Their view: Meaning of SPP? Not really much

The fifth and final installment of Pennsylvania’s “School Performance Profile” scores was released with about as much real meaning as the first set of numbers publicized in 2013. To wit: Not much. A bit if history is not only important, but in order, and the reason is simple: It is precisely the recurring lack of […]

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Their view: Thanks to Pens, NEPA’s cup runneth over

Diamonds to the National Hockey League, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and everyone else involved in bringing the NHL’s Stanley Cup to the F. M. Kirby Center on Wednesday. Yes, it was a copy of the original created specifically for such tours, and yes the event was only open to WB/S Penguins season ticket holders, but it […]

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Their view: Before another Vegas, ban high-capacity magazines

In Jan. 17, 1989, a gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle fired more than 100 rounds at an elementary school in Stockton, Calif., killing five children and wounding 30 people. President George H.W. Bush responded by stopping the import of dozens of models of semi-automatic rifles and proposing a ban on the sale of magazines […]

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Their view: Sessions’ plan for immigration courts would undermine their integrity

Attorney General Jeff Sessions decried the state of the immigration courts in remarks Oct. 12 before the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review, lamenting “rampant abuse and fraud” in asylum applications. As part of Sessions’ push for an overhaul of the immigration system, the department also plans to begin evaluating immigration judges on the […]

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Their view: US involvement is not helping to build peace

The progressively less fruitful U.S. involvement in Somalia, in East Africa, has continued in the past week. A visit by the U.S. military commander for Africa to Mogadishu was followed days later by an enormous truck bomb attack that killed more than 320 people, conveying a message to Somalis and Americans. U.S. military involvement in […]

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Their opinion: Time for a less hacker-friendly Social Security system

Last month’s announcement by Equifax that its consumer-credit database suffered a catastrophic hacking attack meant that nearly half of all Americans had their Social Security numbers and vital financial information exposed to theft. The threat of massive-scale identity theft is very real. Equifax is only the latest of multiple, large-scale data-hacking incidents. It’s time for […]

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Opinion: Don’t let Sessions turn back the clock on medical marijuana

How ironic is it that conservatives who routinely criticize the federal government’s allegedly heavy-handed intrusions into state and local affairs seem to have no problem with such interventions when the overreach happens to advance policies dear to their own hearts? This year we’ve seen a lot of this kind of back-and-forth, including the Trump administration’s […]

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Their view: The risk confronting NFL owners and players alike

Pitched battles between owners and players in professional sports can leave lasting scars on both sides. Remember the National Football League strike in 1987? Sports columnists derided the season as a sham. Striking players lost a combined $80 million, and owners suffered from a drop in ratings and gate receipts. And there was the 1994 […]

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Their view: ‘Dangerous’ doctors have no place within the VA

When someone signs up to serve in the U.S. military, that person goes in with eyes open knowing they might be sent to a foreign field, unfriendly waters, or dangerous skies. These are our bravest citizens, and they go through extensive training. Still, once deployed they are never absolutely certain what challenge, obstacle or life-and-death […]

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Their view: The JFK papers will be fodder for conspiracy theorists

His presidency was brief — two years, 10 months, two days. Yet the life and murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy still fascinate Americans 53 years after shots rang out on Dealey Plaza. Later this month, a trove of secret documents related to JFK’s assassination is slated to be released by the National Archives. What those […]

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