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By Mark Dudek

Times Leader Correspondent

Well after a very nice cruise around the Baltic and a week off for Oktoberfest I am more than ready to get back in the swing of the things for the remainder of the season. It’s certainly been an exciting year thus far at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs and with the Breeders Crown coming quickly; it’s only going to get better from here!



First-$13,000 N/W Clm.Pace;clm.price $18,000

5`Buckeye Baddler`E.Carlson`1-2-1`Found another gear`5-2

6`Padre Manuel`G.Napolitano`5-3-3`Note the driver change`7-2

1`Dragon Tattoo`K.Wallis`5-4-1`Wallis gets live mount`4-1

2`Sad Sonofagun`A.Napolitano`6-6-3`Lightly raced youngster`5-1

7`Crimson Cruiser`M.Miller`3-5-8`Miller the new pilot`12-1

8`Buddy’s Hope`M.Romano`4-4-9`Tends to tire`15-1

4`Alex In Wonderland`H.Parker`7-8-2`Lacks the early foot`8-1

3`Story Book`M.Simons`5-5-8`Struggling pacer`6-1

9`Taillight Hanover`T.Buter`8-1-2`Tailing south`20-1

Second-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

5`He Is Risen`T.Buter`2-3-5`Shadow Play gelding is ready`5-1

6`Finley Hanover`M.Miller`6-5-1`Been racing with better`9-2

2`High And Tight`G.Napolitano`3-9-4`A good third at Harrah’s`3-1

3`Officialy Crazy`K.Wallis`5-3-3`Art Official colt`7-2

7`Prince Palani`M.Romano`2-4-4`Can flash a decent brush`8-1

4`American Desire`J.Pavia`8-1-2`Didn’t fire in PD debut`4-1

1`Howabout Hanover`M.Simons`8-5-7`How about not`10-1

8`Cheers N Beers`E.Carlson`5-2-6`No applause needed`12-1

Third-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000

8`Roburascal N`S.Allard`4-2-4`Allard’s newcomer`9-2

4`Winbak Prince`A.Napolitano`2-6-3`Comes off career best`3-1

3`Only In America`M.Simons`6-1-3`Bounced off that win`7-2

2`Zarachino`E.Carlson`3-3-6`Does benefit from draw`4-1

9`Timewell`K.Wallis`2-7-3`Tough luck pacer`6-1

6`Lifetime Louie`G.Napolitano`8-3-5`Drops from 10 claimers`8-1

1`Touch Of Steel`J.Kakaley`9-8-6`Too little, too late`15-1

5`Carpe Diem`M.Miller`6-2-8`Off since July`10-1

7`Baffler`H.Parker`7-8-5`Lost his touch`20-1

Fourth-$12,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life

2`Cannonball`G.Napolitano`4-6-2`Oakes having superb yr`3-1

4`Ocean Love Potion`K.Oscarsson`2-6-4`Note the equipment change`4-1

5`Minerva Bi`M.Miller`7-2-2`Been racing in Stallion series`7-2

9`Martini Master`T.Buter`2-4-5`Glidemaster 2yr old`8-1

1`Keystone Colleen`S.Allard`7-6-2`Can be dangerous`9-2

7`Lindy’s Fireworks`C.Norris`5-7-4`Norris remains in sulky`6-1

6`Our Lady Genevieve`E.Nickle`4-3-6`Coming up on short end`15-1

8`Psychobabble`T.Jackson`5-6-1`Outside post knocks`10-1

3`Monster Woman`J.Kakaley`5-4-8`Needs plenty of help`20-1

Fifth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

4`Jim’s Guy`G.Napolitano`5-5-8`Fitter and rolls`7-2

1`Stonebridge Wish`M.Miller`3-4-3`2nd start off the claim`10-1

5`Automatic Teller`J.Pavia`4-9-6`Been rough season for Pavia`3-1

7`Iwannarace Hanover`T.Jackson`6-2-7`Takes a while to kick in`4-1

2`Joltin’ Colt`E.Carlson`5-4-8`Eric raced Harrington yesterday`9-2

3`Celebrity Scandal`M.Simons`2-4-2`Back from Tioga`6-1

6`Caerleon Hanover`K.Wallis`4-3-8`Winless on season`8-1

8`Ryan Again`M.Romano`6-4-3`Wrong`15-1

9`Really Rockin`T.Buter`1-1-5`Tough spot for 3 straight`20-1

Sixth-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

4`Moustache Hanover`E.Carlson`2-3-2`Holds on`3-1

5`Pop’s Tribute`T.Buter`3-4-3`Fairly weak maiden group`9-2

8`Native Lights`J.Pavia`3-4-2`Major cash burner`4-1

1`Directly Related`K.Wallis`4-8-7`Coming at the end`6-1

7`War Front`A.Napolitano`3-3-2`Knocking on the door`7-2

6`Vidal Hanover`S.Allard`5-4-4`Marks 2nd career start`10-1

3`If It Rains`G.Napolitano`8-6-5`In from Yonkers`8-1

2`Hunt N Save`T.jackson`5-7-4`Too slow`15-1


Seventh-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000

1`Cds Eldorado`J.Pavia`1-4-1`Never better`5-2

3`Musical Prince`G.Napolitano`6-1-6`Stays in live hands`5-1

2`Victor’s Future`T.Jackson`3-4-9`Back in for a tag`7-2

8`Guilford`S.Allard`5-9-6`Debuts for new barn`4-1

9`Northern Inferno`K.Wallis`5-4-1`Stuck with the nine slot`6-1

6`Hellogottagobuhbye`Tn.Schadel`5-5-6`Missed a month`20-1

7`Anastasia Willie`M.Romano`3-3-8`Keeps coming up short`8-1

5`Photorama`T.Buter`7-6-1`No pictures in sight`12-1

4`Corky Duke`M.Simons`8-8-3`Having issues`15-1

Eighth-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $6,200 last 5

7`GD Airliner`S.Allard`3-5-4`Connection are stout`3-1

4`Double Dribble`M.Miller`10-1-9`Strong, when right`9-2

5`Aliveandwell N`G.Napolitano`5-8-2`Nap’s choice over #1 & #4`4-1

2`Southern Sport`T.Buter`5-3-5`Class dropper`7-2

3`Great Soul`T.Jackson`4-2-8`TJ owns-trains-reins`10-1

9`Excel Nine`M.Romano`4-1-6`Speed folds in here`20-1

8`Sniper Seelster`E.Carlson`8-3-1`In with tough group`15-1

6`Mega Lightning`K.Wallis`7-9-3`Competitive field`8-1

1`Eagle Jolt`A.Napolitano`9-6-4`Bolts in reverse`5-1

Ninth-$10,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $12,500

1`Libra Vita`S.Allard`8-6-5`Stays flat and wins`3-1

4`S F Aceinthehole`G.Napolitano`2-5-4`Capable, if ace is wrong`7-2

5`Paula’s Brady`T.Buter`2-2-1`Steady piece`4-1

9`Rise N Shine`E.Carlson`3-4-3`Likes to rough it`6-1

7`Master Begonia`K.Wallis`8-2-1`Drops down, a bit off`8-1


2`Bullvillcomeonjohn`J.Pavia`3-1-2`Notch below these`9-2

6`Caught Cheatin`Tn.Schadel`7-6-7`Fooling no one`15-1

8`Dolce Ducci`M.Miller`7-7-7`Seen better days`20-1

Tenth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

3`Someplace Special`T.Buter`7-3-1`Softer company the trick`5-2

4`Starlite Kid`G.Napolitano`11-6-2`Watch the tote board`12-1

2`Tsm Cruisin Usa`M.Simons`2-1-2`Sharp pacer`3-1

6`Beach Terror`S.Allard`1-4-2`Rolled at Yonkers`4-1

7`Bettor B`E.Carlson`1-5-1`Beat similar in 1:51.2`5-1

1`Lotsa Chrome`J.Pavia`2-1-4`Has rail, but super group`6-1

8`Yucatan`M.Miller`3-2-7`Wait for softer`10-1

5`Knocking Around`A.Napolitano`6-2-8`Ko’d`15-1

9`Axiom Hanover`T.Jackson`7-6-7`Disappointed`20-1

Eleventh-$12,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $15,000

2`Fortissimo`T.Buter`5-4-1`Buter barn coming to life`10-1

1`Cheetah Hall`G.Napolitano`2-3-2`Close to the action`5-2

4`Windcross`M.Simons`4-1-1`Done well for Robinson`3-1

3`Sonny Mcdreamee`S.Allard`3-5-2`First start for new trainer`4-1

8`Bloomfieldcantifly`J.Pavia`7-1-1`Back at winning level`8-1

5`Dc Northern`T.Jackson`8-1-7`Bounced off the upset`6-1

9`Sunland Dakota`E.Carlson`6-7-3`The sun has gone down`20-1

7`Looking To Score`M.Miller`6-2-3`Hits a foul ball`12-1

6`Take Heart`K.Wallis`5-6-5`Forget it`15-1

Twelfth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

5`Conors Concord`S.Allard`4-1-2`Back at home`3-1

4`Phenonmenon`E.Carlson`3-3-2`Made good money in KY`5-2

7`Humility`M.Miller`3-2-3`A nice colt`5-1

2`Craven The Beach`H.Parker`2-9-1`Didn’t get it done at 1-5`6-1

1`Modern Gesture`G.Napolitano`5-1-4`Moves in from 9 hole`4-1

8`I’m Banksy`T.Jackson`2-1-6`Often a long price`15-1

9`Magic Tricks`M.Simons`6-1-1`Out of magic`20-1

3`Montero Blue Chip`T.Buter`9-9-5`Melted`10-1

6`Beachfront`K.Wallis`8-7-6`Stuck in the sand`12-1

Thirteenth-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $6,200 last 5

5`Master Of Desire`E.Carlson`2-8-8`Kicks off late double`6-1

7`Shakerattlenrock`M.Simons`8-4-2`Takes some money`3-1

4`Insane In Spain`G.Napolitano`1-9-7`Moves up off the triumph`4-1

3`Woodmere Ultimate`A.Napolitano`3-3-5`Again grabs a check`9-2

6`Amillionpennies`M.Romano`7-9-7`Not the same pacer`7-2

2`Mattox’s Spencer`T.Jackson`3-6-8`Again gets a new reinsman`8-1

9`Fantdaddy`T.Buter`8-7-3`Struggling animal`10-1

1`Banging The Drum`J.Antonelli`7-7-5`….next`15-1

8`Capote`S.Allard`6-9-6`One more race to go`20-1

Fourteenth-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $6,000 last 5

8`Palm Patrol`M.Miller`8-5-5`Marcus takes finale`7-2

1`Silk Pajamas`A.Napolitano`6-4-1`From the Oakes barn`4-1

2`Astreas Notice`G.Napolitano`2-3-6`Finishes behind A Nap`3-1

7`Carolines Cullen N`J.Pavia`4-5-3`Been down all year`9-2

4`All Star Player`K.Wallis`7-8-4`Back from Harrah’s`10-1

6`My Immortal`J.Kakaley`2-3-7`Goes for team Kakaley`15-1

5`Highly Thought Of`T.Jackson`6-3-7`Think elsewhere`6-1

3`Market Dynamics`S.Allard`7-2-7`Cashed out`8-1

9`Whirlwind`E.Carlson`7-9-8`See you tomorrow`20-1

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