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By Alicia Johnson | Times Leader

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Abington Heights

Coach: Amy Wojcik, third season

2013 record: 1-16 WVC

Key players lost: Paige Notarianni, Claire Notarianni, Malorie McCoy, Sara Beamish, Chloe Cummings

Key returning players: Jessie Show, Melanie Fricchione

Coach’s outlook: ” (We) lost 12 seniors, nine of them starters. We are rebuilding a team with young players focusing on fundamentals.”


Coach: Colleen Wood, 23rd season

2013 record: 9-5 (District 2 champions, advanced to state quarterfinals)

Key players lost: Katie Colleran D; Sarah Zbierski D; Dominque Oko D; Kyra Castano MF; Keighlyn Oliver F.

Key returning players: Jr. Brigid Wood MF; Sr. Kelsey Gabriele F; Kaitlyn Lukashewski Sr. F; Kyra Wozniak Jr. F; Savanna Robinson Jr. MF; Kalie Reed Jr. MF/D; M’Kensie Lee Jr. G.

Key newcomers: April Llewellyn, Amy Llewellyn, Mykala Slavish

Coach’s Outlook: “This season is very tough. We had a very good defensive group that kept us in a lot of games, especially Katie (Colleran). She was not only strong on defense, but she was key on offense too. We’re really rebuilding. … Hopefully we get better as the season goes on. … Just learning from mistakes and building as we go.”


Coach: Patrica Moratori, first season

2013 record: 14-0 WVC; 24-1-0 overall (District 2 champions, state runners-up)

Key players lost: Marissa Surdy; Maury Cronauer; Megan McCole; Kaylee Krupski; Morgan Kile.

Key returning players: Casey Cole MF; Dallas Kendra GK; Hannah Ackers MF; Elizabeth Dessoye F; Ashleigh Thomas F; Daniella Callaghan F; Hunter Pitman F.

Coach’s Outlook: The Comets got a big surprise when long-time head coach Elvetta Gemski stepped down after 38 years on the sidelines. Though Moratori says Gemski will still be involved with the team, it will be interesting to see how this new role will impact the players. “We are looking forward to a good season. The girls are working hard to improve each and everyday. Dallas Kendra and Casey Cole will be very important. Their experience and leadership will be invaluable to the success of our team.”


Coach: Kylie Fisher, seventh season

2013 record: 9-4-1

Key players lost: Vanessa Parsons F; Michelle Thompson MF; Lily Amadio GK; Cortlyn Van Deutsch M/D

Key returning players: Abby Downs Sr. D; Kami McGee Sr. F; Morgan Morris Sr. F/MF.

Coach’s Outlook: “We have a great group of girls with varying levels of experience that are beginning to come together. I’m looking forward to watching them grow as the season progresses.”

Delaware Valley

Coach: Lindsay Gonzalez, fifth season

2013 record: 7-11-1; 2nd in D2 AAA

Key players lost: Grace Farrell, Hallie McClain, Jilian DeGraw.

Key returning players: Eileen D’Auria G; Marielle Cavallaro MF; McKenna Conselyea MF; Leah Yost MF; Jessica Quinn MF; Jessica Quinn F; Maecy Chlebowski F; Payton Pagett F/MF; Soo Gartland D.

Key newcomers: Kara Gearhart F; Emily Covert MF, Eileen Nikles D.

Coach’s Outlook: “Our team is a mix of young and old this year. We are hoping to continue to get better at playing as a team as we go through this season. We lost two key defenders last season along with our leading scorer. We have had some younger players step up to fill some of those shoes.”


Coach: Sue Woznock, seventh season

2013 record: 2-10-2

Key returning players: Brea Seabrook, Sr. F (Divison’s leading scorer); Samantha Conahan, Sr D; Kristen Drozda, Sr. RW; Mikayla Hoskins, Sr. D; Lindsey Quinn, Jr. F; Avery Harris, Jr. F; Catherine Luckey, Jr. F; Ambar Lumbi, Sr. F; Rofiat Oseni, Jr. D.

