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Extend Medicare, close loopholes

Our retirees worry about our children, grandchildren. We do not want to leave a large debt to be the legacy. Right way, wrong way.

The wrong way is to continue to give tax breaks to many big corporations such as General Electric, which avoids paying taxes, while many Americans go hungry.

The government should allow Medicare to negotiate the prices of prescriptions with drug companies, which would save $200 billion over 10 years,.

Medicare is prohibited from cornering this. The government should allow the U.S. Health Secretary to negotiate with pharmacy companies on behalf of Medicare recipients, saving 48 million; these savings would extend the life of Medicare.

Require drug companies to extend Medicare discounts on low income savings, and save $135 million over 10 years; close tax loopholes on Wall Street, which allow corporations to pay no taxes (Delaware tax Loophole). We let that slide by.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one!

Robert D. Dougherty


Writer disputes state Rep’s letter

State Rep. Stephen Kinsey is mixing his fruits in his recent letter (April 3). Gov. Corbett and his administration have to look at current and future income to the state to determine which, if any, services must be cut/slashed. Such has nothing to do with privatizing the state stores.

Privatizing the stores will bring in immediate income to the state, whereas social programs continue to erode the state’s economy.

That Mr. Kinsey believes “liquor stores will not share profits with the public” is not any more true than state gambling was to lower property taxes. Now THAT the citizens of the state know is not true. We’re all still waiting for lower property taxes.

How is it that 48 states are private and only Pennsylvania and Utah are under state control? We’ve not heard stories of magnitudes of drunken drivers, bombastic numbers of underage purchases or other dire consequences. And, apparently the privatization in those states occurred quietly and with little outrage.

I suggest to Mr. Kinsey that since his district’s unemployment rate is at 16.2 percent he do something to encourage businesses to open or relocate in Pennsylvania. Why not address the many issues that make Pennsylvania an undesirable place in which to conduct business.

As I’ve written before, it’s time for Pennsylvania to move into the 21st century.

Melanie Manning

Mountain Top

Gay marriage stance incenses reader

I am writing this letter (it’s the first I’ve ever written to a newspaper) concerning the nasty and bigoted letter by S. Wychock (May 30) regarding gay marriage. First of all, spousal rights for gays and lesbians are not “special rights.”

“Special rights” are those given to a population that are not attainable by the general population. It also seems inconvenient that this person also may have gay people move down the street from them. I’m sure his/her property values will not take a hit because of this.

Furthermore, how did the gay community bring all “their problems on themselves”? The idea of gay people “burning in hell” is pretty intense of a statement and S. Wychock has some proof of this?

Since God made gay people, why would God then decide to burn them in hell?

By the way, eating shellfish, wearing cotton and many other common human acts today are also hell-burning acts. We are all doomed if the younger generation is all “brain dead” as S. Wychock says.

Pack your bags, protect your sons and daughters cause a brain dead throng of hell burning gays are moving onto your block!

B. Pitts


Candidate sees new future for county

Is the home rule initiative destined for failure? Is the charter a “piece of garbage” as Luzerne County Solicitor Vito Deluca stated when arguing against the adoption of home rule? Or is it our chance to bring Luzerne County into the 21st century while righting years of mismanagement?

The council and manager have selectively disregarded provisions in the charter over the past 15 months, leading people to jokingly refer to it as the “Cafeteria Charter.”

Can it be that the home rule charter is so fatally flawed that it may have been better to keep the old form of government? Or are the people making the decisions handicapping our much needed opportunity for self governance?

If you ask me, I believe we have serious problems, but nothing that can’t be remedied with the right people in office. The current Council is made up of mostly well-connected, well liked people with good intentions but lack ownership of the process and the vision needed to move our county forward.

We must remind ourselves how we got here.

The voters are at the top of the food chain. However, because our diets are generally based on what tastes good, not necessarily what’s good for us, we end up buying food (a legislative & executive county government staff) that doesn’t benefit us.

Winston Churchill said it best, “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter,” suggesting that an educated voter is our best defense against poor government.

Please take time to educate yourself prior to this upcoming election, and look for council candidates who are good for you.

We’ll be a whole lot healthier because of it.

Renee Ciaruffoli-Taffera Larksville

Candidate for Luzerne County Council

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