Their view: Political posturing after Vegas is repellent

At least with Sandy Hook, they waited a nanosecond before weighing in with the divisive sniping. Maybe it was the fact that children had been executed two weeks before Christmas, and their upturned faces and expectant eyes were etched in our memory, like Cindy Lou Who’s innocence confronting the reality of the Grinch; we could […]

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Our view: A fitting tribute for cycling enthusiast

Diamonds to Leigh Pawling and everyone at Wet Paint in Wilkes-Barre for memorializing the late bicycle business man Tom Jones. Pawling painted a picture of Jones onto the side of the Wet Paint building, where he joined a group of two dimensional cyclist forever on the road in a sweeping mural. This space paid homage […]

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Your view: Take a knee in prayer, not in protest

Take a little trip to Valley Forge in January. Hold a musket ball in your fingers and imagine it piercing your flesh and breaking a bone or two. Then take a knee. Then take a knee to Normandy where man after American man stormed the beach, even as the one in front of him was […]

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Their view: The Iran nuclear deal is working. No need for Trump’s touch.

President Donald Trump has a penchant for speaking to international audiences as if he’s addressing a campaign rally. He has boasted in phone calls to world leaders about the size of his adoring crowds and how big his Electoral College victory margin was. No surprise, then, that his speech before the U.N. General Assembly last […]

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Their view: Trump undercuts Tillerson with every tweet

Last weekend, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was hard at work in Beijing, trying to persuade China’s leaders to tighten economic sanctions on North Korea. The United States wants a peaceful solution, he told them, and sanctions could force Kim Jong Un to negotiate. “We’re not going to accept a nuclear-armed North Korea,” Tillerson told […]

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Every day is an adventure in America

I went through airport security Monday and neglected to take my laptop out of my briefcase and place it in a separate plastic bin and was properly chastised by a TSA lady who put her hands on her hips and said, “I just got done telling you about laptops!” Not many 75-year-old men from Minnesota […]

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Our View: History lesson shows US was here before

Since most teens who live in the Back Mountain have had a couple of weeks off thanks to the Dallas teachers strike, we decided to provide a public service today due to that lack of classroom learning. So, gather around for a history lesson. It will take only a few minutes — and c’mon Dallas […]

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Your view: Time to take a stand on national anthem

If the vicious, traitorous football players still refuse to stand for the national anthem and the liberal, hippie NFL owners refuse to fire these malcontent players, then it is the duty of all Americans to boycott the NFL. Burn your jerseys and walk out of the stadium as our president advises. Only liberal, flag-hating, anti-American, […]

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How should we talk about Vegas?

Another day, another mass shooting in America. Except this time, the horrific slaughter that unfolded Sunday night at a concert in Las Vegas is being widely described as the deadliest one in modern U.S. history. More than 50 people are dead, and more than 200 wounded, after the shooter opened fire on a crowd on […]

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Their view: Sessions’ stance on campus speech is correct

Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered a powerful message this week in support of free speech on college campuses, warning that the American university is being transformed into an “echo chamber of political correctness and homogeneous thought.” He also promised that the Justice Department would support students who have gone to court to challenge restrictions on […]

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