Your view: Some question for Pa.’s legislators

Pennsylvania legislators, please answer my questions. Why have my county taxes increased again and again? Why am I paying for a levee fee, which now has been increased? W hy whatever utility company requests a rate increase to the PUC it’s granted? Why are you all at a standstill about increasing the minimum wage? Why […]

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Your view: End gerrymandering congressional districts

I’m a registered Republican who has friends that voted for President Donald Trump. They felt we needed someone to “shake up” Washington — a businessman who could get things done and make deals. They believed his promises, instead of using critical thinking and studying his past behaviors. They knew he was disrespectful and dishonest because […]

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Your view: Time for Trump to be ‘normal’

As a veteran I am concerned with the chaos our commander-in-tweets creates with his childlike tweets. How can our military put faith in him when he continually tweets out ridiculous accusations and false information and questions advice from his generals? How can we believe what he says? Many tweets are designed to deflect criticism of […]

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Your view: A chance for mementos from Meyers

I have been reading about the impending closure of Meyers High School, and I started to wonder what will become of many parts of the building. Would there be any interest in removing the beautiful marble that graces the entrances and having it cut into memento-sized pieces for sale to former Mohawks? If some of […]

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Your view: Don’t let WBA board walk away from Meyers

Is there anyone associated with the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board or city administration that realizes the impact — beyond loss of revenue — of blighted properties? A Times Leader story reported data on blighted properties that does not apply to Wilkes-Barre. But if a similar study were done in the city, the many blighted and […]

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Your view: State should adopt graduate income tax

Pennsylvania needs to update its tax code and provide for revenue collection by amending the state’s constitution to adopt a new tax and abolish the present unfair taxes, including property taxes. The new tax should be a graduated income tax based on the ability to pay. There is no justification for continuing to unfairly tax […]

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Your view: Trump’s Poland trip was triumphant

Our president has returned from a triumphant visit to Poland. There was such an outpouring for our commander-in-chief. In his speech, President Donald Trump mentioned where Pope John Paul II was in his homeland before a crowd of one million people and was asked, “What do our Polish people want.” They answered, “We want God! […]

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Your view: Splitting hairs on tax credits, subsidies

Government subsidy or tax credit? What’s the difference? If you are eligible for a subsidy to help pay for your healthcare premium, the government pays that amount to the insurer and you pay the difference. If you are eligible for a healthcare tax credit, it means that you have paid the total healthcare premium to […]

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Your view: Take care of medians on Highland Park Boulevard, Mundy Street

While driving to shopping areas this weekend, I was struck by the lack of attention given to the medians on Highland Park Boulevard and Mundy Street. The weeds are terribly overgrown, which makes the area look trashy. It would be a great idea to maintain those areas and make them look first class. Go to […]

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Your view: Abortion shouldn’t be a choice

A lovely very sophisticated woman was on TV the other day, and they were discussing the most important issues between the Democrats and the Republicans. She did not hesitate. She proudly announced that a woman’s right to choose was by far the most important issue to the Democrats. What a lovely euphemism. A woman’s right […]

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