Their view: Putin’s next term could be even more dangerous

Vladimir Putin was reported to have won 76.7 percent of the vote in Russia’s presidential election, more than anyone in the post-Soviet era. But the show of popular support his regime orchestrated for itself was less impressive than it looked. Turnout, at 67.5 percent, was below the 70 percent goal the Kremlin set for itself, […]

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Our View: Like a great coach, Trump learning what he needs to win

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil’s visit to town Friday for the Greater Wilkes-Barre Friendly Sons of St. Patrick dinner got us thinking — of all things — about the current rate of turnover in the Trump administration. Not a readily apparent parallel, we know. But let us explain. When Vermeil took over the […]

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Our view: Sterling site needs to be done right

And just like that, a debate that faded should be renewed. The question may be changing, but it is no less important. We used to asked what should be put in the space once housed by the Hotel Sterling. Now the question is starting to look like what will be put there? Staff writer Jerry […]

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Our view: Wilkes deserves credit for joining Red Flag Campaign

Diamonds to Wilkes University for participation in the national Red Flag Campaign designed to raise awareness about intimate partner violence. It may seem like a small thing when the first visible sign of the campaign is little flags dotting the campus landscape, but this is a big issue. At least one study found one in […]

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Their view: Trump was right, Tillerson had to go

Rex Tillerson went rogue, constantly disagreed with the man who hired him and reportedly called him a “moron” — an “(expletive) moron,” actually. The secretary of state’s boss did what aggrieved bosses do — fired him, by tweet, of course. That Tillerson stayed as long as he did in the Trump administration is nothing short […]

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Their view: Truth is a casualty at ICE

The top official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whose stock in trade is tough-guy double-speak on deportation, occasionally wanders into the territory of outlandish falsehoods, often in the service of the idea that Americans should be very afraid. That was the case last month when Thomas Homan, ICE’s deputy director (and, in the absence of […]

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Their view: Florida gun law should be the model

President Donald Trump on Monday offered a disappointing plan aimed at reducing gun violence in the nation’s schools. It isn’t enough. The states, including Missouri and Kansas, must step in to reduce the threat to all Americans. There were some good ideas in the president’s plan. Trump supports improved background checks for some gun purchases, […]

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Our view: Latest school choice bill as flawed as others

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association reported Friday that school boards of 100 districts — 20 percent of Pennsylvania’s total — adopted resolutions opposing the implementation of “Education Savings Accounts” in the Commonwealth. Locally, Northwest Area was the lone Luzerne County district on the PSBA list of those passing such a resolution so far. PSBA has […]

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Our view: Are we getting best use out of river area?

Gerald Reisinger raised an important and often overlooked debate that should be more frequently and broadly conducted throughout Wyoming Valley: Are we utilizing the Susquehanna River and its often bucolic banks to best advantage? “They are sitting on a tremendous historical park,” the Kingston resident told reporter Jennifer Learn-Andes for a story in last Sunday’s […]

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Our view: St. Patrick’s parades earn our praise

Diamonds to all those involved in the parade of St. Patrick’s Day parades now unfolding in our region. Granted, the green can get a little grating, the partiers can get too rowdy in public and the silliness of so much excess over one day a year can wear on you. But the parades can be […]

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