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Carter visit leaves area with peanuts

I am writing to you in regards to the paper’s story posted on April 14, 2013 of former President Carter’s planned visit to the area in May. In reading the article I was quite surprised at the high cost to meet the Mr. and Mrs. Carter and even more so at the cost of the dinner. We have just come out of hard times and clearly only the upper class, 2 percent can afford such high costs. The thing that did concern me perhaps the most was that all of the proceeds from the event are going to Plains, Georgia.

While I understand that this is for the Carters hometown organization, I find it funny that nothing will be given to our local communities.

I noticed in the article that Mr. Larry Cook (of Cook & Cook Estate Liquidation), the coordinator of this event has his business and lives in Plains, PA. Why is he not instrumental in organizing functions with the Carters to benefit Plains, Pennsylvania? All one must do is drive through a Main Street in any Northeastern Pennsylvania town to see that our area is suffering tremendously with many historical structures in utter disrepair. Why can’t there be an event to benefit our hometown’s restoration projects, such as the Irem Temple or even for the care of the Wyoming Monument (which is where this event is to be held)?

Why are these huge funds going to a town 500+ miles away, which most of us will never visit in our lifetimes? Now I understand this is the deal that was made between the Cooks & the Carters as a way to bring the President to our Area.

However, besides bringing a crowd and taking a few snapshots for posterity (historical value), how does this event benefit the rest of us in the Wyoming Valley. To quote the late writer Charles Dickens, “Charity begins at home”.

Donald Dukk Sr.


Rape victims need ‘morning after’ pill

If this so called “morning after” drug is available to prevent fertilization of an embryo, over the counter, to any girl, of any age, why are you having a poll to ascertain what percentage of people favor this availability? That’s disgusting.

Common sense — of which there seems to be very little in the country recently — would indicate that the girl in need of the drug was the victim of statutory rape.

Let’s not worry about providing her with the drug, but rather who caused her to think he needs it. These children need to be protected—that should be our primary goal and if any young girl thinks she needs this drug without any adult knowing, we are a sorry nation.

Let the law pass and then have police stationed at the check out counter so they can question why someone—-under the age of consent—-needs it. Then we can prosecute the men who are preying on young girls.

Peggy Bostwick

Pocono Pines

A clarification of Fair Tax legislation

Some clarification of the FairTax is in order. I have read from several forums where people state the poor and middle class will suffer under FairTax. The poor and middle class are not put into hardship with this transparent tax. In fact, these two groups are better off with FairTax as they will have more spending money and can choose when to pay taxes. How would these groups make out under FairTax? First, by having all the money in their paycheck.

Second, the Prebate provides money back up to the poverty level for the person and family. The Prebate is based on the Department of Health and Human Services.

For a family of four, the prebate amount is $7,135, or $595 monthly. Thus, the family has their full paycheck plus $595 monthly for new products and services.

This Prebate money is money to offset the tax on basic needs, such as food and new clothes. Remember, used products are not taxed. Everyone would receive the Prebate based on family size and not income. The FairTax removes all federal income, payroll, self-employment, alternative minimum, capital gains, estate,gift, and corporate taxes.

Also, the FairTax rate is roughly equal to the Combined Federal Tax Rate of 14.91%, Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance, also known as Social Security, rate of 6.31%, and Hospital Insurance, or Medicare, rate of 1.78%. Therefore, products should cost about the same as they do now.

The prices may go down as the companies’ realize savings by not paying the ‘old’ business taxes, mentioned above.

In addition, the FairTax would generate revenue from the underground economies while stimulating the overall economy.

Please contact your Representatives telling them you want FairTax.

For more information, and to check this information out, go to http://www.fairtax.org, or search for FairTax in your favorite search engine.

Dr. Walter Wesley Snyder V


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