Key newcomers: Aneisha View, Jr. MF; Samaura McCloe, Soph., MF; Alexis Whitnig, Fresh., F; Brittany Vital, Jr. G; Samara McDaniels, Soph. G.

Coach’s outlook: “We are ready to be more competitive and turn our seven overtime losses and ties into wins. The divisions are more competitive and we are ready to step up. Our core played and competed well during the offseason and coach MF Hromchak and myself couldn’t be prouder of them. We continue to battle low numbers and that does play a major role at times during our season, but the group we have are quality hardworking girls determined to make this year their year.”

Hanover Area

Coach: Jocelyn Holodick-Reed, 12th season

2013 record: 4-8-2

Key players lost: Brexy Pena, Brittany McNair

Key returning players: Bryanna Eichler, Sr., D: Marissa Keegan, Sr., F; Sarah Rash, Sr., F; Haylee Bobos, Jr., G; Michaela Halesey, Jr., Mid; Hannah Mendygral, Jr., D; Renee Saraka, Jr., D; Alicia Saltz, Jr. D.

Coach’s outlook: “Returning players will step into new positions this year to fill voids left by our graduating players. With the new divisions this year we are looking to our seniors for leadership, guidance and strength.”

Hazleton Area

Coach: Mary Kelly, 14th season

2013 record: 13-5 overall, 10-5 WVC

Key players lost: Lexi Henchenski, Hannah Plaza, Kaitlyn McHugh

Key returning players: Kara Sanford, F; Lauren Blakeslee, F; Victoria Middleton, F; Madison Reed MF; Gabby Ator M; Selena Garzio (First team All-State) MB; Khrista Baran B; Celia Sokolofski B; Magaret Fulton G; Selena Sanchez G.

Key newcomers: Madison Reed Fresh., F/M

Coach’s outlook: “Our goal is to build on the success of last season. We are determined to work hard to improve with each contest.” The Cougars bring back five seniors. “Dedication to team in our entire group of players. We have a hard- working group of players that have worked diligently during the spring and summer. … Kaitlyn McHugh left us big shoes to fill.”

Holy Redeemer

Coach: Juliann DeFalco, sixth season

2013 record: 10-4-1

Key players lost: Melanie Kusakavitch, Mallory Kusakavitch

Key returning players: Holly Slowik, G; Greta Ell, Sr. MF/F; Alexis Lewis Sr. D; Danielle McCole D; Rachel Platko MF/F.

Key newcomers: Kayla Kruk; Leah Mullery, F; Morgan Clarke, soph.

Coach’s Outlook: “We are very young this year. We have a lot of gaps to fill from last year. We have a nice freshmen and sophomore class that may be able to help us down the road. We will continue to work at getting better each and every day.”


Coach: Rebecca Maciejewski, eighth season

2013 record: 7-11

Key players lost: Janie Murphy; Sarah Redick D; Jamie Rosencranse F; Valerie Gaglione D.

Key returning players: Megan Benson Sr. MF (All-State); Bailey Martin Sr. D; Stacey Hart Sr. MF.

Coach’s Outlook: “We aim to be very competitive with a nucleus of girls who have put in long hours over the summer and who got their first taste of varsity experience last year. We don’t have to rebuild from last year’s graduation. … Our team goal is to make a run for a district championship, which is a tough task in this league. But hopefully our smooth offensive passing game, tenacious defensive sticks and our close team chemistry will be the right recipe.”

Lackawanna Trail

Coach: Sandy Spott, first season

2013 record: 3-10-1

Key players lost: Nicole Rosa, Shelby Corasdale, Sarah Boetschler

Key returning players: Kasey Buck, Kerritan Buck, Daria Lewandowski, Gabby Truesdale, Jordan Laytos, Allison Strauch, Madison Lee.

Key newcomers: Lauren Baldwin, Elizabeth Rodenbach, Mackenzie Semkem

Coach’s outlook: “I took off a year. I coached 23 years before this year. I hope to return to have a successful season, that we make it into the playoffs (and) keep the winning tradition alive at Lackawanna Trail.”


