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By Robbie Vanderveken Special to the Weekender

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‘The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith’

Systems: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac

Genre: Adventure

Rating: M for Mature

Publisher: Telltale Games

Developer: Telltale Games

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Oct. 29: Battlefield 4

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“The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith” is the newest game from Telltale Games, the makers of last year’s critically acclaimed “Walking Dead” game. “The Wolf Among Us” is based on the comic book series “Fables” by Bill Willingham and will be a game with episodic content similar to the way “The Walking Dead” game was released in five episodes.

The “Fables” series is about taking characters and themes from various fairy tales that you would know and turning them on their heads. This game takes place in Fabletown, a small hidden community in New York City where fabled characters are trying to live their lives while concealing their image with magic so that they look like humans, but nothing is how it seems. In my time with the game, I ran across human versions of the Three Little Pigs, Ichabod Crane, a flying monkey, and a few other notable fables. These don’t feel like the fairy tale characters you are used to; they are much more mature. There is smoking, drinking, violence, foul language, and even murder.

You play as Bigby, but he is really the Big Bad Wolf. He is a detective in Fabletown; you must solve all of the cases that come along with your old friend and possible love interest Snow White. Bigby is an interesting character to play as. He is brash; however, he is trying to prove to everyone that he has moved on from his big bad wolf lifestyle and has become a new person. Some of the people you meet will need some real convincing that you aren’t going to just eat them; you will have to choose the right dialogue choices to earn their trust.

The controls and dialog options are very similar to “The Walking Dead,” though the choices you make are more critical, so it’s good they let you have more time to think before you make rushed decisions. It is similar is a lot of ways; each choice you make, in dialog or action, changes the story, and it alters how the other characters feel about you, which can drastically change interactions and if they will help you or not. The game controls feel very similar to other Telltale games; they are mostly QuickTime events with button presses that pop up and you have to hit the button at the correct time. The controls feel very refined and never feel too frustrating, even though sometimes you have very little time to react. This game has much more fighting than previous titles, but it is handled in the same way with QuickTime events.

The best part about the game is not the fighting; it is trying to solve the crimes that are going on in Fabletown; you have to interrogate people and explore each of the environments for clues. None of the things that you need to find are incredibly hidden; you can walk about each crime scene and see each thing you need to find pretty clearly. It isn’t too difficult to find things, but at least it was interesting putting all the clues together.

Overall, I loved this game. Just like Telltale’s previous entries, there are beautiful hand-drawn graphics, a very well written story, and very accessible controls. If you like Telltale or you are a fan of the “Fables” series, you will love this game. If you like point-and-click adventure games, you will also want to check it out. “The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1” is a great game, and I really look forward to rest of the episodes in the series.

-Robbie Vanderveken is the digital operations specialist at The Times Leader. E-mail him at

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