Our view: General, Geisinger earn praise

Diamonds to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital for earning level II trauma center accreditation. The region has increased trauma service overall in the past decade or more, but the addition of another center ready to handle the life-threatening cases that become all to common in our high-speed, high-risk world is surely a positive. The work involved in […]

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Our view: Costello’s tours a step in right direction

Say what you will about Wilkes-Barre Area School District Superintendent Brian Costello, he just did something that appears unprecedented for a man in his post, in any local district. And he’s promised to keep doing it. On three consecutive evenings, Costello hosted three separate “community meetings,” one at each of the district’s three trouble-plagued high […]

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Our view: Some safety tips for drivers as students go back to school

At this point, school is in session for all but three school districts set to launch classes post Labor Day. Despite the fact that the fundamental advice is the same each year, it is worth reiterating the importance of safe and smart road habits at the start and end of each school day. Tens of […]

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Our view: Tom Jones’ passing a loss to whole region

Almost any avid cyclist will tell you that for every moment of aggravation, every curse at a car that pointlessly passes too close or honks angrily, for every hole you swerve around and every hole you jarringly hit, there are instances of unrivaled calm, of peace at the quiet you feel on an empty country […]

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Our view: WBA dropped the ball on stadium issue

There is little doubt that watching the sad deterioration of Wilkes-Barre Area School District’s high school buildings has become as excruciating as watching a train wreck in very slow motion. Or maybe, more exactly, it is like watching a time-lapse video of paint peeling, of masonry crumbling, and of steel rusting. Those who spoke at […]

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Our view: Diamonds to celebration of eclipse, coal to pension-raiding plan

Diamonds to area institutions and organizations that held solar eclipse events Monday. Despite the fact that Luzerne County was well beyond the path of totality, this first-time-in-a-century event deserved the attention given. Youngsters in particular deserved a chance to share the experience, donning those funky cardboard glasses with the silvery lenses and seeing just how […]

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Our view: Failure at River Common fountain exposes ineptitude

Sure, it’s easy to see how it could happen. Maybe you rushed out of the house late for work leaving an old toilet running because that flap valve didn’t flop down quite right, or a faucet dripping because that old tap handle seems to spring back an eighth of a turn if you forget to […]

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Our view: Remember education never stops

The return to school is in full swing, and before you rush to check your calendar while grumbling you were sure your kids didn’t go back until next week or even after Labor Day, in this case “school” means elementary, high school and college. Think of them all as one continuum, not as separate stages […]

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Their view: The true genius of comedian Jerry Lewis

For more than four decades, Jerry Lewis united Americans in an annual experience so communal and without strife that it’s hard to imagine now. Lewis was a talented comedian and a successful filmmaker. Some consider him a genius, and in the realm of physical comedy, he was. But for many, hearing of his passing Sunday, […]

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Our view: Eclipse should remind us of unity

Tomorrow many American’s will look up. It seems like a long time since that happened, literally and figuratively. Using protective eyewear, millions will take a gander at a solar eclipse. Others will opt to watch a more protected view on TV screens. A lot of us will have to simply sense it as we work, […]

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