Coach: Jean Lipski, 34th season

2013 record: 12-7

Key players lost: Brooke O’Brien; Sami Sharon; Tracy Snyder.

Key returning players: Tif Malinowski, Sr. G; Emily Galasso, Sr HB; Sarah Sabaluski, Soph. HB;. Alysa Adams, Sr. F; Taylor Alba, Soph. MF; Lilli Stepanski, Soph. F; Korri Wandel, Sr. F; Kate Supey, Jr. F; Maranda Moosic, Jr. F; Kirstin Cope, Sr. HB; Rachel Pilch, Sr. F.

Key newcomers: Miranda Martin, Soph. MF; Makayla Adams, F MF; Lynea Gregory, Fresh. MF; Izzy Radel, Fresh. F; Taylor Cercone, Soph. HB; Alicia Galasso, Fresh. G; Jamie Buzink, Soph. HB; Carrie Ann Keiper, Soph. F. Katie Strohl, Soph HB.

Coach’s outlook: “We have a strong group of athletes who love the game. They have worked hard during preseason to sharpen skills and improve conditioning. If they mesh into a cohesive unit, we will see success.”


Coach: Allison Banks, second season

2013 record: 11-2-1

Key players lost: Bri DiMaggio, Anna Macko, Sabrina Robertson

Key returning players: Allison Berman, Samantha Kellar, Sydney Rentsch, Megan Brink, Judah Springer, Wilhelmina Townes, Betsy Macko, Sarah Smith, Barbara Guirin, Cheyenne Robertson, Jordyn Sapolis, Marissa Prince, Morgan Brink, Cameron Daughtry.

Key newcomers: Kendra Krolick, Emily Mangold, Meghan Morris

Coach’s outlook: “This season we are looking to build off our season from last year. Having lost 3 key components on the field from last year, we are looking to the underclassmen to step up to take a starting role. The team will lean on their six seniors for guidance and leadership. With the divisions being realigned this year, we are looking forward to playing new teams and growing as a unit. We are excited to see what this season has to offer, and look forward to growing with every challenge that comes our way.”


Coach: Lori Dennis, seventh season

2013 record: 3-10

Key players lost: Kayla Gronkowski MF/D; Sam Garvey D; Kara Voyton D

Key returning players: Amber Growhowski Jr. MF; Becca Morgis Sr. MF; Maddy O’Donahue Sr. G; Megan Matthews Sr. D.

Key newcomers: Bereniss Sosa Jr. D; Liz Colemire Jr. F

Coach’s outlook: “We had a scrimmage and they looked very good and very sharp. They played well together. (There was) a lot of talking and communication. A lot more confidence out there. A lot of supporting each other. … Hopefully we can come away with a good record. … Looking forward to a really great season with these girls.”


Coach: Ashley Lawson, third season

2013 record: 5-5-4

Key players lost: Michaela Weber, Olivia Magni

Key returning players: Maggie Murhpy D; Liz Gurzynski MF; Rachel Zultevicz.

Key newcomers: Alicia Carr; Reilly Bialko

Coach’s outlook: “We graduated three out of four starting forwards, so we are looking for new players to step up and fill that void.”

Pittston Area

Coach: Caitlin Hadzimichalis, fifth season

2013 record: League record of 9-3-1

Key players lost: Nicole Chaiko, F; Alexa Danko M; Lea Garibaldi GK; Emily Herron F, Dana Maurizi F, Sam Moska D; Meredith Yozwiak D.

Key returning players: Katrina Mikitish, Sr. M; Paige Danko, Jr. F; Julia Stella, Jr. M; Marissa Morreale, Jr. D; Alana Plautukus, Jr. F.

Key newcomers: Liz Baiera, Sr. G, Maria Garibaldi, Jr., D.; Haley Norwillo, Jr. D; Molly Walsh, Jr. F; Ali Dunn, Soph. F; Hannah Robbins, F. M.

Coach’s outlook: The Patriots graduated seven starters from last year’s roster. “Expecting strong play from our midfield to lead into our offense. Looking to be competitive in the newly-aligned league this season. Graduated 10 seniors from a season ago, so there are a lot of opportunities for returning roster players to step into new roles on the field.”


