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There’s an old saying — April showers bring May flowers. They also brought a logjam in the Wyoming Valley Conference softball schedule.

There are 41 games scheduled between now and May 14. The original schedule, which was rendered useless the first week because of rain, had just 27 games scheduled for that period. It’s been a mad scramble since and here are some of the highlights — or lowlights — all things considered.

• Hazleton Area will play four road games in four days, starting with a trip to Pittston Area today. Then it’s off to Wyoming Area on Tuesday, Nanticoke on Wednesday and Crestwood on Thursday. The Cougars then play at home Saturday against Pittston Area.

• Hazleton Area and Nanticoke, the top two teams in Division 1, will play for the first time on Wednesday at Nanticoke. The game was originally slated for April 11 and moved four or five times. Ironically, it was moved once because of a conflict with one of the schools. That day ended up beautiful and a deluge fell on the new date.

The teams will play again May 12 in Hazleton.

• MMI Prep and Hanover Area played a doubleheader last week. MMI entered last week with just three games played, the fewest in the WVC. The Preppers play four times this week.

• May 12 was the original final day of the regular season. But with so many rainouts, there will now be four games on May 14. With the first round of the District 2 playoffs set for May 19 and 20, it still gives a little wiggle room in case of more inclement weather.

• Berwick and Wyoming Area, two contenders in Division 2, haven’t played yet. The teams will meet Friday at Berwick. The second game — originally scheduled for April 11 — will be May 13 at Wyoming Area. That game at one point was scheduled for Thursday.

• One team had so many postponements it inadvertently scheduled two make-up games for the same time and day. That was eventually sorted out. The school will remain anonymous because quite frankly it’s been nearly impossible to keep track of everything.

OUT OF THE BOX: There is a box on the third base line for coaches to stand in, although they often violate the rule. Wyoming Valley West coach Desiree Hooper takes it to extremes when clean-up hitter Colleen Cwalina is at the plate.

Hooper stands way outside the box and way down the foul line and for good reason. Cwalina has a penchant for ripping foul grounders right through the coach’s box. She did so twice against Dallas.

GREAT CATCH: Dallas’ Samantha Missal made one of the best catches of the season last week against Wyoming Valley West.

The center fielder had to backpedal on a deep flyball. As she reached the warning track, she reached over her head and tumbled backward with her legs pointing to the sky. Somehow she managed to hold onto the ball despite most of it sticking out of the top of her glove.

DEADLINE TODAY: Today is the final day for teams to opt out of the District 2 tournament. Everybody is invited no matter how putrid their record is.

Don’t look for many teams to bow out. In the last three seasons, a total of four teams declined invitations.

EXTENSION NEEDED: Pittston Area has a nice softball facility at its primary center in Hughestown. However, there is one thing that needs attention.

There is a fence in front of each dugout that’s about six feet high. The dugout roofs are about 10 feet high and line drives sometimes sneak between the two and could cause serious injury.

Coughlin’s Julie Suchocki sliced a foul liner into her team’s dugout on Friday. Luckily, her teammates weren’t snoozing and were able to scatter. A simple fix — make the fence three or four feet higher. It’s a cheaper fix than a trip to the emergency room.

BE PREPARED: As mentioned, Pittston Area put together a nice complex in Hughestown. However, the school can’t do anything about the wind that blows endlessly at the facility. So if you’re heading there, make sure you have a coat — maybe even a blanket — no matter how warm it is in town. It’s always colder there.



Statistics are based on results received. Games played Saturday, May 3, are not included.

Division 1 Hitting

Doubles: Liz Ellsworth (Cou) 5; Leandra Ramos (Nan) 5; Audi Welles (WVW) 4; Colleen Cwalina (WVW) 3; Jenna Lipowski (Nan) 3; Marissa Ross (Cou) 3; Lexi Wolk (Haz) 3; Samantha Conway (Cou) 2; Leanne Dellarte (WVW) 2; Lauren Dragon (PA) 2; Maddy Heller (Cre) 2; Melinda Lieback (PA) 2; Kelsey Rinehamer (Nan) 2; Rachel Roccograndi (Nan) 2; Abby Sachse (Haz) 2; Kara Voyton (Nan) 2

Triples: Taylor Baloga (PA) 2; Leanne Dellarte (WVW) 2; Samantha Conway (Cou) 1; Megan Holena (WVW) 1; Julie Lieback (PA) 1; Alyssa Talerico (PA) 1; Maria Trivelpiece (Haz) 1; MacKenzie Yori (Haz) 1

Home Runs: Jenna Lipowski (Nan) 3; Marissa Ross (Cou) 3; Coleen Borum (Cre) 2; Leandra Ramos (Nan) 2; Kelsey Rinehamer (Nan) 2; Colleen Cwalina (WVW) 1; Haley Gayoski (WVW) 1; Samantha Varela (Haz) 1; Audi Welles (WVW) 1; Lexi Wolk (Haz) 1

Division 2 Hitting

Doubles: Ryleigh Fitch (Tun) 4; Ashley Knott (Tun) 4; Traci Kromko (Tun) 4; Emily Wolfgang (WA) 4; Katy Comitz (Dal) 3; Sarah Coolbaugh (WA) 3; Molly Hampsey (Tun) 3; Courtney Hummel (Ber) 3; Sydney Kern (Dal) 3; Brit Meeker (LL) 3; Adrienne Przybyla (WA) 3; Kirsten Cope (LL) 2; Jordan Hodle (LL) 2; Abbey Remley (Ber) 2; Taylor Kelley (Dal) 2; Sadie Trudgen (Dal) 2

