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Dallas' 285-pound junior Ryan Monk is a two-time district runner-up. He's seen wrestling Brandon Vigo of William Allen duiring last season's Class 2A Northeast Regional Tournament.
Dallas' 285-pound junior Ryan Monk is a two-time district runner-up. He's seen wrestling Brandon Vigo of William Allen duiring last season's Class 2A Northeast Regional Tournament.
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Team Championship

The Favorite: Lake-Lehman

The Dark Horse: GAR

The Prediction: Lake-Lehman wins its 23rd team championship, but it’s a close finish with GAR, Meyers, Wyoming Area and Western Wayne rounding out the top five in any order.


2013 champion: Pat Heck, Wyoming Area

Top Seed: Colin Pasone, Meyers (33-3)

Dark Horse: Jeffrey Bennett, Hanover Area (14-6)

Upset Special: Wyoming Area’s Shaun Vasquez (9-11) over No. 2 seed, Montrose’s Jacob O’Brien (25-2).

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Colin Pasone, Meyers; 2. Jeffrey Bennett, Hanover Area; 3. Jacob O’Brien, Montrose

Noteworthy: Keep an eye on Lackawanna Trail’s Devon Clarke (22-7), a senior who is seeded fourth.


2013 champion: AJ Luton, GAR

Top Seed: AJ Luton, GAR (28-4)

Dark Horse: Mike Dempsey, Meyers (12-15)

Upset Special: RJ Driscoll (21-9), Lake-Lehman to reach the finals.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. AJ Luton, GAR; 2. RJ Driscoll, Lake-Lehman; 3. Ronald Mrsich, Western Wayne

Noteworthy: Blue Ridge sophomore David Austin was fifth last year as a freshman and could give Luton fits in the semis.


2013 champion: Carm Mauriello, Wyoming Area

Top Seed: Pat Heck, Wyoming Area (23-13)

Dark Horse: Brett Toth (15-24), Western Wayne

Upset Special: Hanover Area’s Brad Glazenski (19-10), the No. 2 seed, to defeat Heck in the finals.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Brad Glazenski, Hanover Area; 2. Pat Heck, Wyoming Area; 3. Brett Toth, Western Wayne

Noteworthy: Lots of potential here. Toth placed fourth last year, while Glazenski has a third, and a second-place finish in the last two years.


2013 champion: Andy Schutz, Wyoming Area

Top Seed: Charlie Johnson, Wyoming Area (30-4)

Dark Horse: Jake Tomolonis, Lake-Lehman (12-15)

Upset Special: Anthony Tlatenchi from GAR (9-14) to knock off No. 3 seed Kyle Bayle (9-11) from Blue Ridge in the quarterfinals.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Charlie Johnson, Wyoming Area; 2. Evan Grimm, Western Wayne; 3. Jake Tomolonis, Lake-Lehman

Noteworthy: Johnson placed third last year as a freshman; Lackawanna Trail’s Tim Griffin is the only senior in the bracket and will give Johnson all he can handle in the semis.


2013 champion: Austin Harry, Lake-Lehman

Top Seed: Austin Harry, Lake-Lehman (32-1)

Dark Horse: GAR’s Devin Reese (14-16)

Upset Special: There’s only six wrestlers in this bracket and with Harry here, this one’s all but wrapped up.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Austin Harry, Lake-Lehman; 2. Kendrick Beyer, Wyoming Area; 3. Devin Reese, GAR

Noteworthy: Beyer, a freshman, has some big wins on his resume this season, but can he get one more and keep Harry from making history this weekend?


2013 champion: Nick Heck, Wyoming Area

Top Seed: Morgan Fuller, Western Wayne (35-5)

Dark Horse: Meyers’ Tyler Patronick (21-14)

Upset Special: Patronick over Blue Ridge’s Dalton Hogle (27-7) in the semifinals.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Morgan Fuller, Western Wayne; 2. Tyler Patronick, Meyers; 3. Dalton Hogle, Blue Ridge

Noteworthy: Hogle took third last season, while Fuller is a three-time medalist and regional qualifier.


2013 champion: Manuel Miraih, Western Wayne

Top Seed: Gino Setta, Meyers (25-10)

Dark Horse: Kyle Gavrish (15-13) from Nanticoke

Upset Special: In the finals, second-seeded Billy Lee (32-8), who has finished third and fourth in years past with Lackawanna Trail, to defeat Setta.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Billy Lee, Lackawanna Trail; 2. Gino Setta, Meyers; 3. Dawin Reyes, GAR

Noteworthy: Setta placed fifth last season a freshman and is likely to see Nanticoke’s Kyle Gavrish in the semis; Setta has pinned Gavrish twice this season.