Coach: Ashlie Lewis, third season

2013 record: 8-5-1

Key players lost: Marley Mason F; Haylee Underwood MF; Amanda Nole D

Key returning players: Mary Sickler G; Dana Kuffa G; Alissa Zamber D; Maggie Sohn MF; Kailyn Mikula MF; Kailey Reposa F; Haley Toczko F; Jenn Bulford F.

Key newcomers:

Coach’s Outlook: “I feel we have a lot of girls who can contribute to the team this year. We have a good mix of veteran players and youth that hopefully will work well together on the field and produce a winning season. Being in a new division this year and playing unfamiliar teams, we have to take one game at a time. Our overall goal for this season is to be competitive in every game and compete for a playoff spot.”


Coach: Maria Miller, first season

2013 record: 1-15

Key returning players: Emily Bolton, Sr. F; Katlyn Carr, Sr. D; Corine Peifer, Sr. CM; Nicole Pesce, Jr. M/D; Mollie Gold, Sr.; Amber Krautter, Sr.; Taylor Borrero, Sr.; Billie Butz, Sr.; Molly Peterson, Sr.; Gabrielle Sedora, Sr.

Key newcomers: Alyssa Watson, soph. M/F.

Coach’s outlook: “We are working on getting our confidence up knowing that we can win and are capable of winning and that it will be a process and will not happen overnight. The players are gaining a better understanding of what it means to work as unit. Our best strengths will be our willingness to work hard and communicate on and off the field.”

Wyoming Area

Coach: Chris Comiskey, third season

2013 record: 8-9 WVC

Key players lost: Abby Thornton (Providence College); Sally DeLuca (Bloomsburg); Lindsay Carey; Drew Bednarski.

Key returning players: Bree Bednarski (USA U17 National Team) F; Grace Angelella F/MF; Emilie Wanko F/MF; Abby Schwerdtman MF/D; Grace Gober D; Madions Mulhern D; Maddy Beppler MF; Christina Granteed GK; Renee Gluchowksi D/MF; Gianna Gennetts M/D; Laura Heinzlemier F; Jillian Spa MF/F.

Key newcomers:

Coach’s outlook: “The Warriors are focusing on the process not the outcome of a game. … We are dedicated to being the strongest mentally and physically most prepared, most conditioned and most educated team in our conference.”

Wyoming Seminary

Coach: Karen Klassner, 43rd season

2013 record: 18-6-1 overall, 10-3-1 league

Key players lost: Mallory Lefkowitz (Iowa), Morgan Malone (Michigan), Molly Turner (Villanova), Becca Schulman (Monmouth), Madison Dowd.

Key returning players: Issy DelPriore, Sr. MF/B; Tali Dressler, Sr. B/MF; MacKenzie Gagliardi, Sr. GK; Alexis Quick, Sr. MF; Rebecca Weinstock, Sr. MF.

Key newcomers: Kate Romanowski Abbty Straub

Coach’s outlook: “We lost a number of key players from last year. We will be a small team that will need to go through the season injury free. We will be trying to get our younger players game experience as the season progresses. Having said that, you can never count us out because our returning players are aware of the tradition and have been working hard in the offseason and arrived at preseason camp ready and excited about the prospects of a new season.”

Wyoming Valley West

Coach: Linda Fithian, 19th season

2013 record: 12-2

Key players lost: Danielle Grega, Alex Gonda, Katie Litsky, Kaylee Caprari.

Key returning players: Haley Gayoski, Sr. M; Kady Gurtis, Sr. M; Tara Judge, Sr. D; Megan Kane, Sr. F; Alicia Moore, Sr. G; Julia Usesara, Sr. D; Gabby Griffin, Sr. M; Melinda Hollen, Sr. M; Nina Magnotta, Sr, D.

Key newcomers: Lacey Caprari, F; Mercedes Jasterzenski, F; Foto Tsioles, F; Madison Woods, F.

Coach’s outlook: “Great group of girls working hard together. We should get better with every game.”

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