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A Happy Mother’s Day to all the terrific moms that are out there in Northeastern Pennsylvania, here’s hoping that tonight is your night at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.



First-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

8`Monologue`S.Zeron`5-5-3`His time to shine`9-2

1`Prince Palani`G.Napolitano`4-3-3`Raced super from a tough spot`7-2

3`Moliere Hanover`A.McCarthy`8-6-2`Stakes placed gelding`3-1

4`Bettor’s Promise`T.Buter`4-3-5`Tyler owns and drives`6-1

5`Wellhead`M.Macdonald`3-5-2`First timer`10-1

2`My Name Is Money`T.Jackson`3-6-5`Tries to hold position`8-1

6`Double Your Bet`M.Kakaley`9-4-5`Save your money`4-1

9`Bettor Believe It`M.Miller`1-7-3`Wait for better draw`15-1

7`Glide Towards Me`A.Napolitano`7-4-9`Sailing south`20-1

Second-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000

6`Republic Of Panama`G.Napolitano`1-2-2`Comes right back`3-1

1`Lombo Powershot A`M.Miller`2-5-3`Keeps on going`4-1

2`My Fella`A.Napolitano`8-9-3`Much better post`6-1

3`Tamayo`M.Kakaley`6-1-2`Fan favorite`7-2

5`Ulysses Blue Chip`J.Morrill`3-6-6`Morrill live hands`8-1

7`Quik Groom`T.Jackson`8-7-8`Well beaten last several`15-1

4`Roxies Big Guy`J.Pavia`6-3-7`I’ll pass on`9-2

9`Gogo Buckeye`S.Allard`6-8-6`Gone the wrong way`10-1

8`Dawson City`A.McCarthy`4-5-8`Wrong part of town`20-1

Third-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life

5`Bertaux`J.Morrill`4-5-5`Conway Hall filly wins it all`9-2

3`Higher Class`S.Zeron`8-3-x`Marks her debut`3-1

7`Mistletoe Hanover`M.Kakaley`2-3-2`Fast off the wings`7-2

8`Psychobabble`T.Jackson`3-5-5`Grabs a check`10-1

2`Great Gwen`C.Norris`9-3-7`Looks for the pieces`6-1

4`Pistol Ridge`M.Simons`7-3-3`Longtime maiden`4-1

1`Broadway Sarah`M.Romano`8-2-8`Slows in final stanza`8-1

6`Marion Mercedes`S.Allard`7-5-7`A long price`15-1

8`Sheza Tim Too`G.Napolitano`5-5-7`Sheza last`20-1

Fourth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000

1`My Masterpiece`M.Miller`4-1-1`Make amends`6-1

6`Come On Jo-Jo`G.Napolitano`9-7-4`One to catch`7-2

5`Must Be The Bunny`M.Kakaley`2-2-1`Consistent`9-2

3`Skitsofrantic`J.Morrill`1-4-4`In the photo`3-1

7`Art Glass`B.Miller`3-1-5`Didn’t get it done at even money`4-1

9`U Bettor Watch Out`S.Allard`5-3-3`Long road to haul`10-1

4`Two Beers Away`N.Surick`9-6-1`Raced poorly upon arrival`8-1

2`Absolutely Michael`T.Buter`5-7-6`Riding a losing streak`15-1

8`Awesome Abe`M.Macdonald`5-5-4`Dull`20-1

Fifth-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life

7`On Display`J.Morrill`3-2-2`Comes from strong connections`3-1

4`Scary Magic`R.Pierce`8-3-4`Made miscue at 1/9 odds`7-2

5`Hap Happy Day`S.Zeron`1-2-x`Scott driving for Alagna`9-2

3`Back In The Slammer`A.Napolitano`3-7-1`Learning the game`4-1

2`Scirocco Eric`M.Kakaley`7-3-6`Another green colt`5-1

1`Dred Hanover`T.Schadel6-5-5`Slow trotter`8-1

8`Everyone’s Talkin`M.Simons`5-8-7`No one is listening`10-1

6`Tsunami’s Fury`G.Napolitano`5-6-7`Last of them all`12-1

Sixth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

6`Fraternity`M.Kakaley`5-4-5`Kakaley the difference`3-1

2`Voomerang`B.Simpson`8-4-4`Brandon with rare drive`7-2

9`Shark Ingested`G.Napolitano`9-3-3`Looking to repeat 2013`4-1

7`Live And Learn`B.Miller`3-6-6`Miller has cooled off`8-1

4`F Twenty Two`J.Morrill`4-4-8`Winless in 13 prior`6-1

5`Light Up The Sky`R.Pierce`5-8-8`Not what he once was`9-2

8`Mr Rightnow`M.Simons`5-4-3`Another day`15-1

3`Night Train Shane`S.Zeron`6-7-5`Off the rails`20-1

1`Eagle Jolt`M.Macdonald`8-4-9`Flies the coop`10-1

Seventh-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500

5`Cherry Tree Nicole`G.Napolitano`2-1-2`Better under the lights`5-2

9`Swiss Lightning`M.Kakaley`1-7-6`Re-qualified in good order`6-1

3`Ginger Tree Jimmy`A.Napolitano`5-6-3`Salerno trainee`7-2

4`Anastasia Willie`S.Bier`3-7-6`Owned by George Benetos`4-1

6`My Aching Back`J.Morrill`5-6-5`I say that every day`10-1

2`Striking Forever`M.Miller`8-9-2`Lost 42 straight`9-2

7`Around And Over`R.Pierce`6-5-8`Over and out`8-1

