Your view: Speak out against work-zone speed cameras

State HB 1748 calls for speed cameras in highway work zones in order to gain a predictable flood of revenue into Harrisburg. The premise of HB 1748 is false: there is no epidemic of speeding and no crisis of highway workers being mowed down by crazed drivers run amok. The fact is that 25 percent […]

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Your view: Don’t forget other victims of evil

It’s Sept. 11, 9/11 as it is more commonly known by this generation. The newspapers, the news channels, and yes, our Facebook pages, will all be filled with stories recalling that horrific early fall morning when the innocence of our world was forever stripped away by an act of violence, born of hatred. It is […]

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Your view: Support bill to stop slaughtering of horses

Every year 100,000 American horses are inhumanely trucked long distances across our borders without food, water or rest and are slaughtered. The meat is shipped to other countries for human consumption. Due to the biology and nature of horses, these animals often sustain repeated blows or remain conscious during the killing process. Young, old, wild […]

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Your view: Graduated income tax is way to go

The elimination of the corporate Capital Stock and Franchise Tax is the principal cause of Pennsylvania’s current budget deficit. Borrowing against future revenue, increasing taxes on utility bills and cutting medical benefits for the poor is not a longterm solution to the state’s financial condition. The adoption of a flexible graduated income tax for school […]

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Your view: Country must return to God

America has become an apathetic nation. An apathetic nation is a cynical one, a nation whose people simply don’t care anymore. American democracy is being threatened by an apathetic populace that has weakened our government by acquiring entitlements and benefits that can lead to economic collapse. Is our democracy entering into this historical pattern? According […]

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Your view: Tips to deal with a burglary

The Wilkes- Barre Crime Watch would like to suggest residents follow these simple steps, so if they should become a burglary victim, they would be able to quickly describe their stolen property. The program is called Operation I.D. Make a list of all serial numbers on valuables and electronics. Mark property or valuables with an […]

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Your view: Fountain debacle a sad state of affairs

I am writing this letter in regard to your recent editorial concerning the Millennium Park fountain. The ability of the county manager and his division heads to simply brush this off is unacceptable. This issue cost the taxpayers over $50,000, which could have went to a new Division Street Bridge, to fix the steam boiler […]

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Your view: Investigation into prison deaths needed

On Aug. 22, I made a motion during the voting session of the Luzerne County Council to initiate the investigative powers of council, as provided in Section 2.09 B9 of the Luzerne County Home Rule Charter. The council majority did not support my motion. This is serious because the events leading to the deaths of […]

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Your view: Letter writer wrong about Confederate statues

In an Aug. 24 letter to the editor, Mark Kahn presents a revisionist view of the causes of the Civil War in arguing against removal of Confederate “heroes’” statues. I have neither space nor time to refute his errors, and the question is rather beside the point. Whatever sparked the war, by the end it […]

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Your view: Take a history lesson before tearing down statues

As a Civil War re-enactor and history teacher, I am disgusted with the ignorance of so many people who feel they must tear down statues of Americans. Every time a Confederate statue is moved or comes down, it is a statue of an American. The American Civil War happened. It is a fact and cannot […]

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