Their view: Moment of reckoning for swinish behavior is here

I believe many things these days, chief among them the fact that we’re in a moment of reckoning for men who for too long have held the levers of power and assumed that gave them the right to be awful. I believe we need more women in charge, and fast. Men have had their chance […]

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Your view: Don’t allow local police to use radar

Arming local cops with radar guns, should be voted down. Despite 30 years of technological innovations, radar still suffers from the same reliability and performance issues that have made it unacceptable as evidence in a court of law. A research study states that radar cannot meet the requirements of the Daubert test, which is a […]

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Their view: Bible offers no excuse for Moore

It’s funny how you can spend your whole life thinking you’re an expert in something and then-bam!-find out you’re wrong. For example, I’m a Catholic born and bred, and can recite most prayers backward, forward and in Latin, but I had no idea until this past week that the Virgin Mary met St. Joseph in […]

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Our View: We’ll be here to serve you for years to come

For Civitas Media, the Times Leader Media Group is the only game in town. And that’s a very good thing. You see, Civitas Media owns the Times Leader Media Group, which comprises the Times Leader, Sunday Dispatch of Pittston, Dallas Post, Abington Journal and Weekender. Civitas, a portfolio company of Philadelphia-based private equity investment firm […]

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Our View: Conversation about voting machine upgrades overdue

Diamonds to Luzerne County Election Director Marisa Crispell for being up-front and transparent about issues with electronic voting machines. For old-timers, hearing the machines purchased in 2006 are already showing their age is likely further proof they just don’t make things the way they used to, particularly considering those antique manual booths they replaced seemed […]

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Hararssment goes beyond the famous

With each new allegation that yet another powerful man harassed or abused his colleagues, I find myself thinking about the women we’re not hearing from. I don’t mean the third or eighth or 20th actress who declines — for whatever reason — to add her voice to the chorus against a predatory producer or creepy […]

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Their View: Technology is changing the truck driver landscape

There seems to be a disconnect between the shortage of long-haul truck drivers and the number of people who are currently unemployed. Even in a period of rapid job growth, a steady job that requires only a high school education, while providing a relatively good salary and benefits, should attract workers. Long-distance truck drivers earn […]

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Our View: Using county windfall to pay pension is the smart move

It’s not an easy thing to swallow. Luzerne County is expecting an impressive $11.6 million windfall through one-time receipts. A property tax increase is under consideration. Yet the advice residents are hearing: Don’t use any of the $11.6 million to avoid the tax hike. Yet the advice is sound, and should be followed. This is […]

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Our View: You can say it’s too early for Christmas talk, but …

Let’s be honest, it ain’t exactly Rockefeller Center. Even after they add and fire up the lights, the Christmas tree set up in Wilkes-Barre’s Public Square will be a dim cousin to the spectacular conifer that graces one of Manhattan’s most iconic venues. And while the center city fir is routinely one of the largest […]

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Our View: Despite hype, recent election not a Trump rejection

Charles Schumer, the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, was loving the recent election results. “Our Republican friends better look out,” Schumer said. “This was a rejection not only of President Trump but of the policies that he and the Republican Party seem to be adopting.” Not so fast, Chuck. First, we don’t believe what […]

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