2013 champion: Beau Fuller, Western Wayne

Top Seed: Zachary Briggs, Wyoming Area (25-10)

Dark Horse: Western Wayne’s Cory Franc (9-21)

Upset Special: Quince Hutchings (18-15) from Meyers to avenge a loss earlier this season to top Briggs in the finals.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Quince Hutchings, Meyers; 2. Zachary Briggs, Wyoming Area; 3. Cory Franc, Western Wayne

Noteworthy: The only wrestlers in this bracket who won medals last year were Franc and Nanticoke’s Anthony Edwards. That could make things very interesting.


2013 champion: TJ Cistrunk, Meyers

Top Seed: Bobby Wright (26-7), Lake-Lehman

Dark Horse: Pedro Chery, GAR (11-12)

Upset Special: Chery over fourth-seeded Justin Carpenter (17-13) from Blue Ridge in the quarters.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Johntae Nelson, Meyers; 2. Bobby Wright, Lake-Lehman; 3. Anthony Eck, Hanover Area

Noteworthy: Wright is trying to improve on last year’s second-place finish, while Nelson is a three-time medalist.


2013 champion: Derek Dragon, Lake-Lehman

Top Seed: Derek Dragon, Lake-Lehman (25-7)

Dark Horse: Western Wayne’s Joe Tomasetti (5-21)

Upset Special: Nanticoke’s Derek Fisher (24-9) over No. 2 seed Addison Parsons (17-11) in the semis.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Derek Dragon, Lake-Lehman; 2. Derek Fisher, Nanticoke; 3. Rashaun Mathis, GAR

Noteworthy: Watch the quarterfinal bout between Fisher and Mathis. They have split two matches this season and both were exciting.


2013 champion: Brady Butler, Lake-Lehman

Top Seed: Brady Butler, Lake-Lehman (31-2)

Dark Horse: Western Wayne’s Tanner Gillette (18-19)

Upset Special: Gillette over GAR’s Namir Murphy (18-17), who is the No. 4 seed, in the quarters.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Brady Butler, Lake-Lehman; 2. Blaise Cleveland, Elk Lake; 3. Namir Murphy, GAR

Noteworthy: Cleveland is a two-time district medalist with a fifth and a fourth-place finish. Butler is a three-time medalist.


2013 champion: Connor Rosensweet, Western Wayne

Top Seed: Austin Swoyer, Western Wayne (32-8)

Dark Horse: Nathaniel Barbolish (17-10) from Lackawanna Trail

Upset Special: Jon Haines (11-10) from Blue Ridge to knock off Wyoming Area’s No. 3 seed Jude Polit-Moran (20-16) in the quarters.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Austin Swoyer, Western Wayne; 2. Phil Hettes, Lake-Lehman; 3. Jon Haines, Blue Ridge

Noteworthy: Swoyer and Hettes were both second-place finishers last season, while Polit-Moran and Hanover Area’s Kaine Rimmer were both fourth and Haines was fifth.


2013 champion: Zac Faust, GAR

Top Seed: Zac Faust, GAR (33-1)

Dark Horse: Giacoma Bova (13-8) from Nanticoke.

Upset Special: Bova over Montrose’s Chad Swift (15-12) in the quarters.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Zac Faust, GAR; 2. Thor Balavage, Scranton Prep; 3. Khalil Lewis, Hanover Area

Noteworthy: Faust’s only loss this season is to Wyalusing’s Dylan Otis, who is 34-2 and hasn’t lost in nearly two months. …Keep an eye on Western Wayne’s Dakota Swoyer, who placed sixth last season.


2013 champion: Dustin Jones, Lake-Lehman

Top Seed: Saul Wilkins, GAR (25-8)

Dark Horse: Jordan Hannon (14-15) from Lackawanna Trail

Upset Special: Meyers’ Kyle Krepich (21-13), who is the No. 3 seed, to top Montrose’s John Shaffer (20-6) in the semis then knock off Wilkins in the finals.

Top 3 Prediction: 1. Kyle Krepich, Meyers; 2. Saul Wilkins, GAR; 3. John Shaffer, Montrose

Noteworthy: Wilkins, a first-year wrestler, is 10-2 against wrestlers in this bracket, which includes two wins over Shaffer, who was third last season.


Team Championship

The Favorite: Wyoming Valley West

The Dark Horse: Dallas

The Prediction: The top three teams — Delaware Valley, West Scranton and Wyoming Valley West — could all come out on top. But all signs point towards the Spartans’ first team title since 2002.