1`Iain’tnomomaluke`T.Jackson`7-7-5`Loses control`15-1

8`Woody Marvel`M.Simons`7-6-2`Run over`20-1

Eighth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

9`Mcwicked`B.Sears`1-1-4`Sears here for a reason`15-1

4`Westward Hanover`J.Pavia`7-2-1`Look for better`7-2

7`Somesizesomestyle`M.Kakaley`2-9-1`Has ability`8-1

2`Shadow Margeaux`A.Napolitano`3-2-3`Verstaile youngster`3-1

8`Deep Sea Hanover`M.Miller`3-1-4`Favored last two starts`9-2

5`Sandestin Hanover`S.Zeron`8-1-2`Toss last, should be sharper`4-1

1`Shambala`T.Jackson`6-4-1`Marks 2nd start of 2014`6-1

3`Fearless Chip`R.Pierce`4-5-9`No one is scared`10-1

6`Kostas Wine`M.Macdonald`9-7-7`Sour grapes`20-1

Ninth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000

7`After Alimony`R.Pierce`7-1-5`Wins right off claim`7-2

4`Senorita Santanna`J.Morrill`4-7-3`Does retain Jim`4-1

3`Iwannabejustlikeu`A.Napolitano`1-3-6`Just beat similar`9-2

2`Della Bea`G.Napolitano`1-2-1`New to Pena barn`3-1

9`Thank You Doc`M.Kakaley`5-5-6`Midwestern shipper`20-1

5`Cams Macharena`J.Pavia`5-2-7`Recent Pavia purchase`6-1

1`Carlina Hanover`B.Miller`6-6-2`In for a tag`10-1

6`Hs Open Waters`M.Simons`8-4-5`Dumped`8-1

8`Check Pulse`S.Bier`6-4-1`No heatbeat`15-1

Tenth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

8`Jet Airway`M.Miller`2-3-2`What a closing kick`3-1

5`Maxi Bon`S.Zeron`1-2-5`Impressed in seasonal debut`5-2

4`At Press Time`M.Kakaley`1-2-1`Right there last several`6-1

6`Nitro Seelster`B.Miller`1-4-2`Won right off the claim`10-1

2`Codey Shark`G.Napolitano`1-1-1`Been on a tear`9-2

3`Rock Out`A.McCarthy`1-3-1`Yonkers import`4-1

1`David On Ice`M.Merton`1-1-8`No repeat in sight`12-1

7`Flying Cowboy`S.Allard`3-3-2`Kicked to the side`15-1

Eleventh-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000

3`Thiswayorthehighway`G.Napolitano`5-3-7`It’s his way`7-2

2`Seawind Dropper`R.Pierce`1-2-4`Tough veteran`9-2

5`Oyster Bay`J.Pavia`3-5-4`Beaten chalk 3 straight`4-1

4`Chilli Nz`S.Allard`7-9-3`Roughed up last Sat`3-1

7`Hillcrest Bigdaddy`B.Miller`2-3-7`Does retain Brett`8-1

8`Victorydaze Wilwin`A.McCarthy`2-6-7`Fraley doing ok at PD`6-1

9`Rusty Tank`J.Morrill`2-4-5`Morrill’s choice over #4`15-1

6`Passionate Terror`A.Napolitano`5-3-2`Didn’t fire last wk`10-1

1`Machin Music`M.Kakaley`4-4-1`Off beat`20-1

Twelfth-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000

4`Mr Candyman`R.Pierce`9-6-1`Just has to stay flat`4-1

1`DW’s Jasmine`J.Morrill`1-2-1`Was Jim’s first win back`5-2

7`Must Be Psychic`H.Parker`2-2-5`Knocking on the door`5-1

5`Frenchmen`S.Allard`1-1-4`Can he win 3 in a row?`3-1

9`Mr Paige`M.Simons`2-8-4`Simons back from Tioga`15-1

3`Fortythirdst Tim`B.Miller`4-4-6`Not won in a few yrs`10-1

2`Chaplin Hall`A.Napolitano`5-1-4`Unraced since 2012`12-1

6`Easter Leggs`S.Zeron`6-8-3`Easter is over`6-1

8`Smok’n Muscles`K.Dibenedetto`3-6-4`Couldn’t beat cheaper`20-1

Thirteenth-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

4`Real Catch`T.Jackson`2-7-8`Kicks off late double`3-1

7`Twin B Oscar`J.Pavia`4-5-4`Bettor’s Delight youngster`7-2

6`Tony Absolut`M.Romano`5-4-5`Best of the rest`4-1

8`Flowback`D.Irvine`8-8-4`Looking for a flat mile`15-1

5`Dex Be Quick`M.Simons`8-5-7`Use in super’s`10-1

3`Dream On Jerrold`G.Napolitano`7-6-6`Wishful thinking`9-2

1`Tg’s Fancy Art`S.Bier`6-4-6`Far from fancy`8-1

2`Capt Benso Goode`B.Simpson`5-6-5`Never hit board`6-1

9`Independent Dude`B.Miller`6-5-9`One more race to go`20-1

Fourteenth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

3`St Lads Dude`S.Allard`5-6-7`Takes the finale`9-2

6`Reckless Ric`J.Morrill`8-7-3`Guns down the place spot`3-1

5`Cajun Hot Shot`G.Napolitano`6-6-5`Should show improvement`4-1

2`Chasin Racin`M.Kakaley`6-6-2`Surick doing well in NJ`7-2

1`BJ’s Bequia`M.Macdonald`9-2-5`Made miscue at the Big M`6-1

8`Savvy Savannah`M.Simons`9-6-8`Simons back in sulky`10-1

4`Slippery Sam`A.McCarthy`1-7-6`Slips backwards`8-1

7`Flying Instructor`A.Napolitano`5-3-7`In need of lessons`15-1

9`Windmill Shark`M.Romano`8-3-4`See you on Tues`20-1

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