Their view: Obamacare is proving hard to kill

Despite the best efforts of the president and the Republican-controlled Congress, the Affordable Care Act is proving extremely difficult to kill. A record number of people have signed up for health insurance through the Washington state exchange during this fall’s ACA enrollment period. About 230,000 people have signed up so far—an incredible 35 percent increase […]

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Their view: Twitter’s haphazard purge

Neo-Nazis are no longer welcome on Twitter – or, at least, some are not. That is the murky message the social media platform has so far sent in enforcing its new rules to reduce hateful and abusive content. Twitter announced the policy change in November and started suspending violators this month. Executives are right that […]

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Their view: A new frontier of cruelty on the border?

Families and unaccompanied children detained at the Mexican border are often fleeing horrific conditions in Central American countries, especially El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, where violent gangs, drug trafficking and rampant criminality contribute to some of the world’s highest murder rates. Now the Trump administration, alarmed at the recent surge in border crossers, is considering […]

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Poem’s sentimentrings true nearly200 years later

’Tis the night before Christmas and, well, let’s admit, there’s a lot in Clement Clarke Moore’s famous poem that feels at least quaint and often obsolete beyond recognition to most people in the age of artificial intelligence. “A Visit from St. Nicholas” was, after all, first published in 1823. America still used canals to transport […]

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Their view: An open letter to alien life forms on Earth

Dear aliens, You may have been amused by a recent news story about the latest chapter in America’s long, futile, semi-secret, widely mocked efforts to unmask you, to prove that your spaceships have been hovering, darting and befuddling fighter pilots with impossible aerobatics for decades. The latest episode, revealed in The New York Times: The […]

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Our view: Mel, you taught us much in a short time

This paper publishes many stories of the struggles caused by death of a loved one, made harder close to a holiday. This week, the Times Leader copes with a loss of its own, as reporter Melanie Mizenko passed away after a valiant, upbeat struggle against cancer. It’s a blow to her family and ours, and […]

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Their view: The GOP’s fairy tale of voter fraud

Shortly before Virginia’s elections last month, we asked the three Republicans on the statewide ballot — Ed Gillespie, the gubernatorial candidate; Jill Vogel, the lieutenant gubernatorial candidate; and John Adams, the attorney general candidate — if they believed voter fraud was rampant in the state. None gave a straightforward answer; all three mentioned the isolated […]

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Their view: ‘The Nutcraker’ a real gem for area chidlren

In an age when everyone seems to have a smart phone sewn to their palms and most kids are exposed to screens for almost every waking moment, there is a refreshing sight that goes largely unseen each year in Wilkes-Barre, an event that shows kids today are the same — or at least can be […]

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Simple tipsfor enjoyingthe holidays

Whether Christmas hurtles like a mountain avalanche toward you as you panic over all you didn’t do, or it curls like a sated cat in the corner as you sip wine in celebration of the foresight to get it all done already, now is a good time to remember the menagerie of minutiae that regularly […]

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Their view: For Russia, let punishment fit the crime

The International Olympic Committee’s decision to ban Russia from the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea will certainly enrage and disappoint many Russians. They may point out, correctly, that sports doping and cheating exist in the West too. But what’s important this time, as multiple investigations have revealed, is that doping in Russia was a […]

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