Your view: NFL players disrespect our fallen heroes

I could not have helped noticing that on the very same day that the Fort Jenkins Bridge in Pittston was renamed the Dale Kridlo Bridge, many players in the NFL knelt during the playing of our national anthem. Dale Kridlo was killed in action in Afghanistan, and the millionaire bums showed their disrespect by spitting […]

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Your view: Troubling times indeed

The headline on Monday’s sports section should read: Vice President Mike Pence protests free speech by leaving Colts-49s game. He exited the stadium apparently overwhelmed and unable to process the peaceful demonstration and expression of discontent from his fellow Americans. It is his right. Meanwhile, the nation is trying to process the worst mass shooting […]

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Your view: Thanks and appreciation for the surgical tech

Last month, we celebrated another vital member of the health care team. Although most people have no recollection of the many members of a surgical team, each plays a vital role to a successful surgical outcome. Please allow me to introduce a critical member of that team — the surgical tech. Picture an operating room. […]

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Your view: Technology having negative effect on youth

In 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. For 90 minutes, he explained why the iPad was the best way to look at photos, take classes on iTunes, Facebook, listen to music, play games and navigate thousands of apps. Jobs advocated that everyone should own an iPad. Why did he and other tech giants refuse to […]

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Your view: Take a knee in prayer, not in protest

Take a little trip to Valley Forge in January. Hold a musket ball in your fingers and imagine it piercing your flesh and breaking a bone or two. Then take a knee. Then take a knee to Normandy where man after American man stormed the beach, even as the one in front of him was […]

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Your view: Time to take a stand on national anthem

If the vicious, traitorous football players still refuse to stand for the national anthem and the liberal, hippie NFL owners refuse to fire these malcontent players, then it is the duty of all Americans to boycott the NFL. Burn your jerseys and walk out of the stadium as our president advises. Only liberal, flag-hating, anti-American, […]

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Your view: Congress ignoring effects of global warming

As Congress proposes a $1.5 trillion tax cut, which they say will be paid by hypothetical “future” economic growth, it should consider this: Hurricane Harvey’s damage is expected to cost Texas around $180 billion dollars. Irma is expected to cost Florida $50 billion. Wildfires in the west, to date, cost $2 billion in 2017. This […]

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Your view: WBA ignores impact of its decisions

It has been reported that the Wilkes-Barre Area School District is near the bottom of 500 school districts in student achievement scores and at the very bottom of countywide SAT scores. But we are second statewide in truancy rates, topped only by Harrisburg School District. Could boredom or relevancy be part of the problem? One […]

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Your view: Thanks to first responders, staff at St. Luke’s

We would like to offer our sincere heartfelt thanks to supervisory and working staff at St. Luke’s Villa for all their efforts. On Friday September 8 at noon, we experienced a fire on the 3rd floor. Automatic sprinklers did their job . Lack of power to elevators, lights, telephone and many other functions were prevalent. […]

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Your view: Environment must be protected

Here we are in September with the Pennsylvania budget still unfinished. While I am not surprised by this lack of progress, I am concerned that some of our elected officials have been willing to include devastating anti-environmental legislation in budget bills to date. Specifically, the state Senate proposed a number of bills that put our […]

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