Their view: Child abuse, neglect add up to trouble

It was bound to happen … and it did. After 33 years, the Texas Instruments Business Analyst II calculator that I bought as a senior in college in 1984 no longer works. Several of the digits do not illuminate on the display and, last month, it was time to say goodbye to an old friend. […]

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Their view: Let’s require our presidents to be literate

Do you agree that those in positions of authority, shaping our nation’s history, destiny and character, should be able to prove they can read and write above a sixth-grade level? Should elected officials be able to form and understand complex sentences? In a perfect world, should they be able to pass the test given to […]

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Our View: Who are the real election winners?

Tuesday’s election is over — apparently a lot of Democrats won and some Republicans as well. But you might find yourself asking: “Did the people win?” And more importantly: “Do the people ever win in these elections?” Now let me qualify all this by saying there are good elected officials out there who are trying […]

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Their view: Trump’s dubious claim on gun control

President Donald Trump has quickly shut the door on increased gun control in response to the mass shooting at a Texas church on Sunday. And on Tuesday he made a highly specific — and highly dubious — claim that will turn heads. During a news conference in Seoul, Trump was asked whether he might want […]

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Their view: American: We have to stop here and turn it around

When do we stop? I mean, when do we, the people of the United States of America, stop what we’re doing in our daily lives to recognize that the country is going fully in the wrong direction with guns and violence, and with almost no political leadership willing to counter it? When do we stop […]

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Our view: Give points to Trump on JFK files

As hopefully more than 25 percent of registered voters head to the polls today to decide a lot of municipal contests, it’s an appropriate time to mark the shocking electoral upset pulled off exactly one year ago Wednesday by our now 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Love him or hate him, just about everyone must […]

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Their view: Losers in GOP’s tax plan can afford the loss

It says something about the politics of tax reform that some of the best parts of the new Republican bill are its most politically vulnerable. Tax cuts are easier to enact because they produce only winners — at least if you put any resulting deficits out of mind, as a lot of people do. Reform […]

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Their view: Why we cling to clothes we never wear

We buy shoes we don’t wear, wear shoes we don’t like and have — buried at the bottom of a drawer — a cute bra that no longer fits. This is true even if we are men. Well, some men. If we are other men, what we have at the bottom of the drawer, usually […]

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Their view: Mussari taught us about the good in America

“Few will have the greatness to change history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events by standing up for an ideal, and sending out a tiny ripple of hope,” said Robert F. Kennedy, a U.S. senator who became an icon of modern American liberalism. Anthony Mussari, of Dallas, who […]

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Their view: Selective outrage about Kevin Spacey

I first saw Kevin Spacey in an old crime series called “Wiseguy.” It was about three decades ago, and he played a character who had biblical knowledge of his sister, who obligingly shot him full of heroin through his big toe. I was enchanted. I followed his burgeoning career, through two Oscars and an Emmy-winning […]

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