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October 21. 2013 11:46PM
MARK DUDEK For The Times Leader

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It was a great, great night of racing … despite the rain … Saturday night at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. The highlight of the evening for me had to be the unbelievable stretch duel between the iron horse Foiled Again and the warrior Pet Rock, with the cagey vet Foiled Again coming out on top by a slim lip. Even though I was on the losing end of that battle with my selection Pet Rock, it was indeed an epic battle between two titanic free-for-all pacers.

Hats off to everyone that made the Breeders Crown a successful night. I can’t wait for the next one.



Post time 6:30 p.m.

All races 1 mile

First-$12,000 Clm.Trot;cm.price $15,000

3`Uncle Freddie`G.Napolitano`1-4-1`Loves to win`5-2

7`Southwind Warsaw`M.Kakaley`1-5-5`Very dangerous, if ready`12-1

8`Bank President`S.Allard`2-5-3`Sent by team Allard`5-1

4`West River Victory`M.Simons`1-3-7`Never better`4-1

2`Sonny Mcdreamee`A.McCarthy`9-3-3`Made miscue last out`7-2

5`Abundasass`R.Pierce`3-7-4`2nd start off the claim`6-1

9`Looking To Score`T.Jackson`4-7-7`Not scored all season`15-1

1`Myology`E.Carlson`5-6-3`Swallowed up`8-1

6`Rapid Strategy`M.Miller`8-5-8`In from the Bronx`20-1

Second-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

7`Honey Do Jigtime`G.Napolitano`6-4-4`It’s a Nap daily double`3-1

6`Carolstern`A.McCarthy`3-4-7`Second best in weak field`4-1

8`Market Dynamics`S.Allard`5-3-4`Rounds out the tri`10-1

1`Highly Thought Of`T.Jackson`6-5-6`Returns from Harrah’s`7-2

3`Bestest Hanover`E.Carlson`6-8-6`Too slow off the wings`9-2

4`My Immortal`J.Kakaley`2-4-5`Note the driver change`8-1

2`Marymac Is A Whack`J.Morrill`4-7-7`Wacked`6-1

9`All Star Player`M.Kakaley`8-5-3`Again draws poorly`20-1

5`Joyful Years`H.Parker`8-6-1`The joy is over`15-1

Third-$10,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $12,500

4`Fortissimo`T.Buter`9-2-6`Back at winnable level`9-2

2`April Sunshine`R.Pierce`8-3-3`Takes coin with Pierce up`3-1

1`Sneaky`G.Napolitano`9-3-8`Much better on the post`6-1

3`Only In My Dreams`M.Simons`6-4-5`Down a peg in price`8-1

9`Must Be Psychic`A.Napolitano`1-7-8`Nice rebound win vs cheaper`10-1

8`Quantum Lightning`S.Allard`6-1-1`Too inconsistent`20-1

5`S F Aceinthole`J.Morrill`2-4-5`Not the same`7-2

7`Tioga Thunder`J.Pavia`4-3-5`Slow down the lane`4-1

6`Ens Gliding Condor`M.Miller`3-7-5`Off since Aug 2012`15-1

Fourth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000

1`Absolutely Michael`A.Napolitano`2-1-1`In terrific form`5-2

5`Timewell`T.Buter`3-2-4`Keeps on coming`7-2

8`Skitsofrantic`S.Allard`1-5-6`Went unreal mile in upset`4-1

3`Sensationalist`G.Napolitano`4-7-4`Ruiz having nice run`5-1

2`King For A Queen`A.Byron`6-3-3`Monti newcomer`6-1

4`Captain Greg`T.Jackson`3-3-5`9yr old just so-so`12-1