Triples: Katy Comitz (Dal) 2; Nicole Cumbo (WA) 2; Nicole Turner (WA) 2; Bree Bednarski (WA) 1; Abbi Favata (Ber) 1; Taylor Kelley (Dal) 1; Sydney Kern (Dal) 1; Ashley Knott (LL) 1; Traci Kromko (LL) 1; Lindsey Kwiatkowski (Tun) 1; Brit Meeker (LL) 1; Abbey Remley (Ber) 1; Kailey Reposa (Tun) 1; Erin Smith (Tun) 1; Kylene Welsh (Ber) 1; Emily Wolfgang (WA) 1;

Home Runs: Moriah Lynn (Ber) 3; Courtney Hummel (Ber) 2; Taylor Kelley (Dal) 2; Jill Ambrose (LL) 1; Sarah Berlin (Ber) 1; Sarah Coolbaugh (WA) 1; Kirsten Cope (LL) 1; Ashley Knott (Tun) 1; Emily Wolfgang (WA) 1

Division 3 Hitting

Doubles: Haylee Bobos (Han) 4; Michelle McNair (Han) 3; Mackenzie Gagliardi (WS) 2; Kaitlyn Kaluzny (HR) 2; Olivia McCorkel (Nwt) 2; Olivia Menning (HR) 2; Chelsea Skrepenak (HR) 2; Kaya Swanek (HR) 2

Triples: Breonna Hanahan (GAR) 3; Mackenzie Gagliardi (WS) 2; Katie Gushka (HR) 2; Haylee Bobos (Han) 1; Kristen Coffay (HR) 1; Elizabeth Gurzynski (Nwt) 1; Bailey Janowski (HR) 1;

Olivia McCorkel (Nwt) 1; Michelle McNair (Han) 1; Olivia Menning (HR) 1; Maggie Murphy (Nwt) 1; MaryKate Penczkowski (Han) 1; Jaden Perillo (Nwt) 1; Brea Seabrook (GAR) 1; Victoria Steinetz (HR) 1; Brittany Stephenson (GAR) 1

Home Runs: Haylee Bobos (Han) 3; Michelle McNair (Han) 2; Kaya Swanek (HR) 2; Emily Gleco (Nwt) 1; Sarah McCann (Mey) 1; Olivia McCorkel (Nwt) 1; Brittany McNair (Han) 1; Olivia Menning (HR) 1; Maggie Murphy (Nwt) 1; Mary Kate Penczkowski (Han) 1; Brea Seabrook (GAR) 1; Chelsea Skrepenak (HR) 1; Kelsey Yustat (Nwt) 1

Division 1 Pitching

Strikeouts: Taylor Baloga (PA) 35; Alyssa Davies (Cre) 35; Leandra Ramos (Nan) 31; Julie Suchocki (Cou) 27; Coleen Borum (Cre) 21

WHIP (min. 25 innings): Leandra Ramos (Nan) 1.19; Coleen Borum (Cre) 1.33; Chloe Ruckle (WVW) 1.53; Alyssa Davies (Cre) 1.65; Julie Suchocki (Cou) 1.70; Taylor Baloga (PA) 1.73

ERA (min. 15 innings): Celine Podlesney (Haz) 0.94; Leandra Ramos (Nan) 2.50; Samantha Varela (Haz) 3.37; Coleen Borum (Cre) 3.73; Chloe Ruckle (WVW) 3.91; Julie Suchocki (Cou) 4.14; Alyssa Davis (Cre) 4.74; Taylor Baloga (PA) 5.18

Division 2 Pitching

Strikeouts: Erin Smith (Tun) 73; Nicole Cumbo (WA) 43; Moriah Lynn (Ber) 34; Maddie Kelley (Dal) 19; Jordan Hodle (LL) 19

WHIP (min. 25 innings): Nicole Cumbo (WA) 1.13; Erin Smith (Tun) 1.15; Moriah Lynn (Ber) 1.19; Sydney Kern (Dal) 1.23; Maddie Kelley (Dal) 1.71; Jordan Hodle (LL) 1.79

ERA (min. 15 innings): Sydney Kern (Dal) 1.65; Erin Smith (Tun) 1.85; Nicole Cumbo (WA) 2.68; Moriah Lynn (Ber) 2.87; Maddie Kelley (Dal) 4.50; Jordan Hodle (LL) 5.00.

Division 3 Pitching

Strikeouts: Mary Kate Penczkowski (Han) 45; Mikayla Hoskins (GAR) 34; Kelsey Yustat (Nwt) 27; Kirsten Coffay (HR) 19; Gina Strillaci (Mey) 19

WHIP (min. 25 innings): MaryKate Penczkowski (Han) 1.02; Kelsey Yustat (Nwt) 1.35; Megan Bresnahan (WS) 2.10; Gina Strillaci (Mey) 2.13; Mikayla Hoskins (GAR) 2.89

ERA (min. 15 innings): MaryKate Penczkowski (Han) 0.78; Kelsey Yustat (Nwt) 2.47; Kaya Swanek (HR) 3.50; Megan Bresnahan (WS) 5.13; Gina Strillaci (Mey) 6.52

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