Their view: The risk confronting NFL owners and players alike

Pitched battles between owners and players in professional sports can leave lasting scars on both sides. Remember the National Football League strike in 1987? Sports columnists derided the season as a sham. Striking players lost a combined $80 million, and owners suffered from a drop in ratings and gate receipts. And there was the 1994 […]

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Their view: ‘Dangerous’ doctors have no place within the VA

When someone signs up to serve in the U.S. military, that person goes in with eyes open knowing they might be sent to a foreign field, unfriendly waters, or dangerous skies. These are our bravest citizens, and they go through extensive training. Still, once deployed they are never absolutely certain what challenge, obstacle or life-and-death […]

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Their view: The JFK papers will be fodder for conspiracy theorists

His presidency was brief — two years, 10 months, two days. Yet the life and murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy still fascinate Americans 53 years after shots rang out on Dealey Plaza. Later this month, a trove of secret documents related to JFK’s assassination is slated to be released by the National Archives. What those […]

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Their view: Even the NRA sees a problem with bump stocks

We’re relieved congressional Republicans appear ready to consider a limited form of gun control: banning the bump stock, the rapid-firing device used in the Las Vegas massacre. We’re stunned the National Rifle Association seems to agree. What a significant moment this could be, in the wake of a horrendous criminal act, for the national conversation […]

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Our view: Don’ t miss out on the best show of the season

It’s time for Pennsylvania’s perennial parade of the autumnal pallet, the Keystone cavalcade of colors, the fabulous fiesta of fall foliage. Get out your maps and gas up the car, or pump up the bicycle tires, or lace up the walking shoes — or all three — and get ready to get outside as often […]

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Our view: A fitting tribute for cycling enthusiast

Diamonds to Leigh Pawling and everyone at Wet Paint in Wilkes-Barre for memorializing the late bicycle business man Tom Jones. Pawling painted a picture of Jones onto the side of the Wet Paint building, where he joined a group of two dimensional cyclist forever on the road in a sweeping mural. This space paid homage […]

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Their view: The Iran nuclear deal is working. No need for Trump’s touch.

President Donald Trump has a penchant for speaking to international audiences as if he’s addressing a campaign rally. He has boasted in phone calls to world leaders about the size of his adoring crowds and how big his Electoral College victory margin was. No surprise, then, that his speech before the U.N. General Assembly last […]

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Our view: At long last, school funding heads to court

To be blunt, it’s about time. There is a scene in the musical 1776, when the Continental Congress is voting on whether or not to debate independence. Road Island representative Stephen Hopkins, played with crusty glee in the movie by Roy Poole, comes back from “the privy” to find the vote deadlocked, with his choice […]

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Our view: Dallas parents deserving of diamonds

Diamonds to Dallas School District parents for making their own voices heard in the bitter battle for a teachers contract. As teachers picketed nearby in the latest strike, more than 30 parents created their own “picket line” outside the district administration office Friday morning calling for compromise from the school board and the teachers union, […]

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Their view: The flag and anthem represent civil rights

The American flag and national anthem were sacred symbols of hope for pioneering black civil rights leaders who fought for racial justice. Five months before giving his patriotic “I Have a Dream” speech in August 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. led marchers 54 miles from Selma, Ala., to the state capitol in Montgomery. The march […]

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