6`Zarachino`E.Carlson`4-3-3`Fast early, but staggers late`8-1

9`Carpe Diem`J.Morrill`5-9-7`A toss`15-1

7`Baffler`M.Simons`9-8-7`Demolished again`20-1

Fifth-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000

1`Paula’s Brady`T.Buter`1-1-6`Makes it three straight`5-2

4`Streakin Star`S.Allard`4-1-8`First start off the claim`3-1

7`Judith`A.Napolitano`2-5-1`A Nap trains and reins`4-1

6`Dream Kid`M.Kakaley`7-8-2`Matt’s choice over #8`6-1

8`Striking Forever`R.Pierce`5-9-4`Tries a belated rally`20-1

9`Dolce Ducci`A.Byron`7-5-8`Fallen on hard times`12-1

5`Pegasus Point`J.Pavia`6-7-6`Point in another direction`15-1

2`Corky Duke`M.Simons`3-7-4`Slithers to the rear`10-1

3`Jaded Tim`G.Napolitano`3-9-5`Not a ten claimer`5-1

Sixth-$13,000 N/W Clm.Pace;clm.price $18,000

4`Touchdown Mindale`M.Miller`7-2-3`Been facing much tougher`5-1

5`Conors Concord`J.Morrill`1-1-8`On a hot streak`5-2

9`Instant Thrill`A.Byron`3-2-2`Gaining some consistency`6-1

2`The Price You Pay`G.Napolitano`5-3-5`Moves back in for a price`4-1

3`Crimson Cruiser`T.Buter`7-4-6`Usually makes one run`7-2

7`Up Front Dan`M.Kakaley`6-8-4`Remains off form for Burke`8-1

8`Taillight Hanover`A.McCarthy`6-2-5`No high beams in sight`15-1

1`Keystone Kane`E.Carlson`5-6-1`Nothing since the win`12-1

6`Thru N Thru`J.Pavia`7-4-2`Back from Harrington`20-1

Seventh-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

1`American Paparazzi`A.McCarthy`3-8-2`Darkhorse of the night`8-1

7`American Desire`G.Napolitano`4-6-5`Fairly wide open race`4-1

5`Verbal Assault`T.Jackson`6-4-7`Talks into the show spot`7-2

6`Goodatbeingbad`M.Miller`8-6-5`2nd time starter`9-2

4`Keystone Honor`E.Carlson`5-6-5`NYSS youngster`3-1

2`Quinnstart`M.Kakaley`7-4-6`3yr old homebred`6-1

3`Snoop`S.Allard`8-6-8`Longtime maiden`10-1

8`Lilys Real Boy`A.Napolitano`7-7-7`Distanced`15-1

9`Noble Logans Lou`H.Parker`7-8-9`Off since June`20-1

Eighth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

5`Lotsa Chrome`M.Kakaley`1-1-4`Razor sharp`5-2

4`Alexa’s Jackpot`S.Allard`1-1-3`Looked super off the claim`3-1

1`Americhi`G.Napolitano`1-8-2`Lasix sure helped`4-1

7`Humility`R.Pierce`2-7-3`Note the driver change`6-1

9`Galex`A.McCarthy`1-1-7`On a tear of late`12-1

2`River Run For Ryan`J.Morrill`2-5-7`Invades from Yonkers`10-1

3`Bettor B`E.Carlson`4-1-6`Eric opted off the nine`5-1

6`Native’s Revenge`J.Pavia`1-2-2`Very tough field`15-1

9`I’m A Banksy`T.Jackson`6-5-4`Rolled passed`20-1

Ninth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

2`Kiowa Creek Rocket`J.Morrill`8-3-5`Drops and pops`7-2

4`Dinneratartsplace`J.Pavia`4-7-6`Pavia looking for late season kick`9-2

1`Prana`E.Carlson`4-8-6`Rail can’t hurt`3-1

3`Caerleon Hanover`A.McCarthy`4-3-7`Still looking for 1st win of yr`4-1

5`Tkr’s Metro Specs`M.Kakaley`4-5-4`Matt back in bike`6-1

6`Tonights The Night`G.Napolitano`6-7-8`Reunites with Napolitano`8-1

