocent 12-year-old girl outside a Wilkes-Barre convenience mart in May. Uravage couldn’t have handled herself in a more […]

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Their view: Coal industry shows no sign of a comeback

President Donald Trump has made clear his intention of “bringing back coal.” He has rolled back environmental regulations and moved to repeal the previous administration’s curbs on carbon emissions from power plants. Last week, adhering to a British-Canadian initiative presented at the 2017 United Nations climate change talks in Bonn, about 20 nations and regions […]

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Their view: Another teen crush leaves us

A lot of women have been posting hashtags with pictures of themselves when they were 14, in solidarity with some of Roy Moore’s accusers. The idea, I suppose, is to show how innocent a young girl can be at that age, and how horrible it is when that innocence is shattered. Given all of the […]

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Their view: A liberal goes to a Trump country Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving, another season of bracing for dinnertime conversation with your favorite right-wing uncle. Or so the shopworn liberal trope would have it. Let’s pause to imagine the other half of the story, which somehow manages to get overlooked by the media. * * * HILLSBORO, Ohio — The aroma of turkey wafts from the […]

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Their view: Trump should keep the ban on elephant trophies

Big-game hunting was once a glamorous pursuit that inspired admiration of its practitioners. Ernest Hemingway went to Africa to shoot lions, rhinoceroses, leopards and other animals. On their safaris, Theodore Roosevelt and his son killed over 500 animals, including hippos and zebras. But those days are gone. Today, to be photographed grinning over a majestic […]

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Their view: Times have changed, for politicians and press

WASHINGTON — Back in the 70s, I was attending an annual editor’s meeting when I was asked in a confidential session what I was working on. At the time, I was a managing editor for investigations for Scripps Howard Newspapers. I replied that I didn’t feel comfortable with providing many details at that point but […]

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Their view: A middle-class tax cut? Hardly

President Trump and his Republicans are still trying to sell their tax bill as a “middle class tax cut.” The middle class isn’t buying it — but that won’t stop Congress from passing some version of their plan. The GOP’s tax proposal was always going to be a hard sell. Its centerpiece is a deep […]

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Their view: Moment of reckoning for swinish behavior is here

I believe many things these days, chief among them the fact that we’re in a moment of reckoning for men who for too long have held the levers of power and assumed that gave them the right to be awful. I believe we need more women in charge, and fast. Men have had their chance […]

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Your view: Don’t allow local police to use radar

Arming local cops with radar guns, should be voted down. Despite 30 years of technological innovations, radar still suffers from the same reliability and performance issues that have made it unacceptable as evidence in a court of law. A research study states that radar cannot meet the requirements of the Daubert test, which is a […]

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