2013 champion: Jimmy Forsette, West Scranton

Top Seed: James Wright, Wyoming Valley West (24-10)

Dark Horse: Chris Lasecki (18-8) from Hazleton Area

Upset Special: Lasecki over Tunkhannock’s Tom Bachman (16-17) in the quarters.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. James Wright, Wyoming Valley West; 2. Stefhen Caple, West Scranton; 3. Dakota Conner, Berwick; 4. Chris Lasecki, Hazleton Area

Noteworthy: Wright (third) and Caple (sixth) are the only returning district medalists in the bracket.


2013 champion: Dominic DeGraba, Dallas

Top Seed: Jimmy Forsette, West Scranton (31-3)

Dark Horse: Dom Dirvigilio, Delaware Valley (7-10)

Upset Special: Crestwood’s Dylan Miale (19-11) over Scranton’s Aidan McNally (27-6) in the quarters and Honesdale’s Joe Walsh in the semis.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Jimmy Forsette, West Scranton; 2. Dylan Miale, Crestwood; 3. Zack Meckes, Pittston Area; 4. Joe Walsh, Honesdale

Noteworthy: Meckes took second last season in Class 2A for Hanover Area.


2013 champion: Tyler Lutecki, Pittston Area

Top Seed: Jimmy Hoffman, Hazleton Area (30-5)

Dark Horse: Jake Richards, Tunkhannock (22-11)

Upset Special: Rui Evanitski from Scranton (26-4) to beat Delaware Valley’s Pat Testino in the semis.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Jimmy Hoffman, Hazleton Area; 2. Rui Evanitsky, Scranton; 3. Greg Pascale, Abington Heights; 4. Pat Testino, Delaware Valley

Noteworthy: Pascale is a two-time medalist and regional qualifier, while Testino was fourth a year ago.


2013 champion: Kyle Krasavage, Wyoming Valley West

Top Seed: Tyler Lutecki, Pittston Area (25-4)

Dark Horse: Anthony Martoccio, Hazleton Area (17-14)

Upset Special: Delaware Valley’s Kyle Stoll (11-16) knocking off James Fayocovitz (22-7) from Abington Heights in the quarterfinals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Bobby Hawkins, Coughlin; 2. Tyler Lutecki, Pittston Area; 3. Ben Rutledge, Honesdale; 4. Dakota Quick, Tunkhannock

Noteworthy: Hawkins defeated Lutecki earlier this season in a thrilling match. Rutledge and Fayocovitz were fourth and third, respectively last season and can’t be taken lightly.


2013 champion: Jalen Palmer, Delaware Valley

Top Seed: Travis Roper, Wyoming Valley West (31-3)

Dark Horse: Jackson Renninger, Abington Heights (23-5)

Upset Special: Though just an upset based on seeds, Crestwood’s Dan Ritz (21-11), the No. 5 seed, to knock off Tunkhannock’s Bill Manley (31-5), the No. 4 seed, in the quarters.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Travis Roper, Wyoming Valley West; 2. Chase Gallik, Wallenpaupack; 3. Jalen Palmer, Delaware Valley; 4. Dan Ritz, Crestwood

Noteworthy: There’s a ton of talent in this bracket. Unfortunately only four move on to the next round.


2013 champion: Frankie Carrozza, Delaware Valley

Top Seed: Frankie Carrozza, Delaware Valley (33-5)

Dark Horse: Dave DeLeo, Pittston Area (18-7)

Upset Special: DeLeo over Honesdale’s Evan Kennedy in the quarterfinals; Coughlin’s Bill Poray (28-5) over Carrozza in the finals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Bill Poray, Coughlin; 2. Frankie Carrozza, Delaware Valley; 3. Evan Kennedy, Honesdale; 4. Dave DeLeo, Pittston Area

Noteworthy: Poray has finished third the last two seasons, while Carrozza hasn’t finished worse than second in his previous two appearances. Should be a good final.


2013 champion: Matt Hammerstone, Crestwood

Top Seed: Nathan Cheek, Wyoming Valley West (33-3)

Dark Horse: Peter Talanca, Berwick (26-5)

Upset Special: Tunkhannock’s Ben Siegel (28-5) to defeat No. 2 seed Chris Lovallo (28-7) from Scranton in the semis and then beat Cheek in the finals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Ben Siegel, Tunkhannock; 2. Nathan Cheek, Wyoming Valley West; 3. Peter Talanca, Berwick; 4. Chris Lovallo, Scranton

Noteworthy: Cheek defeated Siegel in the WVC Tournament final by one point; Siegel is a two-time D2 medalist, while Cheek has three D2 medals in his hardware case. Talanca is a three-time district medalist with his highest shopwing being third.


2013 champion: Angelo Lussi, Pittston Area

Top Seed: Niyaz Bakradze, Scranton (31-3)

Dark Horse: Dan Mitchell, West Scranton (18-9)

Upset Special: Wyoming Valley West’s James Donovan (21-10) to knock off top-seeded Bakradze in the semis and Delaware Valley’s Billy Pearn over Valley View’s Matthew Judge in the semis.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Billy Pearn, Delaware Valley; 2. James Donovan, Wyoming Valley West; 3. Mike Legg, Crestwood; 4. Dan Mitchell, West Scranton

Noteworthy: Bakradze and Judge are both juniors with a pair of district medals apiece.


2013 champion: Lucas Markowitz, Delaware Valley

Top Seed: Cody Cordes, Wyoming Valley West (33-2)

Dark Horse: Logan Brace, Dallas (21-12)

Upset Special: Pittston Area’s Ryan Joyce (14-15) beating Scranton’s No. 3 seed Kazim Bakhriyev (29-5) from Scranton in the first round.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Cody Cordes, Wyoming Valley West; 2. Matthew Carr, Abington Heights; 3. Derek Spachman, Hazleton Area; 4. Kyle Kroptavich, West Scranton

Noteworthy: Cordes has been in very tough brackets throughout his career and has two-third-place medals to show for it. He always seems to face Carr, who is a three-time D2 medalist and the only undefeated wrestler in both tournaments with a 25-0 record.


2013 champion: James McNally, Scranton

Top Seed: Connor Martinez, Dallas (28-8)

Dark Horse: Dallas Arner, Berwick (10-17)

Upset Special: West Scranton’s Pat Cooper (26-7) over Martinez in the semifinals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Colin Irwin, Delaware Valley; 2. Pat Cooper, West Scranton; 3. Connor Martinez, Dallas; 4. Kevin Wesolowski, Pittston Area

Noteworthy: Martinez has a pair of third-place finishes on his resume, while Irwin has taken fifth and sixth the last two seasons.


2013 champion: Martin Strenk, Delaware Valley

Top Seed: Jared Wehrmann, Wallenpaupack (33-2)

Dark Horse: Chris Cummings, Pittston Area (13-12)

Upset Special: Dallas’ Cole Dixon (20-6) over Wyoming Valley West’s Jamaar Taylor (19-14) in the quarterfinals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Steve Longazel, Hazleton Area; 2. Jared Wehrmann, Wallenpaupack; 3. Jamaar Taylor, Wyoming Valley West; 4. Isaiah Burgette, Scranton

Noteworthy: Wehrmann was runner-up last season and Taylor was a two-time district medalist in Class 2A with GAR.


2013 champion: Matt Wagner, Delaware Valley

Top Seed: Matt Wagner, Delaware Valley (28-6)

Dark Horse: Jon Armitage, Pittston Area (17-13)

Upset Special: Armitage over Dallas’ Domenic Oliveri (24-10) in the quarterfinals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Matt Wagner, Delaware Valley; 2. Tyler Robinson, Crestwood; 3. Domenic Oliveri, Dallas; 4. Jerome Haupt, Wallenpaupack

Noteworthy: Coughlin’s Paul Cole, a two-time district medalist is putting second-seeded Robinson on upset alert in their first round matchup. Cole, who has just five matches in this season due to a football injury, defeated Robinson a few weeks ago.


2013 champion: Jack Fagan, Delaware Valley

Top Seed: Jason Manning, West Scranton (30-5)

Dark Horse: John Hutchins, Dallas (16-24)

Upset Special: Wallenpaupack’s Kyle Hartman (26-10) over Wyoming Valley West’s Ian Moran (18-15) in the semifinals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Jason Manning, West Scranton; 2. Kyle Hartman, Wallenpaupack; 3. Jake Vaxmonsky, Pittston Area; 4. Ian Moran, Wyoming Valley West

Noteworthy: Moran was runner-up last season, while Manning took fourth and Vaxmonsky was sixth.


2013 champion: Brad Emerick, Coughlin

Top Seed: Ryan Monk, Dallas (33-2)

Dark Horse: Pat Pilch, Coughlin (19-4)

Upset Special: Wyoming Valley West’s Matt Dubaskas (17-17) over Valley View’s Jakob Rowe (17-8) in the quarterfinals.

Top 4 Prediction: 1. Ryan Monk, Dallas; 2. Kamron Van Wert, West Scranton; 3. Pat Pilch, Coughlin; 4. Kenny Roman, Wallenpaupack

Noteworthy: Pilch is a pinner with 13 of his 15 contested wins coming via fall, but he was pinned by Monk — a two-time runner-up — earlier this season.

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