Beyond the Byline: Red, white and blue forever

WILKES-BARRE — I want to go back to those days — you know, when everybody in the neighborhood, the town and the country bled red, white and blue. Back when being a patriot was part of our DNA. It was the way we were brought up. It was a way of life. Just about every […]

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Beyond the Byline: Life or death? Speech or silence? Latter decision is easy

WILKES-BARRE — It was pretty sickening sitting in a federal courtroom for two days this week. Having to look at the autopsy photos of Eric Williams’ lifeless body — the stab wounds, the bruises, the swelling, the blood. All a result of the brutal and senseless beating given him by convicted murderer Jessie Con-ui. What […]

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AG calls for necessary funding to end backlog of untested rape kits

WILKES-BARRE — Auditor General Eugene DePasquale this week commended a statewide police accreditation commission for following a recommendation from his 2016 special report on untested rape kits. The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association’s Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Program commissioners now mandates that local law enforcement agencies must comply with the requirements of the Sexual Assault […]

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Feet to the Flood: Memories of mud and stink

WILKES-BARRE — It sure doesn’t seem like it has been 45 years since Hurricane Agnes swept away most of the memories I had of life before June 23, 1972. One look in the mirror and that reality becomes a bit more believable. The mid 1960s to that fateful June day in 1972 really are difficult […]

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Remember When: The anticipation of awaiting that first television set

In grade school, I kept hearing about a fantastic TV show called “Victory at Sea.” The kids who were following it told me it showed real World War II news film of aircraft carriers, invasions, big sea and air battles and all kinds of exciting things that our fathers and uncles had seen and done. […]

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Beyond the Byline: Even after unspeakable tragedy, life always goes on

WILKES-BARRE — The Allman Brothers Band had a song with lyrics that went, “Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can.” For some reason, I thought of those lyrics when I heard about the shootings at Weis Market in Eaton Township this week. A 24-year-old, obviously troubled man shot and killed three […]

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Barletta touts vote on bill that would roll back Dodd-Frank restrictions

U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta this week voted for legislation he says would end “too-big-to-fail,” taxpayer-funded bank bailouts, remove burdensome and duplicate regulations on small businesses, and relieve restrictions on community banks and credit unions that make it harder for people to buy cars, own homes and provide for their families. The Republican-led House approved House […]

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Remember When: Look, up in the sky! Could that speck be a flying saucer?

On an October evening in 1947, I saw a flying saucer. Well, at least I think I saw a flying saucer. What I recall is some sort of roundish object moving very slowly across the sky as I looked southward in front of our home in Wilkes-Barre. I wasn’t alone. Nearly all of our neighbors […]

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Beyond the Byline: Judy Wienckoski always has graduates’ backs

WILKES-BARRE — It’s that time of year — graduation time. Colleges and universities are holding their commencements and for the most part, they are held without incident and usually without much notice from the non-graduating families of the area. But to those families with graduates, these are the times of pride. So when your son, […]

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Beyond the Byline: Fishing fun in Canada

WILKES-BARRE — My annual fishing trip to Canada will be over by the time you’re reading this, but I wrote this before I left. Every year around the middle of May, my friends and I travel some eight hours north to Ontario to seek out walleye and pike, and we always catch fish. When I […]

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