9`Sky Tantrum`M.Silva`6-7-2`Silva with rare drive`10-1

8`Anais Kicker`R.Pierce`9-7-7`Booted`20-1

7`Lupara`S.Allard`9-8-5`Very dull`15-1

Tenth-$18,000 Clm.Hndcp Trot;clm.price $25-30,000

5`Rise N Shine`R.Pierce`1-1-1`Keep with him`3-1

8`Trading Places`G.Napolitano`1-1-1`A win machine`5-2

3`Luv Ya Tyler`A.Napolitano`2-7-1`Has speed for a trip`4-1

1`Party Allstar`E.Carlson`1-6-3`Beat lesser at Philly`9-2

4`Thro Time`S.Allard`2-2-5`Big move up ladder`10-1

2`Iron Will`M.Kakaley`6-2-3`Leveling off`6-1

6`Photo King`J.Morrill`8-1-5`Overmatched`15-1

7`My Leap Of Faith`J.Pavia`6-7-1`Hops in reverse`12-1

Eleventh-$12,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life

6`Moustache Hanover`E.Carlson`6-2-2`Lasix the trick`9-2

3`Thereisapaceforus`R.Pierce`5-3-4`A rich maiden`3-1

1`Itsahardrocklife`J.Morrill`3-6-2`Rocks home third`4-1

5`Officially Crazy`G.Napolitano`2-3-8`Getting closer`7-2

4`We Said So`H.Parker`2-3-6`Heavily raced 2yr old`6-1

7`Ok Geronimo`M.Kakaley`2-2-7`Matt cooling off a bit`8-1

2`Keystone Rocco`T.Jackson`5-2-5`Fades from the scene`10-1

9`Finley Hanover`M.Miller`3-6-5`Needs one`15-1

8`Just Like Tiger`T.Buter`6-5-7`Clawed`20-1

Twelfth-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $6,000 last 5

4`Screen The Call`M.Kakaley`6-6-4`Wins right off the claim`6-1

1`Special Terror`R.Pierce`4-6-8`Pierce-Oakes nice duo`7-2

3`On The Radar`J.Morrill`5-2-9`A cash burner`3-1

7`Southern Sport`G.Napolitano`2-7-7`Just missed in latest`9-2

5`St Lads Dude`A.McCarthy`6-5-7`Better earlier in meet`8-1

6`Back To The West`E.Carlson`6-5-4`Can’t sustain bid`4-1

8`Seek The Dragon`T.Buter`8-4-2`Seeking a check`15-1

9`Master Of Desire`M.Simons`4-3-7`Slim hope from here`10-1

2`Tyler Hanover`J.Pavia`3-5-3`Forget it`20-1

Thirteenth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life

2`Art Ideal`M.Kakaley`2-8-6`Ready and willing`7-2

5`Windsun Kenda`G.Napolitano`3-3-9`Second best`4-1

4`Carlina Hanover`J.Morrill`8-5-1`Does retain Morrill`3-1

8`Somekindamonster`R.Pierce`6-1-2`Been racing in NY`5-1

7`Crazy Eights`M.Simons`4-2-2`Bettor’s Delight gal`10-1

1`Uilleann`A.Napolitano`4-2-2`George chose five instead`9-2

3`Happy Apples`M.Miller`5-2-5`No crunch`12-1

6`A Fiesty X Ample`S.Allard`8-2-1`One more race to go`8-1

Fourteenth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5

8`Arsenal`A.McCarthy`6-8-8`McCarthy in the finale`7-2

5`Shakerattlenrock`M.Kakaley`2-9-6`Knocking on the door`3-1

3`Wynsum Magic`J.Morrill`5-3-8`Tricks in for the triple`9-2

1`Joe De Fino`M.Simons`6-5-2`Hard one to figure out`4-1

7`Automatic Slims`S.Allard`3-5-5`Simon having rough go at PD`6-1

4`Yanoyanomenow`M.Miller`8-6-6`Goes for team Miller`8-1

2`Colossal`R.Pierce`4-2-3`Winless streak is extended`10-1

9`Automatic Teller`J.Pavia`6-5-4`….next`20-1

6`Open Water`G.Napolitano`7-5-8`See you tomorrow`15-1

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