Our Opinion: Self-policing would allow teachers to heighten their profession’s reputation

On World Teachers’ Day this Wednesday, let’s acknowledge that we are lucky to have so many professionals in area classrooms who effectively convey to students both knowledge and character. Let’s also admit that within the teaching ranks lurk some duds and a few horribly bad apples. The “educators” who fall into the latter category probably […]

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Our Opinion: Newspapers cover the issues close to (your) home

Thank goodness for the newspaper. Frequently the “big news” of most concern to you isn’t the sort of happening that causes broadcast reporters from CNN or other national outlets to rush to your neighborhood. Consider, for instance, the closure of a single middle school due to concerns about mold. If you are a producer for […]

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Our Opinion: Colleges in NEPA could devise their own ranking system

Would it be a good idea to … … have colleges and universities devise their own rating system? It is surely an odd notion, one that would have been moot a decade or two ago. Why should anyone trust institutions routinely competing with each other to come up with a system to help prospective students […]

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Our Opinion: Don’t count on next president to cure all; do your part to make things ‘great’

Despite his repeated assurances, Donald Trump won’t make things great for you. And as surely as the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign bluster cannot be believed, neither should you give credence to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s ability to perk up Northeastern Pennsylvania with abundant job opportunities. She told a Scranton audience last month that “we are going […]

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Our Opinion: Unsolved deaths in Luzerne County get renewed attention they deserve

Diamonds to state police “cold case” investigators. They intend to take a renewed look in Luzerne County at four unsolved deaths that occurred between 1970 and 1980, which, at the time, were either ruled homicides or thought to be highly suspicious. The victims’ bodies are expected to be exhumed next week from two area cemeteries, […]

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Our Opinion: Don’t be so quick to scrap plan for Back Mountain unified policing

One for all, and all for … oh, forget about it. Another worthwhile attempt in Luzerne County to improve police protection – by having nearby communities combine their efforts, or regionalize – appears to have fizzled. This time, the nonstarter of a notion involved a half-dozen municipalities in the Back Mountain area. The collapse of […]

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Our Opinion: Opioid crisis in Pennsylvania requires action now – not after Election Day

As an incentive to work quickly, state lawmakers in Harrisburg can focus during September and October on this number: 10. That’s how many Pennsylvanians, on average, lose their lives each day as a result of opioid abuse. Passing laws to help slow the alarming pace of fatalities from heroin and opioid overdoses – and to […]

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Our Opinion: Should cat owners cough up yearly license fee?

Would it be a good idea to … … require that people buy licenses for their cats? A reader from Courtdale proposes that Luzerne County collect fees for felines, just as it does for dogs. “Maybe that will control the amount of cats that are allowed to roam free and spread germs – rabies, etc.,” […]

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Our Opinion: Give school districts their day in (Commonwealth) court

Attorneys representing parents and Pennsylvania school districts – including Wilkes-Barre Area – appeared before the state Supreme Court on Tuesday to argue for judicial intervention in the school-funding debate. In Luzerne County – where public school districts have cut programs, halved kindergarten, and attempted to switch to four-day school weeks – this case matters. The […]

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Our Opinion: Volunteer builders in Kingston reflect best of community spirit

Diamonds to the volunteer builders of a Kingston family’s new wheelchair ramp. Donnie Evans, owner of an area roof-cleaning business, spotted a Facebook post in which the family appealed for help with this project, aimed at helping Fred Whitesell access the home. Whitesell is coping with cancer and other maladies, a family member said. Several […]

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