Our view: Stilp turning his light on flag flap

If it were anybody else, it would be easy to dismiss as a gimmick, a cheap shot for a viral web video. Sew a Confederate flag and a Nazi flag together and burn them in public? C’mon, what’s your angle? But it’s not anybody else, it is Wilkes-Barre native Gene Stilp. And while Stilp has […]

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Our view: Ciavarella is the king of denial

Mark Ciavarella had every right to appeal the conviction that put him in jail for the last six years, and — if not overturned — will keep him there another 22. That doesn’t make him right when he claims he shouldn’t be where he is. Ciavarella has been the master of denial since the moment […]

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Our View: Diamonds for preserving a county gem

Diamonds to Luzerne County Administrator C. David Pedri and staff for securing contract work for restoration of the county courthouse interior. Additional kudos for a contract that enforces a tight timeline by fining the contractor $250 for every day work exceeding a March 9 deadline. Yes, $2.1 million is a lot of money, but the […]

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Their view: Ayers left a legacy for us all

It is not something a media steeped in print wants to admit, but sometimes, it really feels as if there are no words; or at least, that even the best chosen words cannot adequately convey a loss. Such is the case with the latest area native gone too soon: Dr. Douglas Ayers, who succumbed to […]

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Our view: Health care giants investing heavily in the area

It’s been pretty obvious, yet most people may not have noticed it. And while it could just be coincidence, it has a serious whiff of deliberate action/counteraction. Regardless, it is almost certainly a good thing for this area. Wyoming Valley’s two health care behemoths have been making major announcements within days of each other. They […]

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Their view: Let 9/11 continue to bring out best in us all

For a very long time, and hopefully forever, on Sept. 11 Americans will hold the memory of tragedy and loss, of awakening to the global reach of terrorism, and of heroism. This is fitting, but it is worth remembering Sept. 12, and Sept. 13 and Sept. 14, and the days and months and years that […]

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Our view: Time to learn the lessons of floods past

As Texas struggles with the costly recovery from Hurricane Harvey and Florida gets clobbered by Hurricane Irma, it is worth revisiting what this area has done since Hurricane Agnes retaught residents the lesson of calamitous weather, a lesson reinforced by Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. There are many pieces to the flood puzzle in any […]

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Our Opinion: Despite progress, “It’s on Us PA” bills still earn support

If you are tired of hearing about efforts to curb sexual violence in schools and college campuses, you either aren’t really listening or are missing a key point. This issue keeps coming up because, despite positive changes in recent years, it remains unresolved. Yes, when Gov. Tom Wolf gathered Wednesday with legislators and advocates to […]

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Our view: Take a bite out of the Luzerne County Fair

C’mon, how can you not go to this year’s Luzerne County Fair? They’ve got sharks! Everybody knows how popular sharks are these days, just look at all those loopy movies: Sharknado, Dinoshark, Ghost shark, Megashark, Super Shark, Sand Sharks, Swamp Shark, Snow Sharks, Sharktopus. Then there’s ABC TV’s popular “Shark Tank” and the whole-hearted hype […]

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Their view: Congress should strike a deal on child care

Congress returns to Washington this week to a meat grinder: In short order, members must raise the debt ceiling, pass a budget (to avoid a government shutdown) and deliver emergency relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. So it might seem unrealistic to suggest that they strike a bipartisan deal on child-care tax credits. Yet […]

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