Simple tipsfor enjoyingthe holidays

Whether Christmas hurtles like a mountain avalanche toward you as you panic over all you didn’t do, or it curls like a sated cat in the corner as you sip wine in celebration of the foresight to get it all done already, now is a good time to remember the menagerie of minutiae that regularly […]

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Their view: For Russia, let punishment fit the crime

The International Olympic Committee’s decision to ban Russia from the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea will certainly enrage and disappoint many Russians. They may point out, correctly, that sports doping and cheating exist in the West too. But what’s important this time, as multiple investigations have revealed, is that doping in Russia was a […]

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Their view: Why deregulating internet service makes sense

Everyone enjoys watching cat videos on Facebook, but hardly anyone understands Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. That’s the challenge in assessing the Trump administration’s pending decision to deregulate internet service. It’s a very important step involving complex technology questions, arcane rules and a jargony phrase that’s tossed around a lot but isn’t […]

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Solutions, not vengeance, is the way forward in ‘year of the groper’

The speed of the cultural revolution sweeping through high-profile workplaces is breathtaking: Not only are women’s accounts of being harassed, groped or sexually assaulted on the job being taken seriously, consequences are ensuing. Let’s not squander this moment. We must not respond with shrill vengeance but with constructive ideas that ensure the noxious behavior stops […]

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Their view: GOP needs to treat all taxpayers the same

This is the one thing every voter needs to remember about the federal tax reform effort, regardless of the final outcome: Republicans — including Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey — seriously supported making tax cuts for corporations, businesses and the rich permanent while making cuts for the overwhelming majority of Americans temporary. Forget the argument that […]

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Their view: A little nap now and then is heavenly

The secret of adult life — lean in closely now — is that you don’t have to stay awake for everything. And this isn’t true only in the gentle twilight after a holiday meal. On non-holidays, it’s especially true in those interminable midafternoon meetings at work. As colleagues or guests drone on in dimly lit, […]

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Our view: Mayor should share increase in health care

It’s a bit ironic that Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tony George got a 30 percent increase on the cost of large city garbage bags put into next year’s budget. No matter how much residents pay, they can’t get rid of the trash he created by unnecessarily boosting the cost of his own tax-funded health insurance. As Jerry […]

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Their view: The case for the 3-year bachelor’s degree

The basic cause of America’s student-loan crisis is no mystery: College tuition and fees continue to soar while the earnings of recent graduates remain flat. It shouldn’t be surprising that there’s also a straightforward way to lower the cost of a college degree: Reduce the amount of time it takes to earn one. The U.S.’s […]

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Their view: Democrats must confront mistreatment of women

Though Republicans have been on the political hot seat because of credible allegations about sexual assault, child predation and harassment hanging over Alabama’s Roy Moore and the U.S. Senate seat he wants, only Democrats can turn what feels like a moment into a movement. For that to happen, they will have to do something they […]

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Our view: Harrisburg needs to fix municipal government system

The Pennsylvania Economy League performed a valuable, if thankless, job in gauging the level of financial distress for 2,388 local governments statewide. “Valuable” because this is exactly the kind of tedious number crunching needed to expose weaknesses not only in individual municipalities, but in the whole antiquated municipal government system used in Pennsylvania. “Thankless